Team pracujący nad serwerem SAMBA, dzięki któremu nasze *NIXY są widoczne w Otoczeniu Sieciowym mniej zaawansowanych systemów, ogłosił wypuszczenie wersji 2.2.1 swojego pakietu. Autorzy z góry informują, że właśnie ta wersja powinna być używana na wszystkich serwerach produkcyjnych. Szerzej o niej – poniżej – a znaleźć ją możecie na ftp projektu.

                WHATS NEW IN Samba 2.2.1:  10th July 2001                =========================================    This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version that all  production Samba servers should be running for all current bug-fixes.    New/Changed parameters in 2.2.1  -------------------------------    Added parameters.  -----------------    obey pam restrictions    When Samba is configured to use PAM, turns on or off Samba checking  the PAM account restrictions. Defaults to off.    pam password change    When Samba is configured to use PAM, turns on or off Samba passing  the password changes to PAM. Defaults to off.    large readwrite    New option to allow new Windows 2000 large file (64k) streaming  read/write options. Needs a 64 bit underlying operating system  (for Linux use kernel 2.4 with glibc 2.2 or above). Can improve performance  by 10% with Windows 2000 clients. Defaults to off. Not as tested  as some other Samba code paths.    hide unreadable    Prevents clients from seeing the existance of files that cannot  be read. Off by default.    enhanced browsing    Turn on/off the enhanced Samba browing functionality (*1B names).  Default is "on". Can prevent eternal machines in workgroups when  WINS servers are not synchronised.    Removed parameters.  -------------------    domain groups  domain admin users  domain guest users    Changes in 2.2.1  -----------------    1). "find" command removed for smbclient. Internal code now used.  2). smbspool updates to retry connections from Michael Sweet.  3). Fix for mapping 8859-15 characters to UNICODE.  4). Changed "security=server" to try with invalid username to prevent      account lockouts.  5). Fixes to allow Windows 2000 SP2 clients to join a Samba PDC.  6). Support for Windows 9x Nexus tools to allow security changes from Win9x.  7). Two locking fixes added. Samba 2.2.1 now passes the Clarion network      lock tester tool for distributed databases.  8). Preliminary support added for Windows 2000 large file read/write SMBs.  9). Changed random number generator in Samba to prevent guess attacks.  10). Fixes for tdb corruption in connections.tdb and file locking brlock.tdb.       smbd's clean the tdb files on startup and shutdown.  11). Fixes for default ACLs on Solaris.  12). Tidyup of password entry caching code.  13). Correct shutdowns added for send fails. Helps tdb cleanup code.  14). Prevent invalid '/' characters in workgroup names.  15). Removed more static arrays in SAMR code.  16). Client code is now UNICODE on the wire.  17). Fix 2 second timstamp resolution everywhere if dos timestamp set to yes.  18). All tdb opens now going through logging function.  19). Add pam password changing and pam restrictions code.  20). Printer driver management improvements (delete driver).  21). Fix difference between NULL security descriptors and empty       security descriptors.  22). Fix SID returns for server roles.  23). Allow Windows 2000 mmc to view and set Samba share security descriptors.  24). Allow smbcontrol to forcibly disconnect a share.  25). tdb fixes for HPUX, OpenBSD and other OS's that don't have a coherent       mmap/file read/write cache.  26). Fix race condition in returning create disposition for file create/open.  27). Fix NT rewriting of security descriptors to their canonical form for       ACLs.  28). Fix for Samba running on top of Linux VFAT ftruncate bug.  29). Swat fixes for being run with xinetd that doesn't set the umask.  30). Fix for slow writes with Win9x Explorer clients. Emulates Microsoft       TCP stack early ack specification error.  31). Changed lock & persistant tdb directory to /var/cache/samba by default on       RedHat and Mandrake as they clear the /var/lock/samba directory on reboot.      

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