Free Software Foundation opublikowało informację (pełna treść w dalszej części artykułu), w której oficjalnie zarzuca FSMLabs pogwałcenie zasad licencji GNU GPL. FSMLabs, producent RTLinuksa, wykorzystała rozprowadzany na zasadach GPL kod jądra Linuksa i dodała do niego opatentowane przez siebie rozwiązania. Wprowadzone przez nich poprawki stanowią integralną część zmodyfikowanego przez FSMLabs kernela, do którego dodana jest restrykcyjna licencja. Czyżby RTLinux szedł śladami AOLu, który też był na bakier z GPLem? (pisaliśmy o tym pod koniec maja)

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Media Contact: Free Software Foundation                 Bradley M. Kuhn                  Phone: +1-617-542-5942    Violation of the GNU General Public License (GPL) by RTLinux    Boston, Massachusetts, USA - September 14, 2001 - The Free Software  Foundation today issued an official statement on violations of the GNU  General Public License (GPL) by RTLinux.  Victor Yodaiken, CEO of FSMLabs  (who distribute RTLinux), has used a patent license to impose restricted  terms on distribution of a GPL-covered program.  The FSF opposes software  patents, and in addition believes that Yodaiken's patent license violates  the GPL of the kernel named Linux.    Software patents are a harmful government policy of creating monopolies  that restrict computer users.  We oppose this policy, and we think it is a  shame that Victor Yodaiken has chosen to obtain a patent for an idea that  we believe should not be, and is not, patentable.  The patent covers  real-time interrupt handling using a software emulation layer for  interrupt masking, so that interrupts can be prioritized.  There is  significant prior art for this.    Yodaiken has attempted to use the patent to impose restrictive terms on a  GPL-covered program (Linux, the kernel used in the GNU/Linux operating  system).  These terms conflict with the GNU General Public License, and  imposing them is a violation of the GPL.  We have told Yodaiken this, and  we have told him what license terms would comply with GPL.  He, like  everyone, has the reponsibility to comply with the GPL or cease his  infringing distribution.  Anyone else redistributing a modified version of  Linux under the restrictive patent license that Yodaiken uses will also be  violating the GPL.    It is up to the copyright holders of Linux to enforce the GNU GPL for  their code.  The FSF is not one of them; we have never been involved in  developing Linux, the kernel.  The FSF holds the copyright for a number of  other major components of the GNU/Linux operating system, but those  programs are not involved in this issue.  So the FSF is not a party to  this issue in a legal sense.    However, we have told Yodaiken that if he remains in violation of the GPL,  we may well choose to support efforts by other companies to invalidate  Yodaiken's patent in the courts, and we may also support actions taken by  others to uphold the GPL.      About GNU/Linux:    GNU is a Free Software Unix-like operating system.  GNU/Linux is the  integrated combination of the GNU operating system with the kernel,  Linux.    Calling the GNU/Linux system just "Linux" leads to confusion.  Making  consistent distinctions between GNU/Linux, the operating system, and  Linux, the kernel, clears up the confusion.      About the Free Software Foundation:    The Free Software Foundation, founded in 1985, is dedicated to promoting  computer users' right to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute  computer programs.  The FSF promotes the development and use of free (as  in freedom) software and free documentation for free software.  Their web  site, located at  They are head quartered in Boston,  MA.  

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