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Lista zmian:

  -final:  -pre9:   - make sure "sync()" doesn't effectively lock up the machine by     overloading all the IO resources   - fix up some network memory allocations that don't wan tto wait on IO.   - merge with Alan (including MIPS update)   - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates.    - Al Viro: System V FS update (write capability, page cache, mondo cleanups)   - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN cleanups, TURBOPAM driver by Stelian Pop   - Ben Fennema: UDF update (time handling, i_blocks fix)   - Neil Brown: md error handling improvements, knfsd file handle compatibility   - Paul Mackerras: PPC update   - Jakub Jelinek: fix up kernel linker scripts to accept .rodata better   - Patrick Mochel: fix PME handling in pci_enable_wake()   - Chris Mason: reiserfs PF_MEMALLOC handling    -pre8:   - me: fix GFB_BUFFER thinkos. Make buffer syncing more efficient.     Make sure we don't leave buffers on the LOCKED list forever   - David Miller: networking and sparc updates    -pre7:   - Patrick Mochel: PCI documentation, and PM cleanups   - mtd: export nand ECC functions   - Jes Sorenson: acenic driver update   - Alan Cox: fix vxfs merge boo-boo   - me: undo page_launder() LRU changes, they have nasty side effects   - wanrouter: fix error code    -pre6:   - Jeff Garzik: net driver updates, PCI PM induced cleanups   - Me: do ACPI first, so that it doesn't mess up existing device driver     configurations.  Notably it used to completely destroy PCMCIA on some     Sony VAIOs.    - Paul Mackerras: powermac drivers and MAINTAINERS update   - NIIBE Yutaka: SuperH update   - Johannes Erdfelt: USB driver updates   - Russell King: ARM update   - Alan Cox: merging, merging, merging    -pre5:   - Johannes Erdfelt: USB update (bluetooth and serial)   - Andrew Grover: ACPI update for _real_ this time.   - Neil Brown: md update   - Keith Owens: kbuild script fix, do_softirq versioning fix   - David Miller: sparc and portability updates    -pre4:   - Chris Mason: ReiserFS pre-allocation locking bugfix   - David Miller: fix bitops users (requires "long" alignment)   - Andrey Savochkin: file locking failure case SMP lock fix   - Urban Widmark: smbfs update (avoid unnecessary flushing, make NetApp     work)   - Andrew Grover: ACPI update   - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates   - Maciej Rozycki: IO-APIC level trigger problem workaround   - Rusty Russell: ipt_unclean fix   - Richard Gooch: devfs update    -pre3:   - remember to increment the version number   - Chris Mason: reiserfs mark_journal_new and bh leak fix   - Richard Gooch: devfs update   - Alexander Viro: further FS cleanup (superblock list)   - David Woodhouse: MTD update   - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN update (stanford checker fixes etc)   - Rich Baum: gcc-3.0 warning fixes   - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates   - Geert Uytterhoeven: m68k fbdev logo merge glitch fix   - Andrea Arcangeli: fix signal return path   - David Miller: Sparc updates   - Johannes Erdfelt: USB update   - Carsten Otte, Andries Brouwer: don't clear blk_size unconditionally     on partition check   - Martin Frey: alpha Sable irq fix   - Paul Mackerras: PPC softirq update   - Patrick Mochel: PCI power management infrastructure   - Robert Siemer: miroSOUND driver update   - Neil Brown: knfsd updates, including ability to export ReiserFS filesystems   - Trond Myklebust: NFS readdir fixup, don't update atime on client   - Andrew Morton: truncate_inode_pages speedup   - Paul Menage: make inode quota count all inodes..    -pre2:   - Takanori Kawano: brlock indexing bugfix   - Ingo Molnar, Jeff Garzik: softirq updates and fixes   - Al Viro: rampage of superblock cleanups.   - Jean Tourrilhes: Orinoco driver update v6, IrNET update   - Trond Myklebust: NFS brown-paper-bag thing   - Tim Waugh: parport update   - David Miller: networking and sparc updates   - Jes Sorensen: m68k update.   - Ben Fennema: UDF update   - Geert Uytterhoeven: fbdev logo updates   - Willem Riede: osst driver updates   - Paul Mackerras: PPC update   - Marcelo Tosatti: unlazy swap cache   - Mikulas Patocka: hpfs update    -pre1:   - Andreas Dilger: make ext2fs react more gracefully to inode disk     errors   - Andrea Arkangeli: fix up alpha compile issues   - Ingo Molnar: io-apic MP table parsing update and softirq latency     update   - Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates   - Richard Henderson: alpha rawhide irq handling fixes   - Marcelo, Andrea, Rik: more VM issues   - Al Viro: fix various ext2 directory handling checks by biting the     bullet and using the page cache.   

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