Spaceman poinformował nas, że gotowy jest już plan wypuszczenia kolejnych wersji FreeBSD. I tak FreeBSD 4.4 powinien się pojawić już pod koniec sierpnia, a już od 11 listopada będą dostępne wstępne wersje FreeBSD 5.0. Wersja 5.0 osiągnie pełną stabilność dopiero za rok, w lipcu 2002. Pełny harmonogram oraz mail go obwieszczający znajdziecie poniżej…

  Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 01:20:40 -0700  From: Jordan Hubbard   To:  Subject: Upcoming FreeBSD release dates  X-Mailer: Mew version 1.94.1 on Emacs 20.7 / Mule 4.0 (HANANOEN)    The following constitutes the FreeBSD provisional release schedule  into mid-2002.  The release engineer and the FreeBSD project have  always committed to a "best effort" where these dates are concerned  and will continue to do so, but all dates are also subject to change  without notice given prevailing conditions in the source tree.    2001-04-20:             FreeBSD 4.3 released  --  2001-08-20:             FreeBSD 4.4 release date  2001-11-11:             FreeBSD 5.0 release date [EARLY ACCESS]  2001-12-15:             FreeBSD 4.5 release date  2002-03-15:             FreeBSD 5.1 release date [GENERAL ACCESS]  2002-04-20:             FreeBSD 4.6 release date  2002-07-15:             FreeBSD 5.2 release date [BEGIN -STABLE]    The dates for 5.x are particularly SWAGish in nature and I'm sure that  a lot of people in -current will scream and jump up and down about a  November release date, but all of us here also know that when we wait  for a dot-zero to be "ready".  It turns into a multi-year debacle,  during which time *nobody* is pleased, and we finally end up rushing  something out the door at the last minute anyway except that it's  rushed because it's overdue and everyone's upset, not because we had  an aggressive deadline.  5.0 certainly won't be perfect, nor will it  achive all the goals we'd originally envisioned for it, but then  that's been true every single time we've done this and somehow we've  survived. :)    I'm also proposing that we branch fairly late in 5.x so that we have  quite a bit of time to finish a few works in progress, but we still  have some time to talk about that.  The 4.x schedule should be fairly  accurate as it stands since no significant issues are forseen there.    - Jordan

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