Kilka dni temu pojawiła się Mozilla 0.9. I w tym momencie użytkowników Nautiliusa, popularnego (gdzieniegdzie) menagera plików dla GNOME, spotkał srogi zawód – ich ulubiony filemanager niezbyt chętnie współpracował z nową wersją tej przeglądarki stron www. Ale ekipa programistów Nautiliusa nie próżnowała i niedługo pózniej wydała wersję 1.0.3 swojego oprogramowania, która bezproblemowo kompiluje się w obecności nowej Mozilli.

Przy okazji wprowadzono naprawdę wiele poprawek – pełen changelog zamieszczam poniżej… ale zapewnie niewielu z was będzie się chciało z nim zapoznać. Ogólna konkluzja z niego wynikająca: szybciej, lepiej wygodniej… Nowego Nautiliusa można skopiować stąd.

  • don’t allow desktop icons to be under the Panel
  • cut, copy, and paste for moving or copying files (a la Windows)
  • notice changes to files made outside Nautilus using the FAM library if it’s present
  • icon in title of Notes sidebar panel if the location has notes
  • Scripts menu to make it easy to run selected scripts on any file; a new way to extend Nautilus
  • a News sidebar panel that displays headlines from web sites that use the RSS format
  • tree view is faster, and also doesn’t run at all unless it’s opened, so it doesn’t slow things down when you don’t use it
  • improved rubber-banding speed (in smooth mode)
  • other small speed improvements
  • faster JPEG thumbnailing (contributed by Alexander Larsson)
  • ~/.gnome-desktop directory is now used for the desktop instead of ~/.nautilus/desktop. This change and others, done by Miguel, were in the Nautilus from Ximian’s GNOME 1.4 packages, and his changes are now integrated into Nautilus 1.0.3.
  • more icons and descriptions for more types of removable media
  • xalf support in code that launches new programs; since there are still many small problems with xalf, this is only on if you set up a NAUTILUS_USE_XALF environment variable
  • added a „–no-desktop” option for the command line that makes desktop-related preferences disappear and prevents Nautilus from trying to manage the desktop — good for running under KDE
  • Preferences menu now named „Preferences” instead of icon
  • preference to turn emacs keybindings on (for location field in the location bar, and elsewhere)
  • improved preferences for font and font size
  • global view preferences, including global default zoom level
  • preference to always sort folders first
  • preference to add a „Delete” command that bypasses the trash
  • icon caption setting moved into Preferences dialog
  • Nautilus Themes setting moved into Preferences dialog
  • support for HTTP proxies that require a user name and password
  • preference for maximum image size for thumbnailing (and upped default from 1 MB to 3 MB)
  • preference for experts who want to use their home directory for the desktop
  • add F2 keybinding for Rename, Delete for Move To Trash, and Shift-Delete for Delete (bypassing trash) if it’s enabled
  • add „View as” items to menu bar
  • put ellipses („…”) in the middle of file names, not the start (or end)
  • made copy progress dialog hang around for a second even if the copy is faster than 1 second
  • list menu emblem column has a title and is after the file name column
  • select folder or file you came from when you do Up command
  • sort tree view more like how we sort other views
  • draw tree view icons smoothly when smooth mode is on
  • less flicker in tree view display
  • add a way to go to a specific location even when the location bar is hidden that doubles as a way to set the keyboard focus to the location in the location bar
  • improved look of help on sidebar by using icons instead of using slanted text
  • new implementation of audio preview that is faster and better
  • improved Open command, including a keyboard shortcut for the Open in New Window command
  • show target path in properties window for symlinks
  • updated dragging code to use the same kind of slightly broken URLs that gmc produces, which makes it compatible with programs that previously worked with gmc and not Nautilus
  • handle drags of URLs onto the desktop by making Nautilus links
  • nautilus code broken out into librsvg, eel, and trilobite
  • make files updated so you can build with Mozilla 0.9

This list only mentions the most prominent new features. There are also many bug fixes and other speed improvement — those are not listed here.
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