Wspominane tu niedawno narzędzie Michała Zalewskiego do pasywnego fingerprintingu – p0f v2 znalazło już zastosowanie. Zostało one dołączone przez Mike’a Frantzen’a do kodu odpowiedzialnego za filtrowanie pakietów w OpenBSD oraz do tcpdump.

From: Mike Frantzen [email blocked]  Subject: PF filter decisions based on source OS type  Date: 21 Aug 2003 12:53:44 -0700    Just committed a diff to -current that lets adds Michal Zalewski's  p0f v2 style passive fingerprinting to PF.  It allows PF to filter on  the operating system of the source host by passively fingerprinting  the SYN packets.  Powerfuly policy enforcement is now possible:    block proto tcp from any os Windows to any port smtp    block proto tcp from any os SCO    pass proto tcp from any os $UNIXES keep state queue high-bandwidth      # Send older windows to a web page telling them to upgrade    rdr on le0 proto tcp from any os "Windows 98" to any port 80         -> port 8001    Passive fingerprinting has also been added to tcpdump via the -o  parameter to print out the sender OS of TCP SYN packets.    There is a short writeup at    We need your help to populate the operating system database.  Please  go to with as many machines with  web browsers as possible and type in your OS name if it doesn't  recognize the machine.    .mike

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