Na serwerach można już znaleźć kernel w wersji 2.5.70. Od wydania 2.5.69 upłynęło sporo czasu, ale ogrom poprawek usprawiedliwia tę zwłokę. Tradycyjnie zapraszamy do testowania i podsyłania raportów o błędach…

  Summary of changes from v2.5.69 to v2.5.70  ============================================      	[PATCH] PCI Hotplug: cpqphp 66/100/133MHz PCI-X support  	  	After being put on hold for a while (needed fixes to CCISS driver, etc) I  	attached a patch that adds pci-x support to the cpqphp driver in 2.5.65.  	  	Changes:  		Adds 66/100/133MHz PCI-X support.  		Adds support for dynamically chaning frequency and mode.  		Changes code to also blink the power LED when powering down.  		Uses the IRQ from PCI config space if the ROM resource table doesn't  		provide one (would previously use the same interrupt as the hotplug  		controller which would lead to bad things when trying to update routing  		tables). Dan Zink should have the credit for this fix.  		Changes find_slot() to cpqhp_find_slot().  		Uses sysfs to display speed/freq.  		Some documentation updates.      	[PATCH] patch: remove unnecessary proc stuff from controller struct      	[PATCH] PCI Hotplug: kernel-api docbook fix for now non-existant PCI hotplug  	  	Here is a trivial documentation fix for some of recent PCI hotplug changes  	that enables 'make htmldocs' to complete.      	Forward port of 2.4 ppc64 signal changes.      	Forward port of 2.4 ppc64 /proc/ppc64/systemcfg changes      	Catch illegal FP use within the kernel since it can cause data integrity errors in userland code.      	fix cpuid to physical id needed in 2.5      	Need to turn on RI immediately after we get control from firmware as  	well as when secondary cpus are started.      	ppc64: add autofs ioctl and clean up a prototype      	ppc64: xics cleanup      	add #ifdef CONFIG_XMON around a XMON variable reference      	ppc64: clean up some cpu feature checks      	ppc64: add spinlock to chrp_progress      	ppc64: fix NR_syscalls slip up      	ppc64: fix for recent module changes      	[SCTP] Optimize SACK generation.  	  	Wanted to try out profiling, so brought up oprofile.  Very   	suprising result of sctp_tsnmap_find_gap_ack() being one of the  	hot functions.  This should not be!  Short-circuit by not even   	calling if !has_gap.      	ppc64: return ENOSYS for unknown IPC call      	ppc64: restore hex progress code      	ppc64: Fix for outside of range sensor states, from John Rose      	[SCTP] Use Crypto API  	  	Rip out our own HMAC-SHA1 and replace with crypto API.    	Can now choose hmac-sha1, hmac-md5, or none with regards to what  	HMAC to use for cookie echo verification.      	[SCTP] Add wrappers for sctp with no crypto support.      	Change the callback argument for aic brace option parsing to u_long  	to avoid casting problems with different architectures.      	Aic79xx Driver Update (version 1.3.6)  	 o Correct bus hang on SE->LVD/LVD->SE tranceiver changes  	 o Close a race condition in handling bad scsi status that could  	   allow the driver to modify the waiting for selection queue while  	   selections were enabled.  	 o Perform an audit on use of del_timer() and switch to del_timer_sync()  	   where appropriate.  	 o Remove the reboot notifier hook which is unused in 2.5.X.  	 o Correct some driver unload bugs.      	Aic7xxx Driver Update (version 6.2.32)  	 o Perform an audit on use of del_timer() and switch to del_timer_sync()  	   where appropriate.  	 o Remove the reboot notifier hook which is unused in 2.5.X.  	 o Correct some driver unload bugs.      	[SCTP] Various code cleanup.  	  	More typedef removals and naming consistency.  	Remove sctp_association_t, sctp_endpoint_t, & sctp_endpoint_common_t.      	ppc64: segment misses from userspace must pass through do_page_fault      	ia64: Fix typos/whitespace related to serial code.      	[SCTP] Enable SctpChecksumErrors stat      	Aic79xx Driver Update  	 o Correct failed-wait recovery code so that the controller's registers  	   will not be accessed without pausing the controller first.      	[SCTP] Add a generic csum_copy for sctp.  	  	Do the sctp checksum while copying.       	[SCTP] short-circuit reassembly & ordering for best case.  	  	Short circuit normal case.  First check if the chunk belongs at the   	end of the queue.  If so, don't bother walking the entire list, just   	just put at end.       	ia64: Patch by Alex Williamson: forward port of the 2.4 sba_iommu.      	ia64: Merge Alex Williamson's sba_iommu patch.  		Various small 2.5.67 fixes.      	ia64: Make sba_iommu get detected early enough again.      	ppc64: use panic_on_oops sysctl      	ppc64: use dma-window from deepest device tree node, from Dave Engebretsen      	[SCTP] getsockname()/getpeername() support for TCP-style sockets.      	[SCTP]  Allow private to global association.  	  	The sctp scoping rules try to prevent accidentally sending  	non-routable addresses to a peer as alternate addresses.  However,  	the current implementation is way too strict in that one can't  	even try to send from a private address to a global address (a  	pretty common real world setup with host behind NAT) even   	when that's the _only_ address available.  	  	If we find no addresses available, try looking for a private address   	to send with, as a fallback.    	Additionally, if we are sending with only a single address, don't  	bother embedding this address in the INIT/INIT-ACK chunk.        	[SCTP] Use GFP_ATOMIC, while we holding the local_addr_lock.      	[PATCH] ia64: fix GENERIC build  	  	This fixes a couple problems with the generic target in the latest  	2.5.67 kernel.  First is simply a fix for the addition of readX in  	the machvec.  The second gets things to link in roughly the same order  	when using a generic vs zx1 flavor.  With the current code, sba_init()  	is called in the right place when using a zx1 flavor kernel, but  	happens way too early on a generic kernel.      	[PATCH] ia64: small ACPI fix  	  	This fix is needed to boot on Intel-based machines.      	[SCTP] Fix ipv6 addressing bug.  	  	We are incorrectly using the rt6->rt6i_dst as our destination  	address, resulting in bogus dst address when requiring a gateway.       	ia64: Update platform INIT handler to print a backtrace.      	[PATCH] ia64: don't waste irq vectors  	  	This patch fixes waste of interrupt vector pool by not  	allocating an interrupt vector to a GSI which has no corresponding  	IO SAPIC.      	ia64: Export hp_acpi_csr_space() for modules.      	ia64: Consolidate backtrace printing in a single routine (ia64_do_show_stack()).      	ia64: Fix _raw_read_lock() to not switch text sections.  Tidy it up with the  		help of ia64_fetchadd() macro.  Ditto for _raw_read_unlock().      	Driver model: doc updates.  	  	From Geert Uytterhoeven      	kobject: Add better debugging for failed registrations.  	  	From Steve Hemminger (      	Device Driver Dynamic PCI Device IDs  	  	Provides a mechanism to pass new PCI device IDs to device drivers  	at runtime, rather than relying only on a static compiled-in list  	of supported IDs.  	  	For each driver which has a pci_driver->
probe routine, two things  	are added: a probe_it file, and a dynamic_id directory.  In the  	dynamic_id directory is a new file, new_id.  	  	/sys/bus/pci/drivers/e100  	|-- dynamic_id  	|   `-- new_id  	`-- probe_it  	  	One may read the new_id file, which by default returns:  	$ cat new_id  	echo vendor device subvendor subdevice class classmask  	where each field is a 32-bit value in ABCD (hex) format (no leading 0x).  	Pass only as many fields as you need to override the defaults below.  	Default vendor, device, subvendor, and subdevice fields  	are set to FFFFFFFF (PCI_ANY_ID).  	Default class and classmask fields are set to 0.  	  	One may write new PCI device IDs into the new_id file:  	echo "8086 1229" > new_id  	  	which will cause a new device ID (sysfs name 0) to be added to the driver.  	  	/sys/bus/pci/drivers/e100  	|-- dynamic_id  	|   |-- 0  	|   `-- new_id  	`-- probe_it  	  	$ cat 0  	00008086 00001229 ffffffff ffffffff 00000000 00000000  	  	One can then cause the driver to probe for devices again.  	echo 1 > probe_it  	  	Individual device drivers may override the behavior of the new_id  	file, for instance, if they need to also pass driver-specific  	information.  Likewise, reading the individual dynamic ID files  	can be overridden by the driver.  	  	This also adds an existance test field to struct driver_attribute,  	necessary because we only want the probe_it file to appear iff  	struct pci_driver->probe is non-NULL.  	  	The device probing routines in pci-driver.c are enhanced to scan  	first the static list of IDs, then the dynamic list (if any).  	      	sysfs: Rewrite binary file handling.   	  	From Matthew Wilcox.  	  	 - Remove sysfs_bin_buffer.  It's a security hole.  	 - Remove checks for permissions; the VFS does that.  	 - Validate offset & count at the top level.  	 - Allow lower levels to return less data than was asked for.  	 - Allocate buffer at open & free it at close, not on each read/write.  	      	[SCTP] shutdown() support for TCP-style sockets.      	ia64: Patch by Arun Sharma: In brl_emu.c, a 64 bit value was being assigned to an  		int.      	[PATCH] ia64: make x86 shared programs work again  	  	> It looks like dynamic x86 binaries have a problem once again (or  	> still).  If I try to run any shared x86 binaries, I get:  	>   	>       $ ls.x86  	>       ls.x86: error while loading shared libraries: cannot map zero-fill pages: Error 14  	>   	> Would someone take a look?  	  	We saw this behavior with 2.5.59 also. The attached work around should  	take care of the problem temporarily. Last time this happened, IA-32  	programs were doing mmaps, whose size was one page bigger than the  	size of the underlying file (even after rounding up the file size).  	  	I never got a chance to figure out why glibc was doing mmaps with the  	wrong size. Also, I failed to reproduce the problem with a more  	recent (RH 8.0) glibc.  	  	Which version of IA-32 glibc were you using ?      	[SCTP]  More typedef removals.  	  	Continue typedef removal.  Also, change sctp_chunk.num_times_sent  	counter to a resent flag.  There was a rather obscure, unlikely,  	and in the end fairly benign bug sitting there if num_times_sent   	wrapped.  However, there's no need to keep this counter, as its  	use was really just to know if we'd ever resent this chunk.       	[PATCH] ia64: sba_iommu workaround removal  	  	This removes a workaround for some broken firmware that was  	never released.      	[PATCH] ia64: sba_iommu vendor/function for unknown IOCs  	  	Include id when encountering unknown IOC.      	[PATCH] ia64: sba_iommu trivial cleanup  	  	This is mostly trivial whitespace and printk text tweaks.  I did add the  	segment number to a printk that previously just had the bus.      	ppc64: chrp_progress() updates from Olof Johansson      	ppc64: ethtool -e support, from Olof Johansson      	[SCTP] Handle accept() of a CLOSED association.      	[SCTP]  Track partially acked message for SEND_FAILED.  	  	For SEND_FAILED support, we need to keep around data chunk fragments  	that have been acked, where other fragments of the same message  	have not.  With this, Ardelle should be able to finish up the  	SEND_FAILED support.       	[SCTP] Fix sctp_sendmsg error path when associate fails.      	[SCTP] Return a readable event when polling on a TCP-style listening  	       socket with a non-empty accept queue.      	[SCTP] Add some macros to clean up code.  	  	sctp_state(asoc, STATE)  // Is asoc in this state?  	sctp_style(sk, STYLE)    // Is sock this style?  	sctp_sstate(sk, SS_STATE) // Is sock in this state?      	[SCTP]  Add SCTP_MAXSEG sockopt.  	  	We'll fragment (if fragmentation not disabled) to the min of maxseg  	or PMTU allowance.        	[SCTP]  Add SFR-CACC support.  (Ardelle.Fan)  	  	Submitted by Ardelle Fan.  Implementation of Split Fast Retransmit -  	Changeover Aware Congestion Control.  Certain conditions involving  	multihoming changover can result in TCP-unfriendliness.  This  	implements the IETF proposed method of dealing with this corner  	case.      	ppc64: update ppc64 to new IRQ API from Andrew Morton      	ppc64: fix some compile warnings, from Andrew Morton      	ppc64: Fix some things that got backed out in the systemcfg merge      	ppc64: Add loop_get_status64/loop_set_status64      	[CPUFREQ] Fix powernow-k7 hang.  	Some laptops don't like jumping from (for eg) 800MHz->1200MHz, but  	will happily go from 800->1000->1200. The problem is caused by us  	changing the FID and the VID at the same time. The spec says we have  	to change them seperately. This actually buys us something extra anyway,  	as we can now set the FID lazily as well as the VID.      	[SCTP] Fix regression in mark_missing.  (Ardelle.Fan)  	  	Followup patch by Ardelle.       	ppc64: Andrew Morton is picking on me      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver Update  	o Avoid pre-2.5.X mid-layer deadlock due to SCSI malloc fragmentation  	  	For pre-2.5.X kernels, attempt to calculate a safe value  	for our S/G list length.  In these kernels, the midlayer  	allocates an S/G array dynamically when a command is issued  	using SCSI malloc.  This list, which is in an OS dependent  	format that must later be copied to our private S/G list, is  	sized to house just the number of segments needed for the  	current transfer.  Since the code that sizes the SCSI malloc  	pool does not take into consideration fragmentation of the  	pool, executing transactions numbering just a fraction of our  	concurrent transaction limit with list lengths aproaching  	AH?_NSEG in length will quickly depleat the SCSI malloc pool  	of usable space.  	  	Unfortunately, the mid-layer does not properly handle this  	scsi malloc failure.  In kernels prior to 2.4.20, should  	the device that experienced the malloc failure be idle and  	never have any new I/O initiated (block queue is not "kicked"),  	the process will hang indefinitely.  In 2.4.20 and beyond,  	the disk experiencing the failure is marked as a "starved  	device", but this only helps if I/O is initiated to or completes  	on that HBA.  If the failure was induced by another HBA, and  	no other I/O is pending on the HBA and no new transactions are  	queued, we are still succeptible to the hang.  (Also note that  	many 2.4.X kernels do not properly lock the "some_device_starved"  	and "device_starved" fields calling into question their overall  	effectiveness).  	  	By sizing our S/G list to avoid SCSI malloc pool fragmentation,  	we will hopefully avoid this deadlock at least for configurations  	where our own HBAs are the only ones using the SCSI subsys
tem.      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update  	 o Correct channel information in our /proc output.      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver updates  	 o Work around peculiarities in the scan_scsis routines  	   that could, due to having duplicate devices on our  	   host's device list, cause tagged queing to be disabled  	   for devices added via /proc.      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver updates  	 o Remove extra complexity and code duplication in processing  	   the completeq now that the completeq can be run while holding  	   both the ah?_lock and the done_lock.      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx driver Update  	 o Fix style nits.      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updates  	 o Correct type safty of option parsing logic  	 o Make option toggling work correctly  	 o Add "probe_eisa_vlb" as an alias for the "no_probe" option so  	   that there is a clearly defined name associated with the command  	   line feature that allows eisa_vlb probes to be enabled/disabled  	   in the aic7xxx driver.  	 o PCI parity error checking defaults to being enabled.      	Aic7xxx Driver Update  	 o Auto disable PCI parity error reporting after 10 parity errors  	   are observed.  The user is given a loud warning message telling  	   them that eiter a device plugged into their motherboard or their  	   motherboard is not very healthy.      	Aic79xx Driver Update  	 o Perform a few firmware optimizations  	 o Correct the packetized status handler so that  	   it can handle CRC errors during status data packets.      	ACPI: Update to 20030424  	- Remove an unused parameter from lowlevel read/write functions  	- FADT initialization cleanups      	Aic79xx Driver Update  	 o Correct "Unexpected PKT Busfree" error observed under high  	   tag loads.      	Aic79xx Driver Update  	 o Revert ahd_pause_and_flushwork() behavior so that ENSELO can  	   be cleared.  This makes ahd_pause_and_flushwork() more effective  	   when the bus is hung.      	Aic79xx Driver Upate  	 o Switch to handling bad SCSI status as a sequencer interrupt  	   instead of having the kernel proccess these failures via  	   the completion queue.  This is done because:  	  	    - The old scheme required us to pause the sequencer and clear  	      critical sections for each SCB.  It seems that these pause  	      actions, if coincident with a sequencer FIFO interrupt, would  	      result in a FIFO interrupt getting lost or directing to the  	      wrong FIFO.  This caused hangs when the driver was stressed  	      under high "queue full" loads.  	    - The completion code assumed that it was always called with  	      the sequencer running.  This may not be the case in timeout  	      processing where completions occur manually via  	      ahd_pause_and_flushwork().  	    - With this scheme, the extra expense of clearing critical  	      sections is avoided since the sequencer will only self pause  	      once all pending selections have cleared and it is not in  	      a critical section.      	ppc64: remove numa_node_exists, from Martin Bligh      	aic7xxx_osm.h, aic7xxx_osm.c, aic79xx_osm.h, aic79xx_osm.c:  	  Remove pre-2.2.X kernel support.       	ppc64: clear up the cpu<-> node mappings, and cache them, from Matt Dobson      	Aic79xx and Aic7xxx driver Update  	 o Fix build on 2.5.X      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updates  	 o Adapt to new IRQ handler declaration/behavior for 2.5.X      	[SCTP] Control chunk bundling.  	  	Control chunks should be bundled (implementor's guide advises  	specifically of case were ERROR should be bundled with CE to avoid  	race condition.   Patch introduces a outq_cork/outq_uncork to  	immediate transferral of control chunks and then release to the  	packet bundling code.       	[AGPGART] Hammer GART can use generic enable routines now.      	[AGPGART] intel agp init cleanups.  	From Christoph Hellwig.  	(1) Kill the _setup functions - most of it can be nice, static  	    structs - the few remainders are handled better elsewhere  	(2) _one_ big switch in ->probe assigning these tables.  	  	Almost 200 lOC gone and it's even readable :)      	[AGPGART] Remove unneeded enums from intel gart driver.      	[AGPGART] Remove unused ALi enums.      	[AGPGART] Remove stale comment      	[AGPGART] Fix typo in via-agp. s/PM400/P4M400/      	[AGPGART] Remove useless enums from serverworks gart driver      	[AGPGART] Remove unneeded enums from AMD k7 gart driver      	[AGPGART] More setup routine -> static struct conversions.  	Again from Christoph Hellwig.      	[AGPGART] Replace enum users with own methods.  	By introducing a few extra functions, we can kill off a few extra members  	of the enum. More work from Christoph Hellwig.      	[AGPGART] Merge NVIDIA nForce / nForce2 AGP driver.  	Based upon code written by NVIDIA for agpgart 2.4, forward ported and  	cleaned up slightly by me. This still needs work, and is untested.      	[AGPGART] Makefile cleanups.  	- the makefile is not the right place to describe the driver  	- remove some junk      	[AGPGART] Remove unneeded settings of bridge->type.  	It's now done in the static structs.      	[AGPGART] Add symbolic constants for AGP mode setting.  	bye bye icky hardcoded values.      	[AGPGART] Add more defines to kill off hardcoded values      	[AGPGART] Don't configure agp bridges more than once if there is >1 of them.      	[AGPGART] use symbols instead of hardcoded values in generic-3.0  	Lots more work to do here.      	[AGPGART] Convert several functions to return void.  	They only ever returned a single value.      	[AGPGART] Fall back to non-isochronous xfers if setting up isochronous xfers fails.      	[AGPGART] Fix typo that stopped nvidia GART driver being built      	[AGPGART] EXPORT_SYMBOL cleanups. Also move the global_cache_flush routine to generic.c      	[AGPGART] Move function description comments from headers to the code they document.      	[AGPGART] kdoc'ify some of the function header comments.      	[AGPGART] Move function prototypes to headers.      	[AGPGART] Misc backend source tidy up.      	[AGPGART] Remove semaphore abstraction.      	[AGPGART] i855PM support from Bill Nottingham.  	Mainly adding a PCI id, unfortunately, requires  	renaming the i855GM PCI ids to avoid name conflict. Also renames some  	of the i855GM constants from i855PM to i855GM.      	[AGPGART] Fix kconfig dependancies.  	- Don't show x86 GARTs on alpha      	[PATCH] i2c: fix oops on startup of it87 driver.      	[SCTP] sctp_sendmsg() updates for TCP-style sockets.       	[AGPGART] fix macros that expect agp_bridge in global scope  	From Christoph Hellwig      	[AGPGART] cleanup agp backend.c a bit  	More from Christoph.  	  	Most style nitpicks and a bit more explicitly passing struct  	agp_bridge_data around.      	[AGPGART] Nvidia GART cleanups.  	Chri
stoph cleaned up a lot of the mess here. We're back to nearly killing  	off the chipset_type enum, moved the register definitions to the code that  	uses it, and given it a proper pci .remove function.      	[AGPGART] Add back dummy module exit to keep things happy.      	[AGPGART] don't dereference agp_bridge in generic-3.0.c  	Yet more from Christoph..  	>If agp_3_0_node_enable gets a struct agp_bridge_data * all of the  	>generic-3.0.c can be cleaned up easily to never look at agp_bridge  	>directly.  Now only backend.c, generic.c and the actual drivers  	>are left looking at it:)      	[AGPGART] give all agpgart drivers a ->remove pci method.  	You guessed it, yup. from Christoph again.      	[AGPGART] proper agp_bridge_driver.  	Christoph with the goods once more...  	>Okay, this does the converion for all drivers, it's ontop of my  	>previous patches.  enum chipset_type has shrunk to NOT_SUPPORTED  	>and SUPPORTED, but I'd like to postpone killing it entirely  	>or replacing it by a bool - drm pokes into this and we need to    	>redo the agpgart <-> drm interface for support of multiple garts  	>anyway.      	[AGPGART] Fix Kconfig typo      	[AGPGART] Shrink chipset_type enum (compile fix)  	Missing part of hch's last cset.      	ppc64: remove iomem_resource.end hack      	Fix cifs_show_options to display mount options in a way that is more  	consistent with other filesystems      	[AGPGART] Fix linking error.      	[SCTP] Make fragmented messages know how to SEND_FAIL themselves.  	  	If a message were fragmented, it was getting SEND_FAILed in all  	sorts of random order or not at all.   Now each "message" tracks its  	own fragments and can SEND_FAIL itself and all its fragments.       	[CPUFREQ] Acer Aspire's have broken PST tables in one BIOS rev. DMI blacklist it.      	[ARM] Miscellaneous minor fixes.  	  	- comment fixes  	- remove unnecessary asm/proc-fns.h include  	- fix buggy compiler version traps      	[SCTP] Free up data chunks that don't get accepted by primitive_SEND.  	  	Fix memory leak.        	[PATCH] Re: Make sym2 driver use pci_enable_device  	  	> The sym2 driver should use the generic pci_enable_device() and  	> pci_set_master() functions.  	  	Sorry, wrong patch. We need to read COMMAND after doing  	pci_enable_device/pci_set_master. We should also check the return  	valie of pci_enable_device.  	  	Anton  	  	===== drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/sym_glue.c 1.16 vs edited =====      	[PATCH] split private and public scsi headers  	  	Two new headers:  	  	  scsi_priv.h - for macros/declarations private to the scsi midlayer  			  (= not EXPORT_SYMBOL()ed)  	  scsi_logging.h - for SCSI_LOG_* and friends, semi-private to the  	  		midlayer and the upper drivers.  One abuse of this  			in dpt_i2o killed.      	[PATCH] kill scsi_dump_status  	  	Is someone still using the echo dump > /proc/scsi/scsi feature?  I think  	we should kill it as we're getting much nicer output from sysfs these  	days..      	[PATCH] kill pcmcia driver bind_info horror  	  	Currenty pcmcia drivers do a loop on their devices for issuing a  	SCSI_IOCTL_GET_IDLUN ioctl from kernelspace and passing dev->type  	to userspace so cardmgr can guess the the dev_t and find the  	device node of it.  	  	But it doesn't actually use it but only pass it as optional arguments  	to it's poor-man's hotplug scripts.  So kill this horror of, we  	have proper hotplug scripts in 2.5.  And here we go, the first big  	host->my_devices abuser is gone.      	[PATCH] use scsi_report_bus_reset() in scsi_erroc.c  	  	Currently scsi_error.c has two opencoded copies for  	scsi_report_bus_reset.  Get rid of them.      	[PATCH] fix scsi_debug compile warning  	  	spin_lock_irqsave takes an unsigned long.      	[PATCH] remove dead struct scsi_device members  	  	->scpnt_wait is initialized and cpqfc calls wake_up on it but no one  	ever waits for it, ->allow_revalidate is completly unused.      	[PATCH] remove dead scsi_cmnd members  	  	->reset_chain is initialized by the midlayer only used in BusLogic's old EH  	code (which is never called and thus can be #if 0'ed out until someone with  	the hardware updates it to new EH), ->done_late is never used.      	[PATCH] scsi_requeuest_fn  	  	Okay, when doing some other stuff I looked over this one, and it's  	a bit confusing to read:  	  	 - using a goto completed where a simple break would be sufficient  	 - using for (;;) for a perfectly fine while loop  	 - ...  	  	but what's more interesting is that the spinlock handling in here,  	when we switch from sdev_lock/queue_lock to host_lock we  	do a spin_unlock_irq followed by a spin_lock_irqsave - but we  	we just enabled interrupts so the save isn't nessecary at all, even  	more we can just do spin_unlock/spin_lock when keeping them  	disabled.  Also we drop host_lock in the middle of this function,  	just to reacquire it a tad later in scsi_dispatch_cmd, but fixing  	that need a bit more thinking as there's another caller for  	scsi_dispatch_cmd.      	[PATCH] move max_sectors intitalization fully to scsi_register  	  	Addresses the fixme in scsi_alloc_queue.      	[PATCH] set data direction in sd_synchronize_cache in sd.c  	  	Hi,  	  	the following patch sets the data direction in sd_synchronize_cache  	to SCSI_DATA_NONE. Otherwise the data direction would be  	SCSI_DATA_UNKNOWN, which is at least a problem for the zfcp  	lldd, since it expects a value differently from unknown.  	Please apply, thanks.  	  	Heiko      	[PATCH] Re: unchecked_isa_dma on sparcv9  	  	On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 12:15:11AM -0700, David S. Miller wrote:  	>    The only thing host->unchecked_isa_dma = 1 does is to add a __GFP_DMA  	>    flag to certain memory allocations, but IIRC __GFP_DMA is a noop on  	>    sparcv9.  So what is this supposed to do?  	>  	> It's bogus, delete it.  	  	James, could you please apply the following patch?      	[PATCH] blk SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND  	  	While playing with RH9.0 and 2.5.68 I found that  	scsi_unique_id (called from devlabel) oopsed on  	a regular basis during bootup.  	  	This patch addresses flakiness in sense buffer  	handling (in the failure case a disk didn't support  	VPD page 0x83).      	Compile fix for scsi_syms.c  	  	I had to add an include of scsi_logging.h to compile with logging configured:      	[PATCH] i2c: i2c-keywest.c irq handler type  	  	This patch changes the interrupt handler routine in i2c-keywest.c to  	return an irqreturn_t.      	i2c: fix up the MAINTAINERS i2c entry  	  	Removed the dead web page and email address, and merged with the sensors entry  	and added myself.      	[PATCH] nuke some superflous externs  	  	No idea why those were ever added to scsi.c and scsi_syms.c, they're  	properly declared in the headers.      	[SCTP] Initialize missing ipv4 fields of a AF_INET6 accept socket.      	[SCTP] SO_LINGER socket option for TCP-style sockets.      	[Bluetooth] Compile fix for URB_ZERO_PACKET  	  	This patch fixes the compile problem with URB_ZERO_PACKET.      	[AGPGART] Add some debugging printk's. Based on Linus' earlier patch.      	[CPUFREQ] Remove not needed ;'s from macro definitions.      	[AGPGART] Bulletproofing. NULL ptrs after freeing them.      	ppc64: ioctl32 updates      	[AGPGART] Remove duplicate code in i810/i830 alloc_by_type functions.      	[AGPGART] Fix incorrect type warning.      	[AGPGART] Move debugging macros to he
ader so they can be used in other parts of agpgart.      	[AGPGART] more kconfig cleanups  	- Alphabetical order of items.  	- Fixup the IOMMU dependancy problem (Roman Zippel)  	- Word all options similarly (Add 'chipset' to some descriptions)  	- Remove unused CONFIG_AGP_GART  	- Fix up incomplete alpha tristate      	[SCTP] Add sinfo_timetolive support.  	  	sinfo_timetolive lets the application specify 'timed reliability'  	for a message.  That is, the message really only has a use to  	the peer up to this timeout.  Without PR-SCTP, we can throw away  	such timed out messages if we haven't yet assigned TSN/SSNs to  	them.  If we have, there is nothing we can do until we support  	PR-SCTP extension.        	[PATCH] update NCR_D700 for new-style probing  	  	Pretty big patch and untested due to lack of hardware, so handle  	it with care :)      	Fix NCR_D700 driver  	  	This should complete the hch conversion to the new style probing.  	Tested and works fine.      	Aic79xx Driver Update (version 1.3.8)  	 o Correct a few BE processor bugs  	 o Print an additional diagnostic during recovery processing      	Update Aic79xx and Aic7xxx Documenation      	Aic7xxx Driver Update (6.2.33)  	 o Correct MODULE_INFO string.  	 o Bump version number.      	[PATCH] USB: replace kdev_t with int in usb_interface structure, as only drivers with the USB major use it.      	[AGPGART] Kill off some typedefs.  	Note, I'm leaving behind the ones not in #ifdef __KERNEL__ for now, as I'm  	not sure just what userspace stuff that might break.      	[AGPGART] missing %p in debug printk      	[AGPGART] Turn on debugging printks for a while.  	Lets see if we can't track down some of the stranger reports.  	Also fix up the macro not to printk some ': ' it doesnt need to.      	ppc64: rework fast SLB miss handler castout code      	ppc64: firmware flash fix from Olof Johansson      	Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030429230539|30870      	[PATCH] USB: vicam: fix bugs in writing to proc files that were found by the CHECKER project      	[PATCH] USB: more unusual_devs.h changes  	  	I've modified James Courtier-Dutton description from Optio 430 => Optio  	2/3/400 since it applies to Optio 330 and possible 230 too.  	  	Attached are the patch that was tried with Pentax Optio S and Optio 330 RS.  	I've talked to Pete Zaitcev and he said I should be using CB instead since  	more devices liked that better... so I leave that to you!      	[PATCH] USB: ehci i/o watchdog  	  	This patch adds a new "I/O watchdog" role to the existing  	timer code, and cleans it up a bit.  If you want to run  	EHCI without IRQs, it's now simple:  disable them, and  	tweak the timer appropriately.  	  	The patch should help with these reported problems.  	  	    (a) Bulk I/O sometimes seems to stop progressing.  Not  	        trouble in itself, but usb-storage and scsi could  	        wedge deeply because of bugs in their fault recovery;  	        and then the problems could break khubd and rmmod...  	  	    (b) Some periodic transfers need to be "jumpstarted".  	        Usually seen with a high speed hub.      	[PATCH] Update mesh.c and mac53c94.c drivers  	  	This patch updates the mesh and mac53c94 SCSI host bus adaptor  	drivers so that their interrupt routines return an irqreturn_t.  	  	Please apply.  	  	Thanks,  	Paul.      	[PATCH] fix aci7xxx locking problem  	  	> On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 04:28:12PM -0600, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:  	>> Folks,  	>>  	>> I've just uploaded version 1.3.8 of the aic79xx driver and version  	>> 6.2.33 of the aic7xxx driver.  Both are available for 2.4.X and  	>> 2.5.X kernels in either bk send format or as a tarball from here:  	>>  	>>  	>  	> Hi Justin,  	>  	> I've just tested it and I still have the deadlock on SMP. I also tried with  	> noapic, but it didn't change. I have reduced the TCQ from 253 to 32, and I  	> had the impression that it was more difficult to trigger, although I cannot  	> be certain. With 32, I could boot and go to about half the 'make -j 8 dep',  	> while it hanged during init script with 253. I may retest by the week-end, but  	> now I'm going to sleep. Now I'm back to 6.2.28 and everything's OK.  	  	Can you try with this patch?  It seems I forgot to pull part of a change  	from the aic79xx driver into the aic7xxx driver.  This could easily cause  	a lock order reversal.       	[PATCH] remove scsi_device proc printing from drivers  	  	A bunch of drivers contain loops over host->my_devices in their  	proc_info method just to printout info we already get from sysfs.  	Kill those, the ones that actually add additional information  	from their private data need to get sysfs attributes for the fist.  	  	BTW, does someone have opintions on reading of /proc/scsi/scsi?  	It's just a duplication of the sysfs tree so it should probably  	go away also.  OTOH there's a slightly higher chance on userland  	actually using this than for the LLDDs..      	Aic7xxx Driver Update  	 o Fix Aic7xxx driver locking in the AHC_SCSI_HAS_HOST_LOCK == 0 case.      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Updates  	 o Misc compiler error and code cleanups.      	Aic7xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update  	 o Build with -Werror      	[SCTP] Use prepare_to_wait()/finish_wait() interfaces.      	[AGPGART] Intel I875P support.  	From Matt Tolentino.      	o ipx headers: Coding Style code reformatting      	[NET]: Use dump_stack in neigh_destroy.      	[NET]: Fix typo in previous neighbour.c change.      	[DECNET]: Add netfilter subdir for decnet and add the routing grabulator.      	[PPP]: Rest of compression module changes, oops.      	[ATM]: mpc.c warning fixes.      	[NETFILTER IPV6]: Fix warnings.      	[AGPGART] Disable debugging printk's again.  	With the 'AGP bug' solved, we don't need this noise for a while...      	o list.h: implement list_for_each_entry_safe      	o ipx: convert ipx_interface handling to use list_head      	[SCTP] Use put_user() in get_peer_addr_params (reported by  	  	Standford Checker reported direct touch of user space.       	[AGPGART] Skip devices with no AGP headers sooner.      	Shrink dynids feature set  	  	Per recommendation from GregKH:  	Remove directory 'dynamic_id'  	Remove exporting dynamic_id/0 files  	Remove probe_it driver attribute  	Move new_id into driver directory as a driver attribute.  Make it  	probe when new IDs are added.  	Move attribute existance test into pci-driver.c completely.  	      	[AGPGART] Store agp revision in agp_bridge struct.  	There are a few places we do spec revision compliance checks, this cset  	generalises that function, and removes some duplicated functionality.      	[AGPGART] Work around AMD 8151 errata.  	Some revisions incorrectly report they support v3.5 of the AGP spec, when  	they are actually only 3.0 compliant.      	[PATCH] USB: kill the last occurances of usb_serial_get_by_minor  	  	I got an error at the final linking of 2.5.68-bk11. It seems the patch  	below is needed.      	[PATCH] USB: Big endian RTL8150  	  	The RTL8150 USB Ethernet driver doesn't work on big endian machines. Here are  	patches (for both 2.4.x and 2.5.x) to fix that. The fix
was tested on the  	2.4.20 and 2.4.21-rc1 version of the driver on big endian MIPS.  	  	Changes:  	  - Fix endianness of rx_creg (from Dimitri Torfs )  	  - Kill unused last parameter of async_set_registers()      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch fix  	  	Missing header file.  Please apply.      	[PATCH] USB: unusual_devs.h patch      	PCI dynids - documentation fixes, id_table NULL check      	[PATCH] move all host templates into .c files  	  	Oookay - I really got upset by that tmeplates in headers crap when  	grepping for certain methods.  The patch below moves all templates  	from the headers into the actual implementation files and removes  	the ifdef mess for unmaintained drivers - for maintained support  	gazillion kernel releases drivers like gdth I've kept them.  	  	This means a driver works fine without any problems for all modular  	builds and builtin kernel >= 2.4.0.  If you want certain drivers  	to work with 2.0/2.2 statyic builds too I can hack something up for  	you, but I'd prefer not supporting stuff like that anymore.  	  	Tested by compiling all drivers with make -k and not getting more  	warnings than before :)      	[PATCH] USB: UNUSUAL_DEV for aiptek pocketcam  	  	Here is the unusual_dev entry i'm using to get my digital camera.  	  	  	diff -cr linux/drivers/usb/storage/unusual_devs.h linux_vaxvms/drivers/usb/storage/unusual_devs.h  	*** linux/drivers/usb/storage/unusual_devs.h	2003-03-14 21:32:46.000000000 +0100      	[PATCH] scsi host sysfs support again [1/4]  	  	-andmike  	--  	Michael Anderson  	  	DESC  	This patch removes the shost_devclass device class support that was  	previously added, but incomplete.  	EDESC  	  	  	 drivers/acorn/scsi/acornscsi.c |    1 -  	 drivers/acorn/scsi/arxescsi.c  |    1 -  	 drivers/acorn/scsi/cumana_1.c  |    1 -  	 drivers/acorn/scsi/cumana_2.c  |    1 -  	 drivers/acorn/scsi/eesox.c     |    1 -  	 drivers/acorn/scsi/oak.c       |    1 -  	 drivers/acorn/scsi/powertec.c  |    1 -  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_sysfs.c      |   23 -----------------------  	 8 files changed, 30 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] scsi host sysfs support again [2/4]  	  	-andmike  	--  	Michael Anderson  	  	  	DESC  	This patch changes the structure of sdebug_host_info and changes the  	method / order of driver model cleanup.  	EDESC  	  	  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_debug.c |  215 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_debug.h |    2  	 2 files changed, 115 insertions(+), 102 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] scsi host sysfs support again [3/4]  	  	-andmike  	--  	Michael Anderson  	  	  	DESC  	Change scsi host to class device model. Change scsi host and scsi device  	to release when ref count goes to zero.  	EDESC  	  	  	 drivers/scsi/hosts.c     |   23 +++++------------------  	 drivers/scsi/hosts.h     |   20 ++++++++++++++------  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_scan.c |    4 +---  	 3 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] scsi host sysfs support again [4/4]  	  	-andmike  	--  	Michael Anderson  	  	  	DESC  	Change scsi sysfs to support scsi host class device and call release  	functions when ref count goes to zero.  	EDESC  	  	  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_sysfs.c |  111 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------  	 1 files changed, 96 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)      	pci.h whitespace cleanups      	[SCTP] Support SCTP ECN on ipv6.      	o ipx: convert ipx_route to use list_head      	[IPSEC]: Fix SADB_EALG_{3,}DESCBC values.      	[ATM]: Fix some CPP pasting in ambassador driver.      	[ATM]: Fix excessive stack usage in iphase driver.      	[ATM]: svcs possible race with sigd.      	[FS]: Add seq_release_private and proc_net_fops_create helpers.      	[DECNET]: seq file conversions and fixes.  	  o Removed blksize from decnet device parameters - use the device mtu like we  	    ought to.  	  o Removed /proc/net/decnet_route file - I don't think anybody ever used it  	    and it was lacking a full enough description of the routes to be useful.  	    ip -D route list is much better :-)  	  o Added rt_local_src entry to decnet routes so that we get the local source  	    address right when forwarding.  	  o Added correct proto argument to struct flowi for routing  	  o MSG_MORE in sendmsg (ignored, but accepted whereas before we'd error)  	  o /proc/net/decnet converted to seq_file  	  o /proc/net/decnet_dev converted to seq_file  	  o /proc/net/decnet_cache converted to seq_file  	  o Use pskb_may_pull() and add code to linearize skbs on the input path  	    except for those containing data.  	  o Fixed returned packet code (mostly - some left to do)  	  o update_pmtu() method for decnet dst entries (ip_gre device assumes this  	    method exists - well I think it does :-)  	  o Fixed bug in forwarding to get IE bit set correctly  	  o Fixed compile bugs with CONFIG_DECNET_ROUTE_FWMARK pointed out by Adrian  	    Bunk  	  o Fixed zero dest code to grab an address from loopback  	  o Fixed local routes in dn_route_output_slow()  	  o Fixed error case in dn_route_input/output_slow() pointed out by Rusty      	[NETFILTER]: Fix Module Usage in ipchains and ipfwadm.  	Gets rid of some warnings.  Manipulating our own module count inside the  	sockopt is safe, because unregistering that sockopt will block.      	[NETFILTER]: Make NAT code handle non-linear skbs.  	Makes the NAT code and all NAT helpers handle non-linear skbs.  	Main trick is to introduce skb_ip_make_writable which handles all  	the decloning, linearizing, etc.      	[NETFILTER]: ip_nat_proto_{icmp,udp}.c need ip_nat_core.h      	[IPV6]: Kill spurious module_{get,put}().      	[BLUETOOTH]: Fix hci_usb build.      	[IPV6]: Fix offset in ICMPV6_HDR_FIELD messages.      	[IPV^]: Use correct icmp6 type in ip6_pkt_discard.      	[SPARC64]: Only use power interrupt when button property exists.      	[ATM]: Fix foul up in lec driver.      	dynids: call driver_attach() when new IDs are added  	  	This causes the driver to create proper device symlinks in sysfs when  	new IDs are added and thus new devices found by the driver.  	  	drivers/base/bus.c  	    make driver_attach non-static  	drivers/pci/pci-driver.c  	    delete probe_each_pci_dev, call driver_attach instead.  	    Whitespace cleanups.  	include/linux/device.h  	    add declaration of driver_attach.      	ia64: Improve spinlock code to handle contention in shared routine called  		with a special convention.  Various minor fixes for gcc-pre3.4.      	Add .release template method to scsi_debug.c  	  	Lost in the hch/andmike merge      	[IPV6]: Remove illogical bug check in fib6_del.      	[AGPGART] Only enable isochronous transfers on AGP3.5 chipsets.  	The standard says that 3.0 chipsets don't support these extensions.  	Move the isoch stuff out into isoch.c leaving behind a shell for basic  	AGP3.0 enabling (to be written).      	[AGPGART] Remove unneeded exports.  	These functions should only be called indirectly from agp_generic_enable()      	[PATCH] ia64: fix ia32 emulation of rlimit et al  	      	[PATCH] ia64: perfmon update  	  	Please apply the following patch on top of 2.5.6x. This patch does the  	following:  	  	- repair broken system-wide overflow notification  	- repair broken per-process notification  	- fix a problem in the resrved bitmask for opcode   	  matcher8
,9 for McKinley as reported by UIUC.  	- forcing of bit2 for pmc8/pmc9 now part of reserved bitmask  	- add the unsecure option to perfmon  	- update to perfmon 1.4 (similar to 2.4)      	[PATCH] ia64: spelling fixes  	      	ia64: Manual merge of Steve's spelling fixes.      	[PATCH] ia64: fix timer interrupts getting lost  	  	This patch fixes the issue of some CPUs not showing timer interrupts  	going off.  Seems during the process of sync'ing the itc, we jumped over  	the next timer value.  This patch is against 2.5.67 + ia64.  I haven't  	seen the problem on 2.4, but a quick looks seems like it's potentially  	an issue there too.      	[PATCH] ia64: interrupt fixes/cleanup  	  	Here's some cleanups/fixes/changes for interrupts on 2.5.67 + ia64.  	Specifically:  	  	  - Cleanup some ugliness with polarity/trigger setup.  	  	  - Add iosapic_enable_intr() to set_rte on an interupt when the  	    device is enabled.  IMHO, we really only want to unmask RTEs  	    for PRTs we might actually use.  This moves the interrupt  	    distribution here too.  	  	  - When changing a vector from edge to level, call register_intr()  	    to do it so all the data structures get set correctly.  If we  	    have to guess how to setup an interupt and get it wrong, this  	    should close some holes in changing it back to the correct type.    	  	  - Register the HCDP interrupt in 8250_hcdp - this is where we have  	    to guess the polarity/trigger.  The real handler will get fixed  	    up via PCI setup or ACPI namespace serial support, this gets it  	    associated w/ the port at setup.  This should allow interrupts  	    to work when using builtin UARTs as console on HP Itanium2 boxes.      	[PATCH] ia64: multi-ioport space support  	  	This has been in my 2.4 BK tree for a while, but I should have  	posted it in case there's feedback from other people working  	on large machines.  So here it is, in four parts:  	  	  1  enhance __ia64_mk_io_addr(port)  	  2  enhance pcibios_scan_root to get multiple mem & io windows  	      from ACPI _CRS, and fixup all the resources  	  3  add support for /proc/iomem and /proc/ioports  	  4  trivial (whitespace, copyright, and move pcibios_fixup_device_resources  	       closer to related code)  	  	The current scheme is that IO ports are 64 bits, with the low 24  	bits being the port number within an IO port space, and the upper  	bits identifying the space.  There is currently a limit of 16  	spaces.      	[PATCH] ia64: multi-ioport space support (part 2 of 4)  	  	enhance pcibios_scan_root to get multiple mem & io windows from ACPI _CRS,  	and fixup all the resources      	[PATCH] ia64: multi-ioport space support (part 3 of 4)  	  	add support for /proc/iomem and /proc/ioports      	[PATCH] ia64: multi-ioport space support (part 3 of 4)  	  	trivial (whitespace, copyright, and move pcibios_fixup_device_resources  	closer to related code)      	[PATCH] ia64: new IOC recognition  	  	This is a trivial patch that makes sba_iommu recognize a new IOC.  	Only change is that it will print  	  	    IOC: sx1000 0.1 HPA 0xf8120002000 IOVA space 1024Mb at 0x80000000  	  	instead of  	  	    IOC: Unknown (103c:127c) 0.1 HPA 0xf8120002000 IOVA space 1024Mb  	at 0x80000000      	[PATCH] ia64: vendor-specific ACPI resource cleanup  	  	This is to  	  	  - handle _CRS with multiple vendor-specific resources  	  - use acpi_walk_resources() instead of doing it by hand  	  - make lookup of vendor resource by GUID generic  	  - cleanup now-unused helper functions  	  	(This depends on the previous IO port space patches, because  	they removed the last of acpi_get_addr_space()).  	  	My hope is that acpi_vendor_resource_match() and  	acpi_find_vendor_resource() can someday move into ACPI,  	but that probably depends on getting the idea of labelling  	vendor resources with a GUID into the spec.  HP does this  	and I think is working on putting it in the spec.      	[PATCH] ia64: fixes for semtimedop() ia32-compat handling  	  	Here are two fixes for the ia32-compatibility mode handling  	for the new semtimedop() system call for the ia64 architecture.  	  	The first problem was that treatment of user-mode calls to semtimedop()  	with a NULL 4th (struct timespec *) parameter was inconsistent with the  	behavior of the same executable on i386 and also with a natively compiled  	ia64 binary.  A NULL 4th arg to semtimedop() should result in no timeout  	being used (like a straight semop() call) rather than in an EFAULT error.  	  	The second problem was that a legitimate semtimedop() with a timeout was  	also resulting in an EFAULT because the fetch of the internal timespec  	strucure by sys_semtimedop() from semtimedop32()'s kernel stack was  	treated as an invalid user-data reference.  This requires temporarily  	switching the addressing limit with set_fs(), further requiring that  	appropriate parameter checking by performed prior to the switch.  	  	The const qualifier was removed from the (struct compat_timespec *) arg  	to semtimedop32() so that the call to get_compat_timespec() wouldn't  	generate a compilation warning.      	ia64: Manual merge of Bjorn Helgaas' sba_iommu patch to make it use seq_file.      	fix syntax error in ncr53c8xx from hch conversion      	fix missed conversion of to_scsi_host -> dev_to_shost in sim710      	add missing asm/io.h to scsi/dc395x.c      	[PATCH] core dump psinfo.pr_sname letter fix  	  	This patch makes the state letter in the pr_sname field in core dumps  	correct for stopped and zombie threads.  The order needed to be changed when  	the TASK_* values changed.  This matches the letters used in sched.c:show_task.      	[PATCH] PCI Hotplug: fix up the compaq driver to work properly again.      	[PATCH] PCI Hotplug: fix up the ibm driver to work properly again.      	[PATCH] PCI Hotplug: fix compiler warning in ibm driver.      	[PATCH] PCI Hotplug: fix up the acpi driver to work properly again.      	[PATCH] PCI Hotplug: fix dependancies for CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI  	  	Thanks to Adrian Bunk  for pointing this out.      	PCI Hotplug: export the acpi_resource_to_address64 function, as the acpi pci hotplug driver needs it.      	mca.c:  	  (show_min_state): Fix typo r11 -> r12.      	[PATCH] i2c #1/3: listify i2c core  	  	This is the first of tree patches for i2c.  Trying to get the i2c  	cleanups finshed before 2.6.x, so we (hopefully) don't have a  	ever-changing i2c subsystem in 2.7.x again (which is very annonying for  	driver maintainance).  	  	Changes:  	  	 * listify i2c-core, i.e. make it use  instead of  	   statically-sized arrays, removed lots of ugly code :)  	 * added i2c_(get|put)_adapter, changed i2c-dev.c to use these  	   functions instead maintaining is own adapter list.  	 * killed the I2C_DF_DUMMY flag which had the strange semantics to  	   make the i2c subsystem call driver->attach_adapter on detaches.  	   Added a detach_adapter() callback instead.  	 * some other minor cleanups along the way ...      	[PATCH] i2c #2/3: add i2c_clients_command  	  	Changes:  	  	  * adds a i2c_clients_command() function to i2c-core which calls  	    the ->command() callback of all clients attached to a adapter.  	  * make bttv + saa7134 drivers use that function instead of mucking  	    with the i2c_adapter struct themself.      	[PATCH] i2c #3/3: add class field to i2c_adapter  	  	This is the last of three patches for i2c.  It introduces a new field  	to i2c_adapter which classifies the kind of hardware a i2c adapter  	belongs to (analog tv card / dvb card / smbus / gfx card ...).  i2c chip  	drivers can use th
is infomation to decide whenever they want to look for  	hardware on that adapter or not.  It doesn't make sense to probe for a  	tv tuner on a smbus for example ...      	[PATCH] i2c: fix compile error due to previous patches.      	[PATCH] i2c: it87 patch.  	  	More or less straight forward patch.  	  	Fix a typo in the comments at the top.  	Show all 9 voltage inputs.  	Show all 3 fan inputs.  	Allow you to select the temp sensor type from the sysfs interface,  	instead of just with the temp_type module option.  	(1 = diode, 2 = thermistor, 0 = disabled).  	  	I'm still trying to figure out the registers for PWM fan controller  	support.      	o net/socket: fix bug in sys_accept  	  	module_put() gets called twice on error. Once via the explicit module_put and  	the second via sock_release(). Also i think we should do a __module_get() with  	newsock's owner(although same as the original listening sock).      	[PATCH] synclink update  	  	 - Add support for hardware version 2 (universal PCI) of synclink adapter  	 - Use mod_timer() function      	[PATCH] n_hdlc update  	  	 - Use C99 initializers      	[PATCH] ia64: fix sys32_select()  	      	[IPV4/IPV6]: Set owner field in family ops.      	[PATCH] USB: add usb class support for usb drivers that use the USB major  	  	This also consolodates the devfs calls for the USB drivers.      	[PATCH] USB: converted usblp over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted mdc800 over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted scanner over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted dabusb over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted auerswald over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted brlvger over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted rio500 over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted usblcd over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: converted usb-skeleton over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[PATCH] USB: remove #include  from some drivers that do not need it.      	USB: converted hiddev over to new usb_register_dev() changes.      	[NET]: Spelling/typo fixes in rtnetlink.h      	[IPV6]: Convert /proc/net/rt6_stats to seq_file.      	[BRIDGE]: Change pkt_type to PACKET_HOST earlier.      	[IPV4]: Replace explicit dev->refcount bumps with dev_hold.      	[NET]: Remove duplicated alloc_skb debug check.      	[ATM]: Add Forerunner HE support.      	[ATM]: Forward port br2864 to 2.5.x      	[ATM]: Clip locking and more atmvcc cleanup.      	[IPV6]: Fix typos in ip6_fib.c      	[IPV6]: Use time_after() etc. for comparing jiffies.      	[TCP]: tcp_twkill leaves death row list in inconsistent state over tcp_timewait_kill.      	[ATM]: Fix build of HE driver.      	Decrement the nr_unstable page state after the COMMIT RPC call  	completes instead of before. This ensures that writeback   	WB_SYNC_ALL does wait on completion.  	  	Don't overreport the number of pages we wrote out. It is safer to  	underreport.  	  	Fix missing NFSv3 unstable write accounting in fs/fs-writeback.c  	and mm/page-writeback.c      	Fix typos in close-to-open cache consistency checking.      	Fix a TCP race: check whether or not the socket has been disconnected  	before we allow an RPC request to wait on a reply.      	Don't use an RPC child process when reconnecting to a TCP server.  	This is more efficient, and also fixes an existing deadlock  	situation in which the child could be waiting for an xprt_write_lock  	that was being held by the parent.      	Ensure that if we need to reconnect the socket, we also resend  	the entire RPC message  	  	Assorted TCP reconnection fixes.  	  	Temporarily raise the necessary CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE capability  	if we need to bind the socket to a reserved port during a TCP  	reconnection. Check for CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE at mount time.      	Add the sk->callback_lock spinlocks to the RPC socket callbacks  	in order to protect the socket from being released by one  	CPU while the other is in a soft interrupt.      	the recently-applied patch to fix the rpc_show_tasks() Oops is incomplete.  	this applies over 2.5.68 and should address all of the issues in  	rpc_show_tasks().      	Ensure that Lockd and the NSM (statd) clients always use privileged  	ports. Remove the existing code to temporarily raise privileges in  	fs/lockd/host.c, and use the new code in net/sunrpc/xprt.c  	  	There should no longer be a need to temporarily change the fsuid.  	Remove this feature.      	UDP and TCP zero copy code for the NFS client. The main interest  	of this patch is to eliminate the use of xdr_kmap() and xdr_unmap()  	by replacing them with MSG_MORE. xdr_kmap() is deadlock-prone  	due to the fact that it has to kmap() several pages at the same time.      	o ipx: ipx_interfaces outlives struct sock/socket  	  	And thus have to do module refcounting...      	Whee. Fix ancient mailing address.      	[PATCH] USB: update my copyrights in a few locations.      	[ATM]: assorted atm patches      	[ATM] remove iovcnt from atm_skb  	skbs has (and has had for a while) scatter/gather support  	making the scatter gather in atm redundant.  the current iovcnt  	schme really isnt being used anyway typically.   the atm  	layer will need a little more work in the future to take  	advantage of the skb scatter/gather support.  this patch  	removes the iovcnt dependencies and gets the check for  	non linear skbs right.      	[IPV4]: Use time_{before,after}() and proper jiffies types in route.c      	[IPV4]: Two minor errors in jiffies changes.      	[NET]: Kill more direct references to netdev->refcnt.      	[ACENIC]: Comment out netif_wake_queue from acenic watchdog.      	[PATCH] ips 2.5 driver update [1/4] irq return update  	  	This is the proper way to report if the interrupt  	was from a serveraid or not.  	  	David Jeffery  	  	 ips.c |   29 ++++++++++++++++-------------  	 ips.h |    6 +++++-  	 2 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] ips 2.5 driver update [2/4] missing kfree and static init s  	  	This patch adds a missing kfree on an error path  	and removes some cases where static variables  	were being explicitly initiated to 0.  	  	 ips.c |   13 ++++++-------  	 1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] ips 2.5 driver update [3/4]: misc cleanups  	  	This patch checks the return code of  	pci_set_dma_mask for a 32bit mask,  adds a break  	to quiet some compilers, and adds some 2.4 compat.  	code.  	  	 ips.c |    8 ++++++--  	 ips.h |    4 +++-  	 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] ips 2.5 driver update [4/4]: use dev_printk  	  	Use the new dev_printk.  	  	Thanks go to Mike Christie who originally  	created this patch.  	  	 ips.c |  135 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------------------  	 ips.h |    5 ++  	 2 files changed, 62 insertions(+), 78 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] remove scsi_
slave_attach/scsi_slave_detach  	  	I added those two to factor out common code from the upper drivers  	a long time ago, but after Doug & Lubens nice work there's nothing  	left but incrementing/decrementing a counter in struct scsi_device  	that's never used except in the case were we not it must be NULL  	because we just walked the chain of drivers to detach every single  	one..      	[PATCH] first batch of shost sysfs fixes  	  	(a) scsi_check_device_busy() is unused now, kill it.  Btw, although I  	    love to see this this really means we need to imply a  	    scsi_set_device_offline (or even better scsi_set_host_offline)  	    in scsi_remove_host now..  	(b) make shost_class static to scsi_sysfs.c, with the new device model  	    changes no LLDD needs this anymore  	(c) move private prototypes where they belong.  	  	BTW, Mike, did I miss something or will your changes make every driver  	converted to scsi_add_host & co OOPS on removal now?      	[PATCH] tc_zs tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] specialix tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] stallion tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] serial_tx3912  tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] sh-sci tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] ser_a2232 tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] serial167 tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] rocket tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] sgi/char/sgiserial tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] rio  tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] riscom8 tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] pcxx tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] mxser tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] istallion  tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] moxa tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] ip2main tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] isicom tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] esp  tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] hvc_console tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] dz tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] cyclades tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] amiserial tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] macintosh/macserial  tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] isdn/capi  tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PATCH] vme_scc tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT      	[PKT_SCHED]: Kill iovcnt reference from sch_atm.c      	TTY: add tty class support for all tty devices.      	TTY: changes based on tty_register_device() paramater change.      	TTY: remove usb-serial sysfs dev file as it is now redundant.      	Make lib/inflate.c look remotely like ANSI C, so that it can be  	properly checked with the rest of the kernel.      	Avoid using undefined preprocessor symbols: check CONFIG_MK7 with  	"defined()" rather than using it as a value.      	Update aacraid to last drop on 2.4 from Alan Cox      	Update aacraid from 2.4->2.5 semantics  	  	- stanford checker fixes (randy.dunlap)  	- updated io_request_lock to correct 2.5 lock  	- spelling fixes  	- torvalds daemonize changes  	- updated templates etc  	- update scsicmd-> to scsicmd->device-> for new command alloc code  	- update biosparam and add slave_configure  	- gendisk name changes  	- fix compile warnings      	[PATCH] New aacraid driver fixed.  	  	I have the new aacraid driver working on my system now.  The patch is  	against the 2.5.66 updates that you gave me.  I made the following  	changes:  	  	aachba.c aac_scsi_cmd()  	There was a race accessing the scsicmd pointer accessing the host_lock.  	I made a local pointer to the Scsi_Host so the spin_lock_irq after  	aac_read wouldn't panic.  I think that sometimes the I/O would be done  	and the memory freed before returning invalidating the scsicmd pointer.  	I made the same change in aac_io_done in case scsi_done had freed the  	scsicmd memory before returning.  	  	comminit.c aac_alloc_comm()  	AdapterFibsVirtualAddress was set to the virtual address of base.  I  	changed it to set it to the phys address.  I compared this to code  	pointed to by matt domsch on the aacraid devel list on the 5th.  Its  	aac_alloc_comm sets this variable to the phys address.  This fixed the  	probelem where the entry->addr was bad.  Another was to fix it I guess  	would be to leave this change alone and not try to convert the address  	in aac_command_normal.  	  	dpcsup.c aac_response_normal()  	Changed the bus_to_virt to the calculation we talked about last month.  	dpcsup.c aac_command_normal()  	Changed the bus_to_virt to the calculation.      	Use "__attribute__" consistently.      	Allow external checkers to overrid the "cond_syscall()" macro.      	Support a "checking" mode for kernel builds, that runs a  	user-supplied source checker on all C files before compiling  	them.  	  	I'll release the actual checker once I've cleaned it up a  	bit more (yay, all the copyright paperwork completed!)      	[PATCH] generic subarchitecture for ia32  	  	From: Andi Kleen   	  	This patch adds an generic x86 subarchitecture. It is intended to provide  	an dynamic interface for APIC drivers. There are already three subarchitectures  	(bigsmp, summit, default) that only differ in how they drive the local APIC.  	A fourth - Unisys ES7000 - is scheduled to be merged soon.  	  	The subarchitecture concept separated this nicely, but it has the big  	drawback that they are compile time options. A Linux vendor cannot  	ship own binary kernel rpms for all of these machines. Runtime probing  	is needed instead.  	  	This patch adds a new "generic" subarchitecture that just acts as a  	dynamic switching layer for APIC drivers. It only tries to virtualize  	the APICs, no attempt is made to cover further incompatiblities.  	This means machines like the Visual Workstation, pc9800 or  	Voyager are not covered; but these are unlikely to be supported by  	binary distributions anyways.  	  	The generic arch reuses the existing interface in mach_ipi / mach_mpparse.h /  	mach_apic.h and just pulls it using some macros into an "struct genapic"  	object. The main APIC code does not recognize it, it is all hidden  	in the mach-generic include files.  	  	Auto detection of APIC types is supported in the usual way used by  	existing ports like Summit - checking ACPI or mptables for specific  	signatures - or it can be specified by the user using a new "apic="  	boot option. I also moved the DMI scan to before the generic  	subarchitecture probe, so DMI could be used in future too to probe  	specific machines.  	  	Some minor hacks were needed to avoid circular declaration of a few  	symbols, but overall it's fairly clean.  	  	The patch has been tested on a Summit machine, an generic 4 virtual CPUs  	Xeon and on an ES7000.      	[PATCH] Fix
 .altinstructions linking failures  	  	From: Andi Kleen   	  	Some configs didn't link anymore because they got references from  	.altinstructions to __exit functions.  Fixing it at the linker level is not  	easily possible.  This patch just discards .text.exit at runtime instead of  	link time to avoid this.  	  	It will also fix a related problem with .eh_frame in modern gcc (so far only  	observed on x86-64, but could happen on i386 too)      	[PATCH] cpia driver __exit fix  	  	From: Andi Kleen   	  	This driver was bogusly relying on the dropping of the __exit section at link  	time.  cpia_exit() is calling proc_cpia_destroy(), which doesn't even exist  	if !CONFIG_MODULE.      	[PATCH] fix OSS opl3sa2 compilation  	  	From: Zwane Mwaikambo   	  	There was a 2.4 merge from Alan Cox, but a few #ifdef's got shuffled around  	in the process, resulting in a broken build for !CONFIG_PM      	[PATCH] misc fixes  	  	- ifdef fix in kmap_types.h (Oleg Drokin)  	  	- remove redundant ext3 inclusions (Burton Windle)  	  	- Fix misidentified warning printk in vmalloc.c  	  	- radeon_cp printk warning fix (Randy Dunlap)  	  	- Update minimum binutils version for the ".incbin" thing in vsyscall.S  	  	- update raw driver to recent module API.  	  	- update my email address      	[PATCH] mwave build fix  	  	From: Michael Buesch  and Paul Schroeder.  	  	mwavedd.h needs  and smapi.h      	[PATCH] drm timer initialisation fix  	  	The timer is being initialised too late (in ->open()).  If modprobe fails we  	get an uninitialised timer warning.      	[PATCH] slab: initialisation cleanup and oops fix  	  	From: Manfred Spraul   	  	attached is the promised cleanup/bugfix patch for the slab bootstrap:  	  	- kmem_cache_init & kmem_cache_sizes_init merged into one function,  	  called after mem_init().  It's impossible to bring slab to an operational  	  state without working gfp, thus the early partial initialization is not  	  necessary.  	  	- g_cpucache_up set to FULL at the end of kmem_cache_init instead of the  	  module init call.  This is a bugfix: slab was completely initialized,  	  just the update of the state was missing.  	  	- some documentation for the bootstrap added.  	  	The minimal fix for the bug is a two-liner: move g_cpucache_up=FULL from  	cpucache_init to kmem_cache_sizes_init, but I want to get rid of  	kmem_cache_sizes_init, too.      	[PATCH] sysrq-S, sysrq-U cleanups  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	Change sysrq sync/remount from a magic bdflush hook to proper pdflush  	operations.  The sync operation reuses most of the regular sys_sync path now  	instead of implementing it's own superblock walking and (broken) local disk  	detection, the remount implementation has been moved to super.c, cleaned up  	and updated for the last two years locking changes.  It also shares some code  	with the regular remount path now.      	[PATCH] s/UPDATE_ATIME/update_atime/ cleanup  	  	From:  Stewart Smith   	  	Remove the UPDATE_ATIME() macro, use update_atime() directly.      	[PATCH] irqreturn_t for drivers/net/pcmcia  	  	From: Zwane Mwaikambo   	  	update pcmcia drivers for new IRQ API      	[PATCH] keyboard.c Fix CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ+PrintScreen  	  	From: Chris Heath   	  	This patch fixes the PrintScreen key when CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ is enabled.  It  	allows you to use that key normally when Alt is not being pressed.  Patch is  	against kernel 2.5.68.      	[PATCH] Don't use devfs names in disk_name()  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	disk_name() (and hence bdevname()) are now returning devfs-style device names  	when devfs is enabled.  	  	This is nice, but these names are very long, and they overflow the 32-char  	buffers which these functions use.  	  	The choices are:  	    	a) Use a bigger buffer (increase BDEVNAME_SIZE).  	  	   This might be practical.  But how big?  	  	b) return the name in kmalloced memory, make caller free it up.   Yuk.  	  	c) Add a print_bdevname() thing and intersperse that amongst the printk's.  	   This would work.  	  	d) Just print the non-devfs device name.   That's what this patch does.      	[PATCH] devfs: API changes  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	Some people may already have noticed that I've been revamping the devfs API  	recently.  The worst offender still left is devfs_register, it's prototype  	is:  	  		 devfs_handle_t devfs_register(devfs_handle_t dir,  			const char *name, unsigned int flags,  			unsigned int major, unsigned int minor,  			umode_t mode, void *ops, void *info)  	  	Of these:  	  	 - dir and flags are always zero  	 - the return value is never used  	 - info is only used in one driver which doesn't even need it for  	   operation  	 - umode_t always describes a character device  	 - name very often comes from a stack buffer we sprintf'ed into  	  	so obviously we really want a much simpler API instead.  My first draft for  	this was:  	  		int devfs_mk_cdev(dev_t dev, umode_t mode,  			struct file_operations *fops, void *info,  			const char *fmt, ...)  	  	this removes the unused argumens, switches to a proper dev_t for the device  	number and allows to directly use a printf-like expression as name, getting  	rid of the temporary buffers.  	  	Now Al has reappeared and put the first steps of his CIDR for charater device  	on public ftp and we'll soon have a similar lookup object + fops mechanism in  	generic code as we already habe for blockdevices, i.e.  the devfs code to  	assign fops from an entry will become superflous as generic code already does  	it.  That means the fops and info arguments are obsolete before they were  	introduced, so I'd like to propose the following API instead:  	  		int devfs_mk_cdev(dev_t dev, umode_t mode, const char *fmt, ...)  	  	which is much nicer anyway.  The educated reader will notice that this is  	exactly the same prototype devfs_mk_bdev has so I'll probably get suggestions  	to merge those two into some kind of devfs_mk_node soon.  Personally I don't  	like that as character and blockdevices are two really separate entinities  	and I'll like to keep them as separate as possible.  	  	Example patch that introduces the API and converts drivers/input attached.  	  	Every driver which calls devfs_mk_cdev (about 50) needs conversion.  Note  	that the transition can happen in pieces - devfs_register continues to work    	after this patch, it's just the plan to get rid of it in the end.      	[PATCH] remove partition_name()  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	partition_name() is a variant of __bdevname() that caches results and  	returns a pointrer to kmalloc()ed data instead of printing into a buffer.  	Due to it's caching it gets utterly confused when the name for a dev_t  	changes (can happen easily now with device mapper and probably in the  	future with dynamic dev_t users).  	  	It's only used by the raid code and most calls are through a wrapper,  	bdev_partition_name() which takes a struct block_device * that maybe be  	NULL.  	  	The patch below changes the bdev_partition_name() to call bdevname() if  	possible and the other calls where we really have nothing more than a dev_t  	to __bdevname.  	  	Btw, it would be nice if someone who knows the md code a bit better than me  	could remove bdev_partition_name() in favour of direct calls to bdevname()  	where possible - that would also get rid of the returns pointer to string  	on stack issue that this patch can't fix yet.      	[PATCH] switch most remaining drivers over to devfs_mk_bdev  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	This is a pretty huge patch, but splitting it doesn't make a lot  	of sense..  	  	(USB may still need work)      	[PATCH] dvbdev fixes  	  	From: Monchi Abbad   	  	I found
a mistake in the dvbdev.c file when creating the dvb /devfs files,  	it created /dev/dvb/adapter0device0 instead of /dev/dvb/adapter0/device0.  	But here is a simple fix.      	[PATCH] access_ok() race fix for 80386.  	  	From: Manfred Spraul   	  	Real 80386 cpus ignore the write protected bit in the page tables when  	running in supervisory mode.  Thus the write protected bit must be checked by  	software.  The current implementation does that check during access_ok().  	This can result in data corruptions, if kswapd starts a swap-out between the  	access_ok and the actual write operation.  	  	To fix this, the patch moves the check from access_ok() into  	__copy_to_user_ll(), and redirects all user space writes into  	__copy_to_user_ll().  The patch only affects kernels build for 80386 cpus.  	Additionally, the patch removes the dead prototypes for __put_user_{1,2,4,8}.  	  	Due to the uninlining of access_ok, the .text segment is now ~ 8 kB shorter.      	[PATCH] hold i_sem on swapfiles  	  	If a swapfile is ftruncated while in use, subsequent swapout will scribble on  	the filesystem.  	  	This is a case of root-shoot-foot, but wrecking the fs is a fairly rude  	response.  And it's easy to fix: hold i_sem across the life of the swapon.      	[PATCH] remove unnecessary PAE pgd set  	  	From: Dave Hansen , Bill Irwin  	  	With PAE on, there are only 4 PGD entries.  The kernel ones never change,  	so there is no need to copy them when a vmalloc fault occurs.  This was  	this was causing problems with the split pmd patches, but it is still  	correct for mainline.  	  	Tested with and without PAE.  I ran it in a loop turning on and off 10 swap  	partitions, which is what excited the original bug.      	[PATCH] account for slab reclaim in try_to_free_pages()  	  	try_to_free_pages() currently fails to notice that it successfully freed slab  	pages via shrink_slab().  So it can keep looping and eventually call  	out_of_memory(), even though there's a lot of memory now free.  	  	And even if it doesn't do that, it can free too much memory.  	  	The patch changes try_to_free_pages() so that it will notice freed slab pages  	and will return when enough memory has been freed via shrink_slab().  	  	Many options were considered, but must of them were unacceptably inaccurate,  	intrusive or sleazy.  I ended up putting the accounting into a stack-local  	structure which is pointed to by current->reclaim_state.  	  	One reason for this is that we can cleanly resurrect the current->local_pages  	pool by putting it into struct reclaim_state.  	  	(current->local_pages was removed because the per-cpu page pools in the page  	allocator largely duplicate its function.  But it is still possible for  	interrupt-time allocations to steal just-freed pages, so we might want to put  	it back some time.)      	[PATCH] slab: additional debug checks  	  	From: Manfred Spraul   	  	below is the promised patch for better slab debugging, against 2.5.68-mm4:  	  	Changes:  	  	- enable redzoning and last user accounting even for large objects, if  	  that doesn't waste too much memory  	  	- document why FORCED_DEBUG doesn't enable redzoning&last user accounting  	  for some caches.  	  	- check the validity of the bufctl chains in a slab in __free_blocks.  	  This detects double-free error for the caches without redzoning.      	[PATCH] reduced overheads in fget/fput  	  	From: Dipankar Sarma   	  	  	fget() shows up on profiles, especially on SMP.  Dipankar's patch  	special-cases the situation wherein there are no sharers of current->files.  	  	In this situation we know that no other process can close this file, so it  	is not necessary to increment the file's refcount.  	  	It's ugly as sin, but makes a substantial difference.  	  	The test is  	  		dd if=/dev/zero of=foo bs=1 count=1M  	  	On 4CPU P3 xeon with 1MB L2 cache and 512MB ram:  	  		kernel           sys time     std-dev  		------------     --------     -------  	  		UP - vanilla     2.104        0.028  		UP - file        1.867        0.019  	  		SMP - vanilla    2.976        0.023  		SMP - file       2.719        0.026      	[PATCH] allow i8042 interrupt sharing  	  	Ed Tomlinson has a machine on which some other device grabs IRQ12 first, and  	the 8042 doesn't work.  Enabling shared iRQs in the 8042 driver fixes it up.  	Alan has confirmed that this is OK.      	[PATCH] select() speedup  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	Originally by David Mosberger, testing by Roger Luethi.  From the ia64 tree.  	  	Basically, it avoids going to memory all the time.  What this does is make  	life a lot easier for gcc, so it can actually do a decent amount of  	optimization.  The restructuring clearly is less important for out-of-order  	CPUs, but even there it gives some benefits.  	  	More specifically, the loop is now structured to operate one "unsigned long"  	at a time, rather than one bit at a time.  Of course, you still need to  	process all the bits, but most of the relevant state in the inner loop can be  	kept in registers.  	  	Roger Luethi measured the routine on a bunch of different machines (mostly  	x86, IIRC: P5, P6, Crusoe, Athlons) and performance improved there, too (and  	it should definitely improve performance on any RISC-like architecture).  	  	  	Roger's benchmarking results (vs number of fd's):  	  	                                       File                   TCP  	Numbfer of fd's:                  10   250  500          10   250   500  	  	UP, Pentium MMX 233MHz original	 8.2 108.5 212.8	11.0 180.0 356.5  	UP, Pentium MMX 233MHz w/patch	 7.4  87.6 171.1	10.4 163.6 323.4  	  	MP, Pentium MMX 233MHz original	15.7 283.8 562.8	18.9 354.4 705.5  	MP, Pentium MMX 233MHz w/patch	14.6 255.6 506.5	17.8 332.8 664.1  	  	UP, Athlon 1394 MHz original	 1.3  13.4  26.1	 1.9  24.7  48.6  	UP, Athlon 1394 MHz w/patch	 1.2  11.0  21.5	 1.6  22.3  43.8  	  	MP, Athlon 1394 MHz original	 1.6  22.4  44.6	 1.9  30.9  60.5  	MP, Athlon 1394 MHz w/patch	 1.5  21.2  41.7	 1.9  30.2  59.6      	[PATCH] Move security_d_instantiate hook calls  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This patch moves the security_d_instantiate hook calls in d_instantiate and  	d_splice_alias after the inode has been attached to the dentry.  This  	change is necessary so that security modules can internally call the  	getxattr inode operation (which takes a dentry parameter) from this hook to  	obtain the inode security label.      	[PATCH] ext3 xattr handler for security modules  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This patch against 2.5.68 implements an xattr handler for ext3 to support the  	use of extended attributes by security modules for storing file security  	labels.  As per the earlier discussion of extended attributes for security  	modules, this handler uses a "security." prefix and allows for per-module  	attribute names.  Security checking for userspace access to these attributes  	can be performed by the security module using the LSM hooks in fs/xattr.c,  	and the security module is free to internally use the inode operations  	without restriction for managing its security labels.  Unlike the trusted  	namespace, these labels are used internally for access control purposes by  	the security modules, and controls over userspace access to them require  	finer granularity than capable() supports.      	[PATCH] ext2 xattr handler for security modules  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This patch against 2.5.68 implements an xattr handler for ext2 to support the  	use of extended attributes by security modules for storing file security  	labels.  As per the earlier discussion of extended attributes for security  	modules, this handler uses a "security." prefix and allows for per-module  	attribute names.  Security checking on userspace access to t
hese attributes  	can be performed by the security module using the LSM hooks in fs/xattr.c,  	and the security module is free to internally use the inode operations  	without restriction for managing its security labels.  Unlike the trusted  	namespace, these labels are used internally for access control purposes by  	the security module, and controls over userspace access to them require finer  	granularity than capable() supports.      	[PATCH] Change LSM hooks in setxattr  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This patch against 2.5.69 adds a security_inode_post_setxattr hook so that  	security modules can update the inode security structure after a successful  	setxattr, and it moves the existing security_inode_setxattr hook call after  	the taking the inode semaphore so that atomicity is provided for the  	security check and the update to the inode security structure.      	[PATCH] Work around include/linux/sunrpc/svc.h compilation  	  	From: Grzegorz Jaskiewicz   	  	gcc-2.94 fails to compile this code, alleging an invalid lvalue.  	An equivalent transformation fixes it up.      	TTY: fix up lost devfs_mk_cdev change.      	USB: change core to use devfs_mk_cdev() instead of devfs_register()      	USB: fix up compile error in tiglusb driver due to devfs_mk_cdev() changes.      	TTY: add lock to tty_dev_list, and handle tty names with more than one '/'  	  	Thanks to Al Viro for pointing out these problems.      	[ATM]: Kill stray ATM_PDU_OVHD reference in lec.c      	[IPSEC]: Fix ipcomp header handling in ipv4 IPCOMP.      	[PATCH] rationalize scsi_queue_next & friends  	  	(1)  second arg to scsi_queue_next_request() is only ever non-NULL  	     inside scsi_lib.c and only used in the first conditional inside  	     that function - ripped out of scsi_queue_next_request() and  	     put into a new helper scsi_requeue_command().  	(2)  Most remaining callers of are in the form  		scsi_put_command(cmd);  		scsi_queue_next_request(q, NULL);  	     add a new helper, scsi_next_command() for them.  	(2b) many callers of that still contain a repeated codepath, namely  	     everything from scsi_release_request except the final kfree.  	     New helper __scsi_release_request() for those.  	(3)  All remaining callers loop over the devices of a host and call  	     scsi_queue_next_request() on them - new helper  	     scsi_run_host_queues().  	(4)  scsi_queue_next_request() renamed to scsi_run_queue(), second  	     arg is gone and it's static to scsi_lib.c now.      	[IPV6]: Remove incorrect comment in ip6_fib.c      	[SYSKONNECT]: /proc module handling fixup.      	[PKTGEN]: Module and dev cleanup.      	[DECNET]: Decnet not obeying netdev locking (from      	[SLIP]: Move over to initcalls.      	[IPV4]: Fix expiration test in rt_check_expire.      	[NETFILTER]: Fix skb_checksum args in ip_nat_core.c      	[PATCH] USB Gadget API (1/6)  	  	This patch createss , the gadget API  	and inlined implementation.  	  	There's additional kerneldoc, which I won't submit at  	this time, available.      	[PATCH] Net2280 driver (2/6)  	  	This patch creates drivers/usb/gadget/net2280.[hc],  	providing a driver for NetChip's "Net2280 PCI USB 2.0  	High Speed Peripheral Controller".  	  	It implements the API included in the first patch.  	  	The driver has behaved well with chiprev 0100 under  	stress tests with Gadget Zero and the ethernet model  	driver, and has passed sanity tests for chiprev 0110.      	[PATCH] USB "Gadget Zero" driver (3/6)  	  	This patch adds "Gadget Zero" (drivers/usb/gadget/zero.c).  	  	Gadget Zero is a simple gadget driver that's useful for  	testing controller drivers, and as an example to be used  	for clone/modify style development.  	  	This driver implements two configurations, and needs only  	two bulk endpoints (in addition to ep0) ... so pretty much  	any USB device controller should be usable with it in  	one configuration or another.  It (optionally) supports  	high speed devices, and has passed the USB-IF "chapter 9"  	device model conformance tests.  	  	It's worth noticing the kinds of hardware differences that  	gadget drivers need to cope with.  Endpoints differ, in  	ways that must be reflected various ways in descriptors.  	And sometimes chip errata cause interoperability problems;  	for example, an sa1100 can't change configurations after  	enumerating.      	[PATCH] USB Ethernet Gadget (4/6)  	  	This patch adds an "Ethernet Gadget" driver, implementing  	the CDC Ethernet model (drivers/usb/gadget/ether.c).  	  	It interops with the current CDC Ether drivers on Linux,  	both 2.4 (CDCEther, using Marcelo's latest) and 2.5  	(cdc-ether with recent patches, or on 2.5.68 "usbnet")  	  	On a net2280, this has successfully streamed dozens of  	megabytes per second using "ttcp" (high speed, and using  	"usbnet" on the host side), for days at a time.  And no  	problems using SSH/NFS/etc in lighter duty testing.  	  	It's possible this will need tweaking to cope with UDC  	bugs on Intel's pxa25x controllers, presenting itself  	as a non-CDC device. (I'm told altsettings are even  	more broken than originally specified to be.)      	[PATCH] USB Gadget string utility (5/6)  	  	This adds utility code that gadget drivers can use to manage  	string descriptors (drivers/usb/gadget/usbstring.c) in the  	common case that the ISO-8859/1 character set is in use.  	  	Both "Gadget Zero" and the Ethernet gadget code use this.      	[PATCH] kbuild/kbuild for USB Gadgets (6/6)  	  	This patch adds kconfig/kbuild support for the preceding  	code, so that an EXPERIMENTAL option appears in the  	USB part of the config menus.  	  	Once a USB device controller driver is configured (which  	just now means net2280, but sa11x0 and pxa25x options  	are just waiting for updates!), gadget driver options  	are also available.      	[PATCH] USB: gadget cleanup of #ifdefs  	  	> can you get rid of all of the #ifdef HAVE_DRIVER_MODEL stuff?  	  	Done.  Now this code "knows" it's running in a 2.5  	environment, and needs modifications to run on 2.4.  	  	I also changed the file modes in the module_parm()  	calls so the parameters will be writable when they  	eventually show up in sysfs; and fixed a typo.  	  	Compile-tested with and without DEBUG enabled.      	[PATCH] USB: gadget zero, loopback config fix  	  	If the host writes OUT packets using URB_ZERO_PACKET  	(or its analogue on other USB host systems), then the  	loopback configuration should set req->zero, to use that  	same transfer termination policy when it writes the  	response back IN to the host.      	[PATCH] USB gadget: net2280: dmachain off, zlp pio ok  	  	This patch has two small fixes for issues that people  	reported to me yesterday:  	  	  - One of the out-of-tree drivers sees odd things  	    happening when dma chaining is enabled.  (The  	    in-tree drivers seem fine with it.)  So disable  	    for now; it's easily enabled if needed.  	  	  - Zero Length Packets (ZLPs):  	  	     * Should now read/write ok with PIO.  	  	     * On DMA endpoints, explicit ZLPs need PIO.  	       Until they do, don't allow queuing zero length  	       buffers onto DMA endpoints.      	Use the right CFLAGS for source checking. Fix grammar.      	[MPLS]: Add ethernet protocol numbers.      	[NETFILTER]: Fix icmp_reply_translation args.      	[MPLS]: Add MPLS support to PPP.      	[Bluetooth] Add required infrastructure for socket module refcounting.  	Initialize ->owner fields in Bluetooth protocols and drivers.      	[SKFDDI]: Use SET_MODULE_OWNER.      	[IPV6]: Pass route attributes all the way down.      	ia64: Patch from Asit K. Mallick: fix a few places where last_fph_cpu  		wasn't updated and one place in the sigreturn path where  		the fph-owner wasn't set.      	[IPSEC]: Use xfrm_state_put in pfkey_msg2xfrm_state.      	[ATM]: Make he driver code more palatable.      	[NETFILTER]: Fix ip_nat_core.c:manip_pkt return value checks.      	[DLCI]: Use module_init and fix ioctl handling.      	[NET]: Clean up socket filter compat handling.      	[AGPGART] Remove duplicate copying of ->chipset in agp_copy_info()      	[MAINTAINERS/CREDITS]: Add entries for USAGI hackers.      	[XFRM]: Make use of xfrm_state_hold().      	[XFRM]: Use xfrm_pol_hold().      	[NET]: Switch x25_asy over to initcalls.      	[XFRM]: Fix typos in xfrm_state_put() changes.      	[Bluetooth] Send the correct values in RPN response  	  	This patch fixes a bug in rfcomm_recv_rpn(), which do not set  	the correct values for xon_char, xoff_char and flow_ctrl.      	[Bluetooth] Handle priority bits in parameter negotiation  	  	The PN response have to return the same value for the priority  	bits as in the request. The priority value is now also stored  	in the rfcomm_dlc structure and the default value is 7.      	Make aic7xxx driver use ANSI prototypes. My checker tool refuses  	to touch K&R C.      	[Bluetooth] L2CAP config req/rsp fixes.   	We have to set continuation flag in config rsp if it was set in req.      	[PATCH] i2c: add i2c_adapter class support      	[PATCH] I2C: add more classes  	  	Add I2C classes for analog and digital cameras, and fix a typo.      	Annotate LDT system calls with user pointer annotations.      	Annotate x86 system calls with user pointer annotations.      	Fix mismatch between i387 user copy function declaration and  	definition.      	Annotate IPC system calls with user pointer annotations      	Annotate vm86_info as a pointer to user space.      	[PATCH] I2C: Another it87 patch.  	  	This is against my last.  	  	While the old code most definitely did /something/ to the register for  	setting the fan div, the 'what' is a more interesting question.  	  	To be honest I could not figure out what it was trying to do, because  	the way it was inserting values disagreed with not only the data sheet,  	but how it parsed the very same register.  	  	This corrects the issue, and allows one to properly control the divisor  	on all 3 fans, including the (much more limited) 3rd fan.      	[PATCH] I2C: Yet another it87 patch.  	  	Ok, after writing up something in the way of a perl script to make some  	sense of the data for voltages, and finding that there is no sense to  	make, I took a longer look at things.  	  	The it87 driver in 2.5.x is doing some, down right /odd/ math on the  	numbers for the in_input* readings, and the 2.4.x driver is doing  	something quite different.  	  	And while it might be possible to get sane numbers out of the 2.5.x  	driver, people /expect/ to get the numbers that they were getting from  	2.4.x.  	  	So this patch puts things back to the simpler calculations done by the  	2.4.x lm-sensors drivers, and my script confirms that the numbers come  	out right.      	[PATCH] I2C: And another it87 patch.  	  	Don't provide min/max for in8, which allowed one to scribble on  	registers one should not be messing with. (My fault, oops.)  	  	The setting of the temp high/low registers was off by one, not mine this  	time.  While I was at it, I reordered a few other register accesses to  	be base 0 instead of base 1.  	  	The temp interface was slightly incorrect, degrees * 100 instead of  	degrees * 1000, also fixed.  	  	And lastly, when changing the fan count divisor, fix up the min setting  	to still be roughly the same. (Previously the meaning of the value in  	the register changed, but not the value itself, resulting in, undesired  	surprises.)      	[PATCH] i2c: register the i2c_adapter_driver so things link up properly in sysfs      	[PATCH] ia64: enable 1G hugepage size for Mckinley  	      	[PATCH] cpufreq class fix      	[PATCH] driver core: Add driver symlink to class devices in sysfs.  	  	Thanks to Mike Anderson for the idea for this.      	[PATCH] driver core: remove unneeded line in class code.  	  	Thanks to Jonathan Corbet for pointing this out.      	[Bluetooth] Detect and log error condition when first L2CAP fragment is too long.      	[PATCH] Fix potential runqueue deadlock  	  	send_sig_info() has been broken since 2.5.60.  	  	The function can be invoked from a the time interrupt (timer_interrpt ->  	do_timer -> update_process_times -> -> update_one_process -> (  	do_process_times, do_it_prof, do_it_virt ) -> -> send_sig ->  	send_sig_info) but it uses spin_unlock_irq instead of the correct  	spin_unlock_irqrestore.   	  	This enables interrupts, and later scheduler_tick() locks runqueue  	(without disabling interrupts).  And if we are unlucky, a new interrupt  	comes at this point.  And if this interrupt tries to do wake_up() (like  	RTC interrupt does), we will deadlock on runqueue lock :-(  	  	The bug was introduced by signal-fixes-2.5.59-A4, which split the  	original send_sig_info into two functions, and in one branch it started  	using these unsafe spinlock variants (while the "group" variant uses  	irqsave/restore correctly).       	[Bluetooth] RFCOMM must wait for MSC exchange to complete before sending data.      	[AGPGART] death of generic-3.0.c  = folded into generic.c      	[AGPGART] Add proper AGP3 initialisation routine.      	[AGPGART] Make sure we don't poke reserved bits when enabling agp v3      	[AGPGART] Add missing #defines from last checkin.      	[AGPGART] Use symbolic defines for isoch registers in isoch code.      	[AGPGART] CodingStyle nitpicks for isoch.c      	ia64: Prepare for GCC v3.4.  Sync with 2.5.69.      	ia64: Patch by John Marvin: Add virtual mem-map support.      	[TCP]: NULL out newsk->owner in tcp_create_openreq_child().      	[SCTP]: Fix missing Kconfig dependency.      	[IPV4/IPV6]: inetsw using RCU.      	[IPV6]: Convert /proc/net/raw6 to seq_file.      	[AGPGART] Make the agp 3.5 use the agp3 code for enabling, leaving just the isoch stuff in isoch.c      	[PATCH] sd.c spinup code can go into a wild loop  	  	This problem was reported against 2.4 by  	  	There's a problem in the sd spinup code in that if the unit returns NOT  	READY, we begin to spin it up, but thereafter if it returns anything  	other than NOT READY or success, the while loop in the spinup code will  	be executed *without* the 1s delay that's in the NOT READY case.  	  	The problem was seen with a real device: Compaq multi-path storage  	arrays return NOT READY to probes down inactive paths, but when the  	start unit is sent to activate the path, they can then respond back with  	error conditions.  	  	The fix is to terminate the while loop for any unexpected return.      	[PATCH] some warning fixes      	[PATCH] fix the
aacraid merge a bit more      	[PATCH] scsi_report_device_reset  	  	aic7xxx/79xx wants a variant of scsi_report_bus_reset that operates  	only on a single device.  Implement it to get rid of shost->my_devices  	traversals in drivers.  (and move both to scsi_error.c)      	[PATCH] scsi_host sysfs updates scsi-misc-2.5 [1/2]  	  	-andmike  	--  	Michael Anderson  	  	  	DESC  	scsi_debug cleanups for scsi-misc-2.5  	- Remove release function.  	- Remove scsi_debug wrapper driver register / unregister functions.  	- Douglas's target == this_id fix.  	- Remove some old cleanups that where incorrect.  	- Move code back into sdebug_driver_remove.  	EDESC  	  	  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_debug.c |   78 ++++++++++++++--------------------------------  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_debug.h |    1  	 2 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 54 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] scsi_host sysfs updates scsi-misc-2.5 [2/2]  	  	Here is an update of the patch with the externs in scsi_priv.h  	  	-andmike  	--  	Michael Anderson  	  	DESC  	scsi shost sysfs cleanups for scsi-misc-2.5  	- Add LLDD short name to scsi_host struct device.  	- scsi_host_release now calls scsi_free_shost.  	- Switched from device_register / device_unregister and class_register  	/ class_register to initialize, add, del, put pairs.  	- Moved some function from scsi_register and scsi_unregister.  	- Filled in scsi_host_put and scsi_host_get.  	  	Rev 2 move externs to scsi_priv.h  	EDESC  	  	  	 drivers/scsi/hosts.c      |   33 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_priv.h  |    2 ++  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_sysfs.c |   19 +++++++++++--------  	 3 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] consolidate devlist handling in a single file  	  	Currently it's spread all over the scsi midlayer but having this  	nicely separate out to a file of it's own without exposing the  	data structures sounds like a good idea.      	[ATM]: HE and IPHASE driver fixes.      	[NET]: Set file_operations->owner as appropriate.      	[VLAN]: vlanproc.c needs module.h      	[PATCH] bio_endio() increments bio->bi_sector  	  	increment bi_sector in bio_endio() so make_request_fn drivers don't  	have to do this accounting themselves.      	[PATCH] make MO drive work with ide-floppy/ide-cd  	  	Resend of the ide-cd buggy debug check removal.  	  	From      	[PATCH] shrink deadline hash size  	  	Limit deadline hash to 32 entries instead of 1024. This has been benched  	and profiled extensively and shows no increased system time.  	  	Also, move "hot" entries to the front of the list.      	[PATCH] dynamic request allocation  	  	This patch adds dynamic allocation of request structures. Right now we  	are reserving 256 requests per initialized queue, which adds up to quite  	a lot of memory for even a modest number of queues. For the quoted 4000  	disk systems, it's a disaster.  	  	Instead, we mempool 4 requests per queue and put an upper limit on the  	number of requests that we will put in-flight as well. I've kept the 128  	read/write max in-flight limit for now. It is trivial to experiement  	with larger queue sizes now, but I want to change one thing at the time  	(the truncate scenario doesn't look all that good with a huge number of  	requests, for instance).  	  	Patch has been in -mm for a while, I'm running it here against stock 2.5  	as well. Additionally, it actually kills quite a bit of code as well      	[PATCH] Correct typo in linux/scsi/scsi.h and introduce new  	  	I notice we seem to have a typo in the SAM_ status codes (they say  	IMMEDIATE where they mean INTERMEDIATE).  	  	I've also introduced a new macro who's job is to return true if any of  	the possible good return codes is found.  This means  	  	SAM_STAT_GOOD  	SAM_STAT_INTERMEDIATE  	SAM_STAT_INTERMEDIATE_CONDITION_MET  	  	and for now  	  	SAM_STAT_COMMAND_TERMINATED  	  	By and large, this is currently irrelevant to us, since we don't use  	linked commands and I've never met a device using COMMAND TERMINATED,  	but it may help us in the future.      	[PATCH] switch sb1000 to new style net init & pnp  	  	This cleans up the driver big time and gets rid of a big ugly wart  	in setup.c.  Note that I don't have the hardware so this is only  	compile-tested.      	[PATCH] irq fixes for wavelan_cs/netwave_cs  	  	        This patch for 2.5.68-bk11 will fix the irq handler of some  	obsolete wireless drivers (wavelan, wavelan_cs and netwave_cs) plus  	assorted fixes. All those drivers have been tested on a SMP box.      	[PATCH] Wireless Extension 16  	  	        This patch for 2.5.68-bk11 will update Wireless Extension to  	version 16 :  	        o increase bitrate and frequency number for 802.11g/802.11a  	        o enhanced iwspy support  	        o minor tweaks and cleanups  	  	        This patch is only for the core of WE. The patches for the  	individual drivers have been sent to their respective maintainers.  		Compared to the previous version I sent you a few weeks ago,  	I've just updated to the latest kernel.      	[PATCH] WE-16 for Wavelan ISA driver  	  	        This update the Wavelan ISA driver for Wireless Extension 16  	(going with my previous patch).      	[PATCH] WE-16 for Wavelan Pcmcia driver  	  	        This patch update the Wavelan Pcmcia driver for Wireless  	Extensions 16, and also remove all the backward compatibility cruft  	that is broken anyway.      	[PATCH] Update mac ethernet drivers  	  	This patch updates the bmac and mace ethernet drivers so that their  	interrupt routines return an irqreturn_t, and updates the bmac driver  	to use a spinlock rather than global cli/sti.      	[PATCH] better ali1563 integrated ethernet support  	  	it turns out the tulip driver is a much better driver for the integrated  	ali1563 ethernet than the dmfe driver... the dmfe driver gets tx timeouts  	every ~15s and can't receive over 5MB/s.  but with the small tulip patch  	below i'm seeing 11MB/s+ in both directions without problems.      	[PATCH] depca update (was Re: [Patch] DMA mapping API for Alpha)  	  	this patch has been sleeping  	in Alan tree for quite some time. It updates the depca driver to the  	EISA/sysfs API, gets rid of check_region, and properly reserve memory  	region. Patch is against latest BK.      	[bk] add useful tip to bk kernel howto  	  	Kudos to Wayne Scott @ BitMover for this.      	[PATCH] restore sysenter MSRs at APM resume  	  	This changes apm.c to invoke suspend.c's save and restore processor  	state procedures around suspends, which fixes the SYSENTER MSR problem.  	  	The patch also decouples sysenter.c from SOFTWARE_SUSPEND: the variables  	used (only!) in suspend_asm.S are moved there, and the include file now  	declares the procedures called from apm.c (previously they were only  	called from suspend_asm.S).      	[PATCH] fix lost IDE interrupt problem  	  	Alan and I were investigating this, but we don't know why the problem  	occurs.  	  	This reverts the previous handling of masked_irq, and fixes the problem.      	Fix thinko introduced into include/scsi/scsi.h  	  	SAM_STAT_* are return codes, not bitmaps      	[ALPHA] Fix titan_intr_nop for 2.5 irq api changes.      	[IPV4/IPV6]; Missing schedule_net() in inet{,6}_del_protocol.      	[NETFILTER]: Fix stale skb data pointer usage in ipv4 NAT.      	[AGPGART] add checks to agp_copy_info() before dereferencing.  	Spotted by Andi Kleen with AGPless IOMMU setup.      	[IPV6]: Missing sk->family check in UDPv6 multicast handling.      	Bartlomiej sa
ys: 'Please revert this patch, it is unfinished.'  	We'll do it *after* IDE taskfile IO is done  	Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030511184946|49736      	[PATCH] more kbuild tweaks]  	  	This fixes a typo reported by Geert, and more significantly  	fixes static linking so that it works even when only the  	device side of USB is enabled, and the host side (CONFIG_USB)  	isn't.      	[PATCH] Fix big-endian USB gadget build  	  	Initializers must be constant expressions, and thus we can't use the  	complex expression "cpu_to_le*()" - the end result of which may have a  	constant _value_ but the expression itself isn't a constant expression.  	  	So use the explicitly constant "__constant_cpu_to_*()" expression  	instead.      	[netdrvr] remaining irqreturn_t changes      	[NETFILTER]: Move ip_fw declarations into header file.      	[SPARC]: Fix shadowing of global max_pfn, kill BOOTMEM_DEBUG.      	[SPARC]: Allow esp to use highmem_io on sparc32.      	[SPARC]: New compact show_regs format.      	[PATCH] two more templates in headers  	  	I missed aic7xxx_old and cciss_scsi.  For the first it's the trivial  	move, for the second it's the patch to move to scsi_add_host & friend  	as already ACKed by Steve when he still was cciss maintainer.      	[PATCH] Fix ioperm bitmap  	  	This makes sure that the ioperm bitmap in the TSS is correctly set up  	during the first ioperm() call.  Without this the TSS bitmap contains  	random garbage until the next context switch.      	ACPI: kobject fix (Greg KH)  	Here's a small patch that fixes the logic of the kobject creation and  	registration in the acpi code (since we use kobject_init(), we need to  	use kobject_add(), not kobject_register() to add the kobject to the  	kernel systems).      	ACPI: Allow ":" in OS override string (Ducrot Bruno)      	ACPI: Interpreter update to 20030509  	Changed the subsystem initialization sequence to hold off installation of  	address space handlers until the hardware has been initialized and the  	system has entered ACPI mode.  This is because the installation of space  	handlers can cause _REG methods to be run.  Previously, the _REG methods  	could potentially be run before ACPI mode was enabled.  	  	Fixed some memory leak issues related to address space handler and notify  	handler installation.  There were some problems with the reference count  	mechanism caused by the fact that the handler objects are shared across  	several namespace objects.  	  	Fixed a reported problem where reference counts within the namespace were  	not properly updated when named objects created by method execution were  	deleted.  	  	Fixed a reported problem where multiple SSDTs caused a deletion issue  	during subsystem termination.  Restructured the table data structures  	to simplify the linked lists and the related code.  	  	Fixed a problem where the table ID associated with secondary tables (SSDTs)  	was not being propagated into the namespace objects created by those  	tables.  This would only present a problem for tables that are unloaded  	at run-time, however.  	  	Updated AcpiOsReadable and AcpiOsWritable to use the ACPI_SIZE type as  	the length parameter (instead of UINT32).  	  	Solved a long-standing problem where an ALREADY_EXISTS error appears on  	various systems.  This problem could happen when there are multiple  	PCI_Config operation regions under a single PCI root bus.  This doesnt  	happen very frequently, but there are some systems that do this in the  	ASL.  	  	Fixed a reported problem where the internal DeleteNode function was  	incorrectly handling the case where a namespace node was the first in  	the parents child list, and had additional peers (not the only child,  	but first in the list of children.)      	[DRM] Intel i8xx DRM modules are dependant on their AGP counterparts.  	Closes bugzilla #646      	Use '#ifdef' to test for CONFIG_xxx variables, instead of depending  	on undefined preprocessor symbols evaluating to zero.  	  	Make smpboot.c look like ANSI C with proper function declarations.      	Add user pointer annotations.      	Use '#ifdef' to test for CONFIG_xxx variables, instead of  	depending on undefined preprocessor symbols evaluating to zero.  	  	Make panic.c use proper function prototypes.      	Add user pointer annotations to core sysctl files.      	[BRIDGE]: Bridge timer performance enhancement.      	[NET]: Network packet type using RCU.  	* packet type converted from linked list to list_macro  	* writer lock replaced with spin lock, readers use RCU  	* add __dev_remove_pack for callers that cant sleep.  	* af_packet changes to handle and sleeping requirements, and possible  	  races that could cause.      	[BRLOCK]: Kill big reader locks, no longer used.      	[IPV4/IPV6]: synchronize_kernel --> synchronize_net.      	[BRLOCK]: Kill stray brlock.h references in sparc/sparc64 headers.      	[IPSEC]: Implement proper IPIP tunnel handling for IPcomp.      	[CRYPTO]: Fix config dependencies.      	[IPV4]: Introduce ip6_append_data.      	Add user pointer annotations to socket, file IO and signal  	handling.  	  	This pointed out a bug in x86 sys_rt_sigreturn(), btw.      	[PATCH] Add ia64 relocation types to elf.h and clean up  	  	There is a _lot_ of stuff in linux/elf.h that shouldn't be there.  	  	This moves the arch-specific stuff in linux/elf.h into the corresponding  	asm header files.      	[IPV6]: Fix two bugs in ip6_append_data changes.  	- Export ip_generic_getfrag  	- In udp6 increment v6 udp statistics not v4 one      	kobject: Update Documentation  	  	From Geert Uytterhoeven.      	[NET]: wireless.c needs module.h      	[NETFILTER]: ip_ct_gather_frags no longer needs to linearize.      	[PKT_SCHED]: sch_ingress.c does not need to linearize SKBs.      	[PCMCIA] Add per-socket thread to process socket events.  	  	Add a per-socket kernel thread, which is responsible for processing  	insertion, removal, battery status and ready status changes.  We  	also add a semaphore to prevent multiple threads trying to change  	the socket suspend/present state.  	  	This will allows us to eliminate the per-socket work queues, and  	will allow us to handle the card insertion without resources  	cleanly.      	[PATCH] scsi_host sysfs updates fix release behaviour  	  	Fix scsi sysfs init so that a scsi_unregister can be called anytime after  	a scsi_register.  	- Create scsi_sysfs_init_host function and call from  	scsi_register.  	  	 drivers/scsi/hosts.c      |    4 ++--  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_priv.h  |    1 +  	 drivers/scsi/scsi_sysfs.c |   25 ++++++++++++++++---------  	 3 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)      	Fix use after free in scsi_host_put  	  	put_device will call release and free the host structure (which  	contains both the generic device and the host class).  We must do  	the class_device_put() *before* the put_device().      	driver model: Set device's kset before calling kobject_add().  	  	Suggested by James Bottomley, and technically correct. We want the kset of  	the kobjects to be set before we call kobject_add() so we can access the   	kset's release method when the object is deleted.  	      	[ARM] Update a variety of ARM drivers to use irqreturn_t.      	Add user pointer annotations to mtrr driver.      	Fix do_utimes() user pointer annotations.      	Make sys_open() declaration match definition.      	Don't use undefined preprocessor symbols in expressions.      	o wanrouter: add missing include module.h      	[PATCH] Use '#ifdef' to test for CONFIG_xxx variables  	  	Don't depend on undefined preprocessor symbols evaluating to zero.      	[RXRPC]: Put file_operations THIS_OWNER in correct place.      	[NET]: nonet.c needs module.h      	[IPV4/IPV6]: Consolidate saddr resetting into inet_reset_saddr().      	[XFRM]: Fix typo in __xfrm4_find_acq.      	[PATCH] more potentially undefined preprocessor symbols  	  	Here are three more fixes which I missed in the previous patch.      	Remove extraneous NO_MATCH      	Fix broken aic7xxx preprocessor conditional (that's not how  	C preprocessor expressions work, guys!)      	[PATCH] enable slab debugging for larger objects  	  	Some of the fancier slab debugging options are disabled for caches whose  	objects are larger than PAGE_SIZE/8, for speed/fragmentation reasons.  	  	But this patch turns up bugs in the size-2048 slab, so it was a bad idea.  	Enable the debugging for slabs up to 4096 bytes.      	[PATCH] Remove __verify_write leftovers  	  	From: Taral   	  	Looks like the recent access_ok fixes broke building of i386.  	__verify_write is still referenced in a couple places.      	[PATCH] hrtimers: fix timer_create(2) && SIGEV_NONE  	  	From: george anzinger   	  	- Fix the sig_notify filtering code for the timer_create system call to  	  properly check for the signal number being small enought, but only if  	  SIG_NONE is not specified.  	  	- Eliminate useless test of sig_notify.      	[PATCH] implement module_arch_cleanup() in all architectures  	  	From: Rusty Russell , David Mosberger  	  	The patch below updates the other platforms with module_arch_cleanup().  	Also, I added more debug output to kernel/module.c since I found it useful  	to be able to see the final section layout.      	[PATCH] remove devfs_register  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	Whee! devfs_register isn't used anymore in the whole tree and with  	it some other devfs crap.  Kill it for good.      	[PATCH] fix pnp_test_handler return  	  	It looks like I guessed wrong on this one.      	[PATCH] fat cluster search speedup  	  	From: Bjorn Stenberg   	      OGAWA Hirofumi   	  	This simple patch makes the linux fat filesystem driver use the  	next_cluster field in the fat_boot_fsinfo structure.  This field is a hint  	where to start looking for free clusters.  	  	Using this field makes a big difference for disks connected over slow links  	such as USB 1.1.  Finding the first free cluster on a 40gig fat-formatted  	usb disk can today take several minutes.  This patch cuts it down to a  	fraction of a second.  	  	Also, commit the next_cluster search hint toand from the superblock in  	write_super/fill_super.      	[PATCH] Fix for vma merging refcounting bug  	  	From: "Stephen C. Tweedie"   	  	When a new vma can be merged simultaneously with its two immediate  	neighbours in both directions, vma_merge() extends the predecessor vma and  	deletes the successor.  However, if the vma maps a file, it fails to fput()  	when doing the delete, leaving the file's refcount inconsistent.      	[PATCH] Commented out printk causes change in program flow in  	  	From: Zwane Mwaikambo   	  	Commented out printk causes change in program flow in cpufreq/p4-clockmod.c      	[PATCH] small cleanup for __rmqueue  	  	From: Zwane Mwaikambo   	  	Removes an extra initialisation and general nitpicking.      	[PATCH] export cpufreq_driver to fix oops in proc interface  	  	From: Zwane Mwaikambo   	  	The proc interface has no way of telling wether there is an active cpufreq  	driver or not. This means that if you don't have a cpufreq supported  	processor, this will oops in various possible places.      	[PATCH] Quota write transaction size fix  	  	From: Jan Kara   	  	I'm sending a patch which changes numbers of blocks reserved for quota writes  	to more appropriate values (with current values ext3 asserts can be  	triggered).      	[PATCH] dquot_transfer() fix  	  	From: Jan Kara   	  	I'm sending a fix which fixes potential problems (dropping references which  	were not acquired) when dquot_transfer() fails.      	[PATCH] Bump module ref during init.  	  	From: Rusty Russell   	  	__module_get is theoretically allowed on module inside init, since we  	already hold an implicit reference.  Currently this BUG()s: make the  	reference count explicit, which also simplifies delete path.  Also cleans  	up unload path, such that it only drops semaphore when it's actually  	sleeping for rmmod --wait.      	[PATCH] exit_mmap() TASK_SIZE fix  	  	exit_mmap() currently assumes that the exitting task used virtual address  	span TASK_SIZE.  	  	But on some platforms, TASK_SIZE is variable, based on current->mm.  	  	But exit_mmap() can be called from (say) procfs's call to mmput.  In which  	case current->mm has nothing to do with the mm which is being put in  	mmput().  	  	So rather than assuming that the mm which is being put is current->mm, we  	need to calculate the virtual span of the mm.  Add a new per-arch macro  	MM_VM_SIZE() for that.  	  	Some platforms can currently go BUG over this (where?).  sparc64 is safe  	because our TASK_SIZE is constant.  	  	Platforms such as ia64 should stick the VM extent inside of mm_struct, I'd  	suggest adding it to mm_context_t.  	  	1) TASK_SIZE means what is valid for mmap()'s in the processes  	   address space  	  	2) MM_VM_SIZE means where things might be mapped for a MM, including  	   private implementation-specific areas created by the kernel  	   which the user cannot access      	[PATCH] semop race fix  	  	From: Mingming Cao   	  	Basically, freeary() is called with the spinlock for that semaphore set  	hold.  But after the semaphore set is removed from the ID array by  	calling sem_rmid(), there is no lock to protect the waiting queue for  	that semaphore set.  So, if a waiter is woken up by a signal (not by the  	wakeup from freeary()), it will check the q->status and q->prev fields.  	At that moment, freeary() may not have a chance to update those fields  	yet.  	  	static void freeary (int id)  	{  		.......  	        sma = sem_rmid(id);  	  		......  	        /* Wake up all pending processes and let them fail with EIDRM.*/  	        for (q = sma->sem_pending; q; q = q->next) {  	                q->status = -EIDRM;  	                q->prev = NULL;  	                wake_up_process(q->sleeper); /* doesn't sleep */  	        }  	        sem_unlock(sma);  		......  	}  	  	So I propose move sem_rmid() after the loop of waking up every waiters.  	That could gurantee that when the waiters are woke up, the updates for  	q->status and q->prev have already done.  Similar thing in message queue  	case.  The patch is attached below. Comments are very welcomed.  	  	I have tested this patch on 2.5.68 kernel with LTP tests, seems fine to  	me. Paul, could you test this on DOTS test again? Thanks!      	[PATCH] visws: fix penguin with sgi logo  	  	From: Andrey Panin   	  	attached patch fixes penguin with sgi framebuffer logo for  	visws subarch. It was broken in 2.5.68 IIRC.      	[PATCH] fix for clusterd io_apics  	  	From: Keith Mannthey   	  	The following is a patch to fix inconsistent use of the function  	set_ioapic_affinity.  In the current kernel it is unclear as to weather the  	value being passed to the function is a cpu mask or valid apic id.  In  	irq_affinity_write_proc the kernel passes on a cpu mask but the kirqd thread  	passes on logical apic ids.  In flat apic mode this is not an issue because a  	cpu mask represents the apic value.  However in clustered apic mode the cpu  	mask is very different from the logical apic id.  	  	This is an attempt to do the right thing for clustered apics.  I clarify that  	the value being passed to set_ioapic_affinity is a cpu mask not a apicid.  	Set_ioapic_affinity will do the conversion to logical apic ids.  Since many  	cpu masks don't map to valid apicids in clustered apic mode TARGET_CPUS is  	used as a default value when such a situation occurs.  I think this is a good  	step in making irq_affinity clustered apic safe.      	[PATCH] provide user feedback for emergency sync and remount  	  	People like to see when the emergency sync and emergency remount operations  	have completed.      	[PATCH] copy_process return value fix  	  	Rather than assuming that all the things which copy_process() calls want to    	return -ENOMEM, correctly propagate the return values.  	  	This turns out to be a no-op at present.      	[PATCH] de_thread memory corruption fix  	  	From: Manfred Spraul   	  	de_thread calls list_del(¤t->tasks), but current->tasks was never  	added to the task list. The structure contains stale values from the parent.  	  	switch_exec_pid() transforms a normal thread to a thread group leader.  	Thread group leaders are included in the init_task.tasks linked list,  	non-leaders are not in that list.  The patch adds the new thread group  	leader to the linked list, otherwise de_thread corrupts the task list.      	[PATCH] vmalloc race fix  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	The new vmalloc() semantics from 2.5.32 had a race window.  As things stand,  	the presence of a vm_area in the vmlist protects from allocators other than  	the owner examining the ptes in that area.  This puts an ordering constraint  	on unmapping, so that allocators are required to unmap areas before removing  	them from the list or otherwise dropping the lock.  	  	Currently, unmap_vm_area() is done outside the lock and after the area is  	removed, which as we've seen from Felix von Leitner's test is oopsable.  	  	The following patch folds calls to unmap_vm_area() into remove_vm_area() to  	reinstate what are essentially the 2.4.x semantics of vfree().  This renders  	a number of unmap_vm_area() calls unnecessary (and in fact oopsable since  	they wipe ptes from later allocations).  It's an open question as to whether  	this is sufficiently performant, but it is the minimally invasive approach.  	The more performant alternative is to provide the right API hooks to wipe the  	vmalloc() area clean before removing them from the list, using the ownership  	of the area to eliminate holding the vmlist_lock for the duration of the  	unmapping.  If it proves to be necessary wli is on standby to implement it.      	[PATCH] Reserve the ext2/ext3 EAs for the Lustre filesystem  	  	From: Andreas Dilger   	  	Below are the patches which reserve the Lustre EA index.  The rest of the  	code is part of the Lustre tree, which isn't working with 2.5 yet.      	[PATCH] Fix arch/i386/oprofile/init.c build error  	  	From: John M Flinchbaugh   	  	this patch makes arch/i386/oprofile/init.c build.      	[PATCH] Fix ext3 htree / NFS compatibility problems  	  	Patch from "Theodore Ts'o"   	  	The following patch should (in theory) fix the htree/NFS readdir problems  	that people have reported.  Specifically, it should fix the NFS looping on  	EOF problem with readdir, as well as the problems caused by coverting a  	directory to HTREE while an NFS readdir is in progress problem.  	  	I'd appreciate it if people who can easily replicate these NFS/htree problems  	could give this patch (against BK-recent / 2.5.63) a whirl.  Thanks!!      	[PATCH] htree nfs fix  	  	Patch from "Theodore Ts'o"   	  	We now use 0x7ffffff as the EOF cookie, because Linux NFS stupidly interprets  	the cookie (which is supposed to be a bag of bits without necessarily any  	semantic value) as a signed 64 bit integer, and then converts it to a  	unsigned integer, and then blows up if it cannot be expressed be expressed as  	a 32-bit value!!  	  	In order to do this, we have to fold the hash value 0x7ffffff into the hash  	value 0x7ffffffe.  This is relatively safe; the only time we will lose if the  	directory contains filenames that hash to both 0x7ffffffe and 0x7fffffff  	(under the original hash), and the last directory entry which hashes to  	0x7ffffffe is at the end of a leaf block, and the first directory entry which  	hashes to 0x7fffffff is at the beginning of a leaf block.      	[PATCH] ext3: htree memory leak fix  	  	From Alex Tomas  	  	We started using ext3_dx_readdir() for all dir_index filesystems, because  	we want to return entries in hash order always, so that readdir with a  	partial read + new entry added before next readdir won't be crazy.  	  	So we now need to free the structure at filp->pricate_data even against  	non-indexed directories.      	o ipv4/ipv6: use ipv6_addr_copy where appropriate      	[ARM] Allow CONFIG_PM to be enabled on all ARM platforms      	[ARM PATCH] 1533/1: fix count when no preload support in copy_page  	  	Patch from Nicolas Pitre  	  	Of course, the PLD macro is always defined even if it's empty.  	Without this fix anything below ARMv5 is broken.      	[ARM PATCH] 1530/1: PXA2xx IRQ handling updates  	  	From: Nicolas Pitre.  	  	(manual entry since bk openlogging crapped out again)      	[ARM PATCH] 1531/1: optimized ffs/ffz/fls for ARMv5  	  	Patch from Nicolas Pitre  	      	[ARM] Fix timer interrupts to use irqreturn_t  	  	Also remove uninitialised variable warning and update mach-types.      	[ARM] Add prefetch support for ARMv5.      	[ARM] Fix test_bit to return 0 or 1.      	[ARM] Remove static mappings for Integrator PS/2 ports.  	  	Request the memory region used for the keyboard and mouse ports,  	and ioremap.      	[ARM] switch ptrace to use an undefined instruction  	  	This avoids a problem with the original ptrace code using a system  	call (SWI) to implement single stepping; programs such as ltrace  	do not expect to receive system call trace traps when breakpoints  	are hit.      	Fix readlink of dfs junctions      	Don't make the intel-AGP driver require an AGP capabilities  	pointer. The integrated graphics AGP things don't have one.      	[ARM] Convert more structure initialisers to C99 syntax.      	[PATCH] i2c: piix4 driver: turn common error message to a debug level and rename the sysfs driver name.      	[PATCH] USB: fix jiffies warning in uss720.c        	[PATCH] USB: patch to fix up coding style violations      	[PATCH] USB: rm debug printks in ehci and ohci  	  	These two debug messages weren't supposed to be left in,  	they're just noise.      	[PATCH] USB: another usb storage addition      	[PATCH] USB: fix for multiple definition of `usb_gadget_get_string'      	[PATCH] USB: net2280 minor updates  	  	This patch:  	  	  - Lets cleanup happen after devices disconnect  	  - Creates/uses a module "fifo_mode" option  	  - Handles the fifo_status request a bit
 better      	[PATCH] USB: net2280, PPC fixes  	  	Minutes after I sent the previous patch, Gordon Strachan  	sent me some big-endian fixes (for PPC).      	[PATCH] USB: fix break control for pl2303 driver  	  	Thanks to Martin Evans  for pointing this out.      	[NETFILTER]: Teach ip_fw_compat and modules to handle non-linear SKBs.  	  	Much help provided by Rusty Russell in fixing device leak  	and TOS modification handling bugs.      	[PATCH] USB: Happ UGCI added as BADPAD for workaround  	  	Greg, I sent these patches to Vojtech, and haven't heard anything back,  	but they are straight forward. One simply backports the BADPAD handling  	to 2.4, and both patches add Happ UGCI joysticks under the BADPAD  	workaround.      	Add user pointer annotations to core filesystem routines.      	[IPV6]: Check output fragmentation using dst_pmtu not dev->mtu.      	[PATCH] i2c: Add SiS96x I2C/SMBus driver  	  	This patch adds support for the SMBus of SiS96x south  	bridges.  It is based on i2c-sis645.c from the lm sensors  	project, which never made it into an official kernel and  	was anyway mis-named.  	  	This driver works on my SiS 645/961 board vs w83781d.      	[AIC7XXX]: Only build in biosparam function if actually used.      	[IPV6]: Fix ipv6_addr_copy warning in ah6.c.      	Make x86 user-copy have user pointer annotations to match  	declarations.      	Add a few initial user pointer annotations to sound driver.  	  	Quite a few suspicious places here that pass kernel pointers  	to the internal ioctl engine.       	driver model: Define BUS_ID_SIZE based on KOBJ_NAME_LEN  	  	From Ben Collins.      	driver model: Remove device_sem  	  	This was only used to add/remove device from parent's list of children,   	which we can easily replace with a write lock on the device subsys's rwsem.      	[PATCH] USB: Fix Kconfig for usb printers  	  	On Sun, May 11, 2003 at 09:55:04PM +0200, Kronos wrote:  	> Hi,  	> the USB printer module is 'usblp', not 'printer':  	>      	[IPV6]: Missing kmem_cache_destroy calls.      	[ATM]: Make clip modular.      	[NET]: netif_receive_skb() warning fix.      	[ATM]: Fix macro pasting in HE driver.      	[SPARC64]: Update defconfig.      	[CPUFREQ] missing export compile fix for powernow-k7      	[PATCH] Console font size fix  	  	The font size needs to be set for all terminals.  	  	This was the bug that was causing dual head (vga and mda) to lock up.      	[PATCH] Remove EDID parsing  	  	This removes EDID support for VESA.  The EDID code needs more  	developement which can be done on the side.  	  	The results where mixed. It worked for some but not for others.      	[PATCH] Riva Framebuffer update.  	  	This kills off warnings about unused variables.      	[PATCH] Framebuffer console fix  	  	This fixes a oops that happens when we map a framebuffer device to a  	non-existant console.  	  	set_con2fb_map wasn't testing to see the VC we where mapping to actually  	exist.  Now it does.  	  	I also added code to fbcon_cursor to reset the hotspot if it was changed  	by userland.      	o ipv4/ipv6: call tcp_timewait_kill in tcp_tw_deschedule  	  	After all calls to tcp_tw_deschedule we had a call to tcp_timewait_kill,  	move it to the end of tcp_tw_deschedule and unexport tcp_timewait_kill,  	making it static.      	[AGPGART] PPC Uninorth support.  	By Paul Mackerras and BenH      	[AGPGART] Move AGP PM to individual drivers.  	From Christoph Hellwig.  	This is a lot cleaner by using the proper PCI PM infrastructure and also  	fixes the breakage with the non-PCIish bridges on alpha and ia64      	[AGPGART] Add printk's to error paths of agp_add_bridge      	[PATCH] bio walking code  	  	Add bio traversal functionality. This is a prereq for doing ide  	multiwrites safely and sanely. Patch was originally done by Suparna,  	Bartlomiej picked it up and changed the design somewhat. From Bart:  	  	Main idea is now reversed - instead of introducing rq->hard_bio as  	pointer for bio to be completed and using rq->bio as pointer for bio  	to be submitted, rq->cbio is introduced for submissions and rq->bio  	is used for completions  	  	This minimizes changes to block layer and assures that all existing  	block users are not affected by this patch.      	[PATCH] ide minimum 48-bit support  	  	This is the small patch that we all agreed on. With this patch, we do  	nice big writes/reads on ide disks that support 48-bit lba.      	[PATCH] remove ide-cd chatty errors  	  	Quiet down the TEST_UNIT_READY commands, we know these may fail (that's  	the whole purpose of the command :-).      	[PATCH] Fix scsi_ioctl command direction bits  	  	With the dynamic request allocation, we get the direction bits set for  	us. This breaks the scsi_ioctl stuff, since we always pass in WRITE  	there. So actually pass in the right direction instead.      	[PATCH] ide tcq fixes  	  	This fixes a few problems with ide tcq, I don't know of any other known  	ones (and it is solid here, survives ours of beating on it). Basically:  	  	- Don't enable tcq if the drive isn't alone on the channel. This raises  	  all sorts of fun that really requires hardware support (auto poll), or  	  it's going to _suck_. I never wanted to do that, and no hardware I  	  know of supports auto-poll.  	  	- Introduce a drive blacklist so we don't enable tcq on known broken  	  drives. Or enable with restrictions on some models.  	  	- Add a check for pdc4030, apparently tcq doesn't work there (hell knows  	  who would be crazy enough to pull such a stunt).      	[PATCH] USB: net2280 writel fix  	  	This driver is doing a writel to some random u32, rather than to a device  	register.      	[AF_KEY]: Force km.state to XFRM_STATE_DEAD in pfkey_msg2xfrm_state.      	[NET]: Fix two bogus kfree(skb).      	[AGPGART] Remove duplicated masking routines, replace with agp_generic_mask_memory()      	[AGPGART] Whitespace/CodingStyle cleanups      	[NET]: Fix sb1000.c build.      	o af_netlink: netlink_proto_init has to be core_initcall  	  	As it has to happen before pktsched_init, that is called from  	net_dev_init that is a subsys_initcall, making it the same  	init level as netlink_proto_init, that ends up being called  	_after_ net_dev_init, so when pktsched_init is called it finds  	rtnetlink_links[PF_UNSPEC] as null and therefore not sets  	the ->dumpit entry for RTM_GETQDISC (and the others too):  	b00m, rtnetlink_rcv sends a failure message to tc.      	[RTNETLINK]: extern __inline__ --> static inline.      	[TCP]: extern __inline__ --> static inline where appropriate.      	[IPV6]: extern __inline__ --> static inline.      	[IPV4]: Fix ip_finish_output extern decl.      	[AX25]: extern inline --> static inline.      	[NET]: dev_load extern inline --> static inline.      	[APPLETALK]: extern inline --> static inline.      	[PKT_SCHED]: extern inline --> static inline      	[AF_UNIX]: extern inline --> static inline      	[NETROM]: Fix netdevice leak, from 2.4.x      	[PATCH] Fix types on inflate.c constants  	  	This patch from Alan went into 2.4 last august with the comme
nt  	"get the types right on the lib/inflate.c constants"      	[PATCH] Preemption fixes for x86 MSR driver.  	  	wrmsr is ok, but needs cleans up, second part (rdmsr)  	is currently broken.      	[PATCH] Avoid ide-scsi from starting DMA too soon  	  	This went into 2.4 with the following comments..  	  	ide-scsi driver starts DMA as soon as it writes the ATAPI PACKET command  	in command register and before sending the ATAPI command. This will  	cause problems on many drives. Right way to do it is to start DMA after  	sending the ATAPI command. I am attaching a patch that fixes this. This  	patch will allow many more CD-RW drives to work reliably in DMA mode  	than do today  	  	Alan's comment to this diff previously..  	"Thats the least of the 2.5 ide-scsi problems, but yes its probably one to add"      	[PATCH] i8253 locking.  	  	There are still a few places where we play with the RTC  	directly, with no locking. This catches some of them.      	[PATCH] sx memleak.      	[PATCH] Fix ISDN return types.      	[PATCH] Fix standards compliance bugs in the tty layer  	  	This went into 2.4 back last August with the comment in $subject.      	[PATCH] pcwatchdog firmware memory leak      	[PATCH] iphase fix.  	  	This went into 2.4 nearly a year back with the wonderfully  	descriptive  "Fix from maintainer" comment.      	[PATCH] ASUS P4B SMBus quirks.  	  	From Dominik Brodowski, comments says it all..      	[PATCH] typo      	[PATCH] Fix pnpbios switch  	  	Erk, that's a really funny looking switch.  	Every case fell through..      	[PATCH] copy_to_user check for sgiserial      	[PATCH] fix module-init-tools ver_linux problem.  	  	Patch from Steven Cole to fix up ver_linux output on a system  	with no module-init-tools, just modutils.  	  	As noted in bugzilla #267 and at      	[PATCH] Shorten rcu_check_quiescent_state.  	  	Single spin_unlock path cuts this down a little..      	[PATCH] byte counters for mkiss  	  	From 2.4 from way back 13 months ago..      	[PATCH] shorten rclan debug output  	  	From 2.4 long long ago.      	[PATCH] i810 no codec fix.  	  	Syncs up with 2.4      	[PATCH] shrink zonelists.  	  	Originally from Matt Dobson. I've been running with this for a while  	in -dj, with no noticable side-effects.  	  	Matt:  	  	node_zonelists looks like it should really be declared of size  	MAX_NR_ZONES, not GFP_ZONEMASK.  GFP_ZONEMASK is currently 15, making  	node_zonelists an array of 16 elements.  The extra zonelists are all  	just duplicates of the *real* zonelists, namely the first 3 entries.  	Again, if anyone can explain to me why I'm wrong in my thinking, I'd  	love to know.  There's certainly no way you could bitwise-and something  	with any combination of the GFP_DMA and GFP_HIGHMEM flags to refer to  	the 12th zonelist or some such!  Or am I crazy?      	[SUNHME]: Use PCI config space if hm-rev property does not exist.      	[AGPGART] pci_driver structures must remain valid while they are registered.  	Spotted by Russell King.      	[ARM] Fix SA1100_ir irqreturn_t.      	[ARM] Fix RiscPC i2c drivers for device model.  	  	These drivers got missed when the i2c subsystem was converted to the  	device model.      	driver model: Add resources to struct platform_device.   	  	From Russell King:   	  	The location and interrupt of some platform devices are only known by  	platform specific code.  In order to avoid putting platform specific  	parameters into drivers, place resource and irq members into struct  	platform_device.      	[PATCH] ipmi warning fixes  	  	CPU flags are unsigned long.      	[PATCH] sound/core comparison fix  	  	From: Hal Duston   	  	This fixes a bug that appears to have crept in between 2.5.69-mm1 and  	2.5.69-mm2 with the "switch most remaining drivers over to devfs_mk_bdev"  	patch      	[PATCH] pass the stack protection flags into put_dirty_page()  	  	put_dirty_page() currently assumes PAGE_COPY for the stack page's ptes.  But  	for x86_64 (at least) this is not the case.  	  	The patch adds the extra arg to put_dirty_page(), updates all callers and fixes  	x86_64.      	[PATCH] fix hugetlbpage scoping  	  	From: (Norbert Wolff)  	  	In arch/i386/mm/hugetlbpage.c htlbzone_pages and htlbpage_freelist are  	declared static at the Top of the File and later in set_hugetlb_mem_size()  	as extern.  	  	gcc-3.4 does not accept this conflict.      	[PATCH] DAC960 typedef cleanup patch  	  	From: Dave Olien   	  	I'm forwarding this patch to the DAC9690 driver from Christoph.  I've  	applied it to the 2.5.69 DAC960 driver, compiled it, and ran it through  	some tests on both V1 and V2 type controllers.  It looks good.      	[PATCH] loop.c warning removal  	  	From: Rusty Russell   	  	loop.c has one of those places where manipulating own refcounts is safe: to  	get into the ioctl handler you need to have the device open, so that holds a  	refcount already (verified that this actually happens).  	  	The compile warning is irritating.      	[PATCH] mtrr warning fix  	  	From: Faik Uygur :  	  	mtrr_file_del() is using the wrong thing for fcount.  This causes it to  	print mtrr: MTRR 2 not used" twice when exiting X.      	[PATCH] SMI clearing fix  	  	From: john stultz   	  	I've been having problems with ACPI on a box here in our lab.  Some of our  	more recent hardware requires that SMIs are routed through the IOAPIC, thus  	when we clear_IO_APIC() at boot time, we clear the BIOS initialized SMI  	pin.  This basically clobbers the SMI so we can then never make the  	transition into ACPI mode.  	  	This patch simply reads the apic entry in clear_IO_APIC to make sure the  	delivery_mode isn't dest_SMI.  If it is, we leave the apic entry alone and  	return.  	  	With this patch, the box boots and SMIs function properly.      	[PATCH] Make debugging variant of spinlocks a bit more robust  	  	From: Petr Vandrovec   	  	While I was trying to hunt down problem with spin_lock_irq in  	send_sig_info, I noticed that debugging spinlocks are a bit unusable.  	  	The problem is that these spinlocks first print warning, and then  	decrement babble.  So if the lock is used by printk code (like runqueue  	lock was), we get nothing, just a lockup or a double fault...  When we  	first decrement babble and then print the error message we can break  	this unfortunate situation and the error message (5 of the same...)  	appear on screen.      	[PATCH] fix lots of error-path memory leaks  	  	From Badari Pulavarti.  	  	Fixes lots of error-path memleaks which the Stanford guys found.      	[PATCH] miropcm20-rds.c build fix  	  	It needs fs.h for struct inode.      	[PATCH] synclink_cs update  	  	From: Paul Fulghum   	  	* Remove PCMCIA release from timer context  	* Add irqreturn_t to ISR  	* Add dosyncppp module parameter      	[PATCH] remove some cruft from smp.h  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	Remove smp.h leftovers.  From the ia64 tree.      	[PATCH] ->llseek returns loff_t, even for /dev/mem  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	memory_lseek() should return a loff_t.      	[PATCH] visws: fix for generic-subarch  	  	From: Andy Wihitcroft   	  	The generic-subarch patch broke visws builds.      	[PATCH] fix bug in drivers/net/cs89x0.c:set_mac_address()  	  	From: Bernardo Innocenti   	  	the following patch fixes a bug in the CS89xx net device which would set  	new MAC address through SIOCSIFHWADDR _only_ when net_debug is set, which  	is obviously not what it was meant to do.  The original code bogusly  	interpreted the addr argument as a buffer containing the MAC address  	instead of a struct sockaddr.      	[AGPGART] nForce driver needs its own insert/remove routines.  	These can't use the generic routines due to alignment issues.      	[AGPGART] Fix oops in VIA initialisation.  	From Christoph.      	o wanrouter: don't use typedefs for wan_device, just struct wan_device      	[PATCH] Allow architecture to overwrite stack flags  	  	This is a bit neater.      	o wanrouter: kill netdevice_t, do as all the rest of the tree, use struct net_device      	driver model: Modify resource representation in struct platform_device.  	  	This way, we can easily handle devices that contain an arbitrary number of   	resources reported by the platform.      	[PATCH] remove fake_sep_struct  	  	fake_sep_struct is no longer used.      	o wan/cycx: typedef cleanup      	[CRYPTO]: Fix memcpy/memset args.      	[ATM]: Fix module handling in USB speedtouch driver.      	[ATM]: Add refcounting to atmdev.      	[ARM] Update Acorn platform scsi drivers.  	  	These were broken by two changes - the removal of the old device model  	class code, and when scsi device lists appeared.  This cset allows  	these drivers to build again.  We also drop some unnecessary code  	from one of the drivers.      	[IPV6]: ARCnet support, driver side.      	[IPV6]: ARCnet support, protocol side.      	o wan/cycx: fix module refcounting, removing MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT      	o wan/cycx: further cleanups  	  	. remove whitespaces  	. use tabs instead of sequences of 8 spaces  	. remove the wrappers for write{b,w} & friends  	. align case entries with corresponding switch statement      	o wan/cycx: remove more typedefs  	  	Also use kernel-doc for struct cycx_hw      	o wan/cycx: remove the last typedefs, some kernel doc comments      	o wan/cycx: use min_t and remove one more private MIN() implementation      	[NET]: Split out policy flow cache to be a generic facility.      	[ATM]: Allow ATM to be loaded as a module.      	[ATM]: common.c needs linux/init.h      	o ipx: remove debug message for successfull bind      	[ATM]: atm{pvc,svc}_exit cannot be __exit.      	[NET]: Regenerate flow cache hash rnd more sanely.      	[NET]: Hoplimit is a metric not a route attribute.      	[IPV4]: Respect hoplimit route metric.      	Fix oops caused by lack of spinlock protection on some lists. Fix display   	of NTFS dfs junctions (which now correctly appear as symlinks).  	Return writebehind caching errors on file close.      	o ipx: move route functions to net/ipx/ipx_route.c      	ACPI: Return only proper values (0 or 1) from our interrupt handler  	(Andrew Morton)      	[IPV6]: Add IPCOMP support.      	Fix up thinko in nasty "NMI while debug while systenter"  	codepath.  	  	The bug was that the NMI stack fixup triggered even if the  	debug exception had _not_ happened on the exact sysenter  	entrypoint. The new version should be more robust.      	[IPV6]: Fix RFC number in ipcomp6.c      	[ATM]: Fix modular CLIP.      	[IPV4]: Fix RFC number in ipcomp.c      	[ARM] Relocate ARM SCSI and Net drivers  	  	Move Acorn and ARM SCSI and net drivers to drivers/{net,scsi}/arm.  	This also allows us to find a reasonable home for other ARM specific  	net drivers.      	[ARM] Update cyber2000fb.c  	  	- Fix build warnings.  	- Don't modify region in copyarea method.  	- Remove FBCON_HAS_CFBx preprocessor tests.  	- Use runtime test for netwinder mclk parameters.      	[ARM] Fixup yet another missing irqreturn_t      	[ARM] Update Acorn IDE drivers.  	  	icside.c:  	- Use C99 structure initialisers.  	- Use generic DMA API.  	- Use new hwif->hwif_data rather than hwif->hw.priv.  	- Add DMA supported/dma supported masks.  	- Remember the card type for the remove/shutdown methods.  	- Add shutdown method.  	rapide.c  	- ecard_{claim,release} are no longer required.      	[ARM] Remove .devclass initialiser from sa1111ps2.      	[ARM] Fix time_after() warnings in ether1.c.      	[PATCH] Always allocate sense buffer for block commands  	  	This always set ->sense for blk_pc_requests(), even if the actual user  	doesn't care about the sense results.  This is a lot nicer than then  	having to have conditional checks for it all over the place in the low-  	level drivers.      	[PATCH] Remove 'strchr' warning from reiserfs  	  	Reiserfs emits a warning about strchr being defined but not used.  I  	finally tracked down the reason for this.  gcc - when seeing strstr(x,  	"%") recognized that the second parameter is a char, and therefore uses  	strchr instead of strstr.  The workaround to avoid the warning is to  	replace the call to strstr with strchr - which is OK.  	  	This hides the warning, and brings us down to 6 warnings for a make  	defconfig bzImage.      	Make request_module() take a printf-like vararg argument instead of a string.  	  	This is what a lot of the callers really wanted.      	[ARM] Fix DMA handler race condition.  	  	This fixes a race condition in the RiscPC DMA code, which causes  	DMA for a channel to halt due to a race condition between the  	hardware state machine and the software programming the next DMA  	buffer.      	o ipv6/route: fix .dst.metrics struct init for ip6_null_entry  	  	Thanks to Andrew Morton for reporting.      	o ipv6/route: use C99 style init for struct init  	  	Also move ft6_dflt_pointer to .bss and use void  	in ip6_dst_gc as it doesn't take any paramenters      	[CRYPTO]: Update deflate dependencies.      	[NETFILTER]: Move skb_ip_make_writable to netfilter.c.      	o ipv6/addrconf: use C99 struct init style for inet6_rtnetlink_table      	o ipv6/exthdrs: use C99 struct init style.      	o ipv6/icmp: use C99 struct style init for tab_unreach      	o ipv6/ip6_fib: use C99 struct style init and move rt_sernum to .bss      	[NETFILTER]: Move skb_ip_make_writable symbol export.      	[IPSEC]: Fix ipv4 ipcomp threshold calculation.      	[IPV4]: Flush routing cache on sysctl_ip_default_ttl changes.      	[SPARC]: Keiths SMP patch #1      	[SPARC]: Add ->release to ESP driver.      	[SPARC]: Update defconfig.      	[SPARC]: Sanitize BUG().      	o wanrouter/wanproc: code cleanups  	  	. Use seq_puts in places where seq_printf is not needed  	. remove trailing whitespaces and tabs  	. remove some unneeded includes  	. move the space before the third and fourth columns fro
m  	  the values to be inserted to the mask  	. some other CodingStyle changes      	o drivers/net/wan/sdla*: use SET_MODULE_OWNER at net_device setup      	[ATM]: Need to use try_module_get not __module_get.      	[PATCH] sysfs_create_link() fix  	  	It is incorrectly precalculating the string's length.      	[PATCH] ia32 subarch circular dependency fix  	  	From: john stultz   	  	This patch fixes a circular dependency (a function in mach_apic.h requires  	hard_smp_processor_id() and hard_smp_processor_id() requires macros from  	mach_apic.h) that has been in the subarch code for a bit, but was hacked  	around with some #ifdefs.  	  	With the inclusion of the generic-subarch the hack was dropped and bigsmp  	and summit promptly broke.  So this makes things compile again.      	[PATCH] genarch cpu_mask_to_apicid fix  	  	From: Martin Bligh  	  	Add cpu_mask_to_apicid to generic arch to fit with Keith's changes.      	[PATCH] [patch 4/29 voyager cpu_callout_map fix  	  	From: Martin Bligh  	  	Change the defn of cpu_callout_map for voyager to volatile to match other  	stuff.      	[PATCH] ppp warning fix  	  	Fix an accidentally negated comparison.      	[PATCH] misc fixes  	  	 - generic_file_open() comment fix (Bill Irwin)  	  	 - kerneldoc fix in truncate.c (Aniruddha M Marathe)  	  	 - remove truncate debug check.  	  	 - page_lock comment fix (Robert Love)  	  	 - remove unused device mapper label.  	  	 - 3c509 docco fix ("Mark Tranchant" )  	  	--  	  	 Documentation/networking/3c509.txt |    2 +-  	 drivers/md/dm-ioctl.c              |    1 -  	 fs/open.c                          |    2 +-  	 include/linux/fs.h                 |    2 +-  	 mm/truncate.c                      |    8 +++-----  	 5 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)      	[PATCH] large-dma_addr_t-PAE-only.patch  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	I was just looking over this and noticed 2.4.x makes u64 dma_addr_t  	conditional on CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G where 2.5.x uses CONFIG_HIGHMEM.  It's  	clearly not necessary on CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G, hence this obvious patch.      	[PATCH] 3c59x irqreturn fix  	  	Apparently boomerang_interrupt() is generating lots of "nobody cared"  	warnings - one per packet it seems.  Frankly, I don't have a clue why.  	  	These are ancient cards and the driver is otherwise stable, so just  	change it to return IRQ_HANDLED and move on...      	[PATCH] reiserfs: allow multiple block insertion into the tree  	  	I've had these reiserfs patches in -mm for many months.  We've been  	undecided because they trigger bugs in a couple of apps.  But those apps  	are now fixed, so it's best to get these speedups in.  	  	  	From: Oleg Drokin   	  	This patch allows insertion of more than one "indirect" block pointer into  	the tree in reiserfs.  (with all the necessary balancing code changes).  	The first user of that feature is hole-creation code that is now ~1000  	times more cpu-efficient for the case of large holes.      	[PATCH] reiserfs: reiserfs_file_write implementation  	  	From: Oleg Drokin   	  	With the current 'one block at a time' algorithm, writes past the end of a  	file are slow because each new file block is separately added into the tree  	causing shifting of other items which is CPU expensive.  	  	With this new implementation if you write into file with big enough chunks,  	it uses half as much CPU.  Also this version is more SMP friendly than the  	current one.  	  	There are some known-bad applications that break with this patch (ie.  start  	to work very slow or even hang).  	  	This is because the filesystem returns a large value in the stat.st_blocksize  	hint (128k instead of 4k).  This tickles a small number of application bugs.  	One is KDE's kmail 3.04 (fixed by upgrading to 3.1+) and the other is  	sleepycat's database from before 1997.  	  	If you hit a slowdown problem that you believe is related to the increased  	"recommended i/o size" value, try to mount your fs with nolargeio=1 mount  	option (remount should work too).  	  	This patch exports block_commit_write(), generic_osync_inode() and  	remove_suid() to modules.      	[PATCH] fix CONFIG_APM=m  	  	From:  	  	Here is a patch to fix CONFIG_APM=m in 2.5.69-bk11.  My patch to have APM  	restore the systenter MSRs failed to handle the modular case, which fails  	with unresolved symbols.  	  	Since suspend.o is used from both APM (module or built-in) and ACPI sleep  	(built-in), I made suspend.o built-in and dependent on CONFIG_PM.      	[PATCH] Fix for latent bug in vmtruncate()  	  	From: "Paul E. McKenney"   	  	The vmtruncate() function shifts down by PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT, then calls  	vmtruncate_list(), which deals in terms of PAGE_SHIFT instead.  Currently,  	no harm done, since PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT and PAGE_SHIFT are identical.  Some  	day they might not be, hence this patch.  	  	I also took the liberty of modifying a hand-coded "if" that seems to  	optimize for files that are not mapped to instead use unlikely().      	[PATCH] v4l: #1 - video-buf update  	  	From: Gerd Knorr   	  	This minor patch updates the video-buf module.  It just adds a export  	for the videobuf_next_field function and adds some debug printk's.      	[PATCH] v4l: #2 - v4l1-compat update  	  	From: Gerd Knorr   	  	This patch updates the v4l1-compat module.  Changes:  	  	 * use f_op->poll() instead of do_select()  	  	 * reduce stack usage of the v4l1_translate_ioctl() function.  	  	 * misc minor fixes here and there.      	[PATCH] v4l: #4 - bttv docmentation update  	  	From: Gerd Knorr   	  	This patch updates the bttv documentation.      	[PATCH] v4l: #5 - i2c module updates.  	  	From: Gerd Knorr   	  	This patch updates a number of video4linux-related i2c modules.  There are a  	number of bugfixes which accumulated over time, also some no-op i2c changes  	due to merging the i2c cleanups back into my tree and tweak them to make the  	modules compile on both 2.5.x and 2.4.x.      	[PATCH] v4l: #6 - tuner module update  	  	From: Gerd Knorr   	  	This patch updates the tv card tuner module.  It adds support for a new tuner  	and has some minor fixes + cleanups.  Also deletes some dead code.      	[PATCH] v4l: #7 - saa7134 driver update  	  	From: Gerd Knorr   	  	Yet another big one (due to not being updated for a long time) -- saa7134  	driver update.  Changes:  	  	 * various bugfixes / cleanups.  	  	 * new cards added to the cardlist.  	  	 * started support for saa7133/35 chips.  	  	 * make the driver check pci quirks.      	[PATCH] fix tuner.c and tda9887.c  	  	From: Shane Shrybman   	  	Attached are two patches that make bttv compile and work in 2.5.69-mm6.  I  	think this broke in -mm4.      	[PATCH] radeonfb.c 64-bit fixes  	  	From: David Mosberger   	  	Don't truncate the ioremap return value to 32-bits.      	[PATCH] use %p to print pointers in cs4281  	  	From: Christoph Hellwig   	  	This is a really old patch from the IA64 tree and as Cirrus Logic doesn't  	maintain the driver anymore for about two years now no one picked it up..      	[PATCH] memcpy/memset fixes  	  	Fix some places which were doing  	  		memcpy(to, from, sizeof(to));  	and  		memset(to, 0, sizeof(to));  	  	Found by the Stanford checker.      	[PATCH] BUG() -> BUG_ON() conversions.  	  	From:  	  	Various performance critical sections.  	  	The increased cache footprint may be a pessimisation, especially on earlier  	CPUs where unlikely() doesn't
do anything useful, and we fall back to  	trusting gcc to DTRT.      	[PATCH] 3c59x: add support for 3c905B-T4, 3C920B-EMB-WNM  	  	A couple of new PCI IDs which were found in 3com's driver by Xose Vazquez  	Perez .  	  	We don't know if these work, but if they are really 905B's and 920's it  	should be OK.      	[PATCH] CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP compile fix  	  	From:  	  	When I grepped for these variables I failed to notice the references in  	acpi/wakeup.S.  This patch fixes this.      	[PATCH] fix handling of spares physical APIC ids  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	To handle sparse physical APIC ID's properly the phys_cpu_present_map must  	be scanned beyond bit NR_CPUS while ensuring no more than NR_CPUS are woken  	in order not to attempt to wake non-addressible cpus.  	  	The following patch adds that logic to smp_boot_cpus() and corrects the  	failure to wake secondaries reported by dhowells, with successful wakeup,  	runtime, reboot, and halting reported after it was applied.      	[PATCH] put_page_testzero() fix  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	put_page_testzero() does BUG_ON(page_count(page)) when its argument is p.      	[PATCH] DAC960 oops fix  	  	ioctl_by_bdev() passes in a NULL file*, so we had better not dereference it.      	[PATCH] I2C: And yet another it87 patch.  	  	Trivial, but important.  	  	Somehow in the patching the bk tree somehow got two memset's to clear  	new_client in it87_detect, normally while this would be bad, it would  	not be critical.  	  	However one of the two happens BEFORE the variable is set, and thus  	things go badly.      	[PATCH] signal latency fixes  	  	This fixes an SMP window where the kernel could miss to handle a signal,  	and increase signal delivery latency up to 200 msecs.  Sun has reported  	to Ulrich that their JVM sees occasional unexpected signal delays under  	Linux.  The more CPUs, the more delays.  	  	The cause of the problem is that the current signal wakeup  	implementation is racy in kernel/signal.c:signal_wake_up():  	  	        if (t->state == TASK_RUNNING)  	                kick_if_running(t);  		...  	        if (t->state & mask) {  	                wake_up_process(t);  	                return;  	        }  	  	If thread (or process) 't' is woken up on another CPU right after the  	TASK_RUNNING check, and thread starts to run, then the wake_up_process()  	here will do nothing, and the signal stays pending up until the thread  	will call into the kernel next time - which can be up to 200 msecs  	later.  	  	The solution is to do the 'kicking' of a running thread on a remote CPU  	atomically with the wakeup.  For this i've added wake_up_process_kick().  	There is no slowdown for the other wakeup codepaths, the new flag to  	try_to_wake_up() is compiled off for them.  Some other subsystems might  	want to use this wakeup facility as well in the future (eg.  AIO).  	  	In fact this race triggers quite often under Volanomark rusg, with this  	change added, Volanomark performance is up from 500-800 to 2000-3000, on  	a 4-way x86 box.      	[PATCH] scheduler cleanup  	  	This removes the unused requeueing code.      	[PATCH] sync wakeup on UP  	  	This fixes the scheduler's sync-wakeup code to be consistent on UP as  	well.  	  	Right now there's a behavioral difference between an UP kernel and an  	SMP kernel running on a UP box: sync wakeups (which are only activated  	on SMP) can cause a wakeup of a higher prio task, without preemption.  	On UP kernels this does not happen.  This difference in wakeup behavior  	is bad.  	  	This patch activates sync wakeups on UP as well - in the cases sync  	wakeups are done the waker knows that it will schedule away soon, so  	this 'delay preemption' decision is correct on UP as well.      	[PATCH] USB: usbtest, talk to user mode "firmware"  	  	Supports some user-mode testing "firmware".      	[PATCH] Fix lost scheduler rebalances  	  	This fixes a race noticed by Mike Galbraith: the scheduler can lose a  	rebalance tick if some task happens to not be rescheduled in time.  This  	is not a fatal condition, but an inconsistency nevertheless.      	[PATCH] USB: usb-skeleton compile fix  	  	usb-skelteon doesn't compile after recent changes.      	[PATCH] USB: gadget compile error on ppc64  	  	I tried compiling USB gadget support on ppc64 (why not :). Looks like Im  	seeing a conflict between const and __devinitdata:  	  	drivers/usb/gadget/net2280.c:2645: pci_ids causes a section type conflict      	[PATCH] USB: storage: generate BBB reset after abort  	    	This patch forces the generation of a bulk-transport reset after a command  	abort.  Careful reading of the bulk-only specification shows that a reset  	must be done after an abort to get the host and target back into phase.      	[PATCH] USB: storage: remove inline function  	  	This patch removes a single-line inline function and replaces it with it's  	expansion everywhere.   The inline function was really only there for a  	transitional step.      	[PATCH] USB: fixes kernel_thread      	ACPI: Update Toshiba driver to 0.15 (John Belmonte)  	- workaround sporadic problem with hotkey ceasing to work  	- cleanups      	[PATCH] Update IEEE1394 (r931)  	  	- Fix possible memory leak in iso.c  	- Added handling for more than 1 Logical_Unit_Number entry in a unit  	  directory for SBP-2. This allows for handling the second type of LUN  	  that we didn't support yet.      	[XFS] merge Steve's sync changes over to 2.5  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:147932a      	[PATCH] namespace fix  	  	After  	  	    # mount --rbind /tmp /mnt  	  	(on 2.5.68) I have a corrupted namespace. Umounting /mnt fails,  	and /proc/mounts contains  	  	    ...  	    /dev/root /mnt ext3 rw 0 0  	    proc /mnt/proc proc rw 0 0  	    usbfs /mnt/proc/bus/usb usbfs rw 0 0  	    /dev/hdb5 /mnt/usr reiserfs rw 0 0  	    ...  	  	where of course no directories /mnt/proc or /mnt/usr exist.  	  	This is caused by the fact that copy_tree() thinks that the dentry  	it is called with is the root of the filesystem. If it is not,  	confusion arose.  	  	This patch fixes this confusion.      	[PATCH] NCR5380.c fix  	  	Several SCSI drivers confuse CHECK_CONDITION and CHECK_CONDITION << 1.  	One of them is NCR5380.c. Below a patch adding status_byte() twice.  	  	(On the other hand, sun3_NCR5380.c does this right, and generally  	looks better. Maybe they can be merged eventually.)      	[XFS] Merge over an irix fix  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:132737a      	[PATCH] fix oops in namespace.c  	  	A familar type of Oops: d_path() can return an error ENAMETOOLONG, and  	if we fail to test a segfault occurs.  	  	So we must test.  What we do is a different matter.  Rather arbitrarily  	I return the string " (too long)" for use in /proc/mounts.      	[XFS] Fix up error handling on the initial superblock read.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148285a      	[XFS] avoid sleep_on in the sync code  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148415a      	[XFS] Fix up a pagebuf spelling mistake and a couple of whitespace botches.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148595a      	[PATCH] fix do_fork() return value  	  	Noticed by Julie DeWandel .  	  	do_fork() needs to return the pid (or error), not the pointer to the  	resulting process structure.  The process structure may not even be  	valid any more, since do_fork() has already woken the process up (and as  	a result it might already have done its thing and gone away).  	  	Besides, doing it this way cleans up the users, which all really just  	wanted the pid or error number _anyw
ay_.  	  	This fixes the x86 users, other architectures need to be fixed up as  	well.      	[XFS] Move xfs_syncd code into xfs_super.c which is the only place which uses it  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148433a      	[XFS] Fix compile warning on my iBook  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148598a      	[XFS] V1 log tweak - fix log record length used when checking for a partial log  	record write during log recovery head/tail calculations.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148895a      	[XFS] simplify memory allocation code big time  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148933a      	[XFS] Use __GFP_NORETRY in pagebuf readahead code  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148940a      	[XFS] remove the excess ; which crept into the syncd thread somewhere and  	basically turned it off.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:148955a      	[XFS] Large sector changes - fixup definition of xfs_agfl_t, and numerous   	changes to make log recovery respect the log device sector size.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149230a      	[XFS] Small buftarg cleanup - keep code which pokes inside a buftarg all in  	one spot, which lets us keep more common code in sync, 2.4/2.5 and is  	slightly cleaner anyway.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149231a      	[XFS] Second part buftarg cleanup, don't poke inside a buftarg here anymore  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149232a      	[XFS] Remove a void* from the xfs_mount structure, move the log stripe mask  	field from the xfs_mount structure to the log structure (saves a couple  	of pointer dereferences when writing to the log, with v2 logs only).  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149395a      	[XFS] Rationalise xlog_in_core2 definition, remove some ifdef __KERNEL__ code  	which is unnecessary in log recovery, clarify some recovery debug code.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149396a      	[XFS] Make log recovery code style consistent with a/ itself and b/ much of  	the rest of XFS.  Fix numerous crimes against whitespace.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149398a      	[XFS] Fix two remaining indentation inconsistencies.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149400a      	[XFS] Remove some dead code.  	  	SGI Modid: 2.5.x-xfs:slinx:149409a      	[AGPGART] Add support for VIA K8T400M GART.      	[AGPGART] Improve Kconfig.  	The AMD K8 GART driver is really for the on-CPU GART not the chipset as the Kconfig described.  	Also fix up some grammar elsewhere.      	i2c: fix up i2c-dev driver based on previous core changes.  	  	This fixes the problem that adapter id's are not the minor number for the  	i2c-dev devices anymore.  Also adds a i2c-dev class to let userspace know  	which i2c-dev device is bound to which i2c adapter.      	[AGPGART] agp_3_5_enable() doesn't need mode parameter.      	[AGPGART] Sanity check (and fix up broken) AGP modes when in AGP 3.0 mode.      	[PATCH] USB: Fix machine lockup when unloading HC driver  	  	Alan Stern wrote:  	> I finally got tired of my computer locking up when I tried to rmmod the  	> low-level host controller driver.  It turns out the problem lies in the  	> root-hub status urb code in core/hcd.c -- primarily a result of  	> rh_report_status() not calling hcd_giveback_urb()...  	  	Or in short:  your patch removes some old logic for the "automagic  	interrupt transfer" special casing ... which recently started to  	break that rmmod path.  	  	With automagic, the only time an interrupt urb (like the root hub  	status urb) could legitimately be given back was for unlink.  But  	that unlink doesn't seem to be issued in the same way lately during  	the rmmod paths.  (If they're less bizarre lately, that's good!)  	  	  	> If this patch seems all right, will you please let Greg know it's okay to  	> apply it?  	  	I changed a couple minor things below ... basically (a) fixing the  	issue Duncan Sands pointed out (always call completions with irqs  	disabled, even if hub driver currently doesn't care), (b) better  	logic to avoid retriggering the timer during shutdown, (c) not  	doing del_timer_sync() while holding that lock, plus (d) a minor  	linewrap fix.      	[AGPGART] Log broken applications that pass crap flags so they can be fixed.      	[SPARC{32,64}]: Adjust for changed do_fork return value.      	[SPARC]: Fix ptracing of syscalls.      	[SPARC]: Switch bitops to unsigned long.      	[AGPGART] Skip nonisoch setup if isoch setup was successful.      	[AGPGART] Silly typo that put tried to put things into a impossible x16 mode.      	[NET]: Fix netdevice unregister races.  	  	We had two major issues when unregistering networking devices.  	1) Even trying to run hotplug asynchronously could deadlock  	   if keventd was currently trying to get the RTNL semaphore  	   in order to process linkwatch events.  	2) Unregister needs to wait for the last reference to go away  	   before the finalization of the unregister can execute.  This  	   cannot occur under the RTNL semaphore as this is deadlock  	   prone as well.  	  	The solution is to do all of this stuff after dropping the  	RTNL semaphore.  rtnl_lock, if it is about to protect a region  	of code that could unregister network devices, registers a list  	to which unregistered netdevs are attached.  At rtnl_unlock time  	this list is processed to wait for refcounts to drop to zero and  	then finalize the unregister.      	o sock.h: kernel-doc style comment for struct sock      	[NET]: More device register/unregister fixing.  	  	Revert the rtnl_lock API change, it is totally unneeded.  	Instead we manage the todo work inside of net/core/dev.c  	  	Also, we have to move sbin hotplug invocation outside of  	the RTNL semaphore as well, both for register and unregister.      	[NET]: Fix sock_fprog setsockopt compat handling.  Based upon patch from Andi Kleen.      	[SUNGEM]: Updates from PowerPC people.  	  	Support more chips and split out all the complex PHY  	handling into a seperate file.      	[NET]: Misplaced description in ip-sysctl.txt.      	[IPV6]: Move NIP6 macro into general header.      	[IPV6]: Update RFC references.      	[NET]: Fix dev_load for !CONFIG_KMOD.      	[NET]: Switch comx over to initcalls.      	[NET]: Comment typo in net/core/dev.c, thanks akpm.      	[ARM] do_fork() now returns the PID.      	o wan/cycx: remove unneeded ioctl stub and fix namespace      	[PATCH] apply_alternatives() fix  	  	From: Andi Kleen   	  	There is some assembly code in setup.c which doesn't explicitly set its  	section.  It comes after a C function which is marked __init.  The compiler  	does not reset the section after such C functions.  The assembly code is  	going into .text.init.  	  	That's the wrong section.  We get oopses modprobing sctp and, with Manfred's  	unmap-free-pages debug patch we get oopses modprobing e100.ko.  In  	apply_alternatives().      	[PATCH] sound/core/memalloc.c needs mm.h  	  	struct page is undefined in this file without this on Alpha.      	[PATCH] revert sysfs non-fix  	  	I completely misread this code and there was no bug.  In fact yesterday's fix  	broke it.  Revert.      	[PATCH] ppc64 update for do_fork() change  	  	This updates ppc64 for the do_fork() semantics change.      	[PATCH] do_fork updates for ppc  	  	Update ppc for mingo's do_fork changes.  Together with the pmac compile  	fixes this allows me to stay at the bleeding edge with my my ibook..      	[ALPHA] Fix single-step breakpoints.  	From Ivan Kokshaysky .      	[ALPHA] Update for do_fork changes.  	From Marc Zyngier .      	[PATCH] USB: Fix machine lockup when unloading HC driver (part 2)  	  	Alan Stern wrote:  	> I suggest you just forget about acquiring the lock in status_dequeue() and  	> simply leave it as  	>  	> 	del_timer_sync (&hcd->rh_timer);  	> 	hcd-> = 0;  	  	Hmm, so if some other URB gets queued in that window,  	it'll get trashed?  Unlikely .. the clean fix would be  	making the status endpoint have a real URB queue.  	  	I combined your suggested change with two others:  	(a) protect the status-unlink and control completion  	    handlers against IRQs [ the cases Duncan noted]  	(b) use mod_timer to retrigger the timer, instead of the  	    heavy weight path.      	[PATCH] USB: SMP ehci-q.c 1010 BUG()  	  	Stefano Barbato wrote:  	> Dual PIII  	> kernel 2.4.21-rc2 (w/ SMP)  (2.5.69 below)  	> ...  	>  	> I put a few printk before the BUG() and I found that the offending if() is  	> this:  	>         if(qh->qh_state != QH_STATE_LINKED  	>                                 && qh->qh_state != QH_STATE_UNLINK_WAIT)  	>  	> because qh_state were QH_STATE_COMPLETING.  	  	I got a similar SMP report recently, but without info about  	which clause was failing -- which is a key clue, thanks!!  	  	The COMPLETING state is used only while a QH is being  	scanned for completed TDs.  (Think CPU-0 irq handler.)  	Looking at the handful of places that call the routine  	reporting the BUG(), a couple seem like they could make  	trouble with multiple CPUs in the driver.      	[PATCH] USB: disable usb device endpoints in more places  	  	This patch touches the most significant places in usbcore  	that need to respond to configuration change events:  	  	  - set_interface changes altsettings; affects endpoints  	    in both new and old settings (but not other endpoints).  	  	  - set_configuration; affects every endpoint  	  	The endpoints get disabled, flushing hardware state  	reliably.  This resolves two FIXMEs here, part of one  	in OHCI (ed_get) and all of one in EHCI (qh_append_tds).  	  	Not many drivers currently use these code paths, but  	now they should start to work properly.      	[PATCH] do_fork fixes for voyager x86 subarch  	  	It looks like the do_fork was converted in voyager_smp.c, but the  	addition of wake_up_forked_process() was missed leading to a boot  	panic.  The attached fixes it.      	[AGPGART] PPC compile fix.  	Generic suspend/resume methods are no more.      	PPC32: Need to call wake_up_forked_process in SMP idle task setup.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: replace yield()  	  	Use set_current_state (TASK_RUNNING); schedule(); instead.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: add defensive memory barriers  	  	Defend against future maintainers.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: remove stale code  	  	Should have gone long ago.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: spin_lock_irqsave -> spin_lock_irq in process context  	  	Replace spin_lock_irqsave/spin_unlock_irqrestore with  	spin_lock_irq/spin_unlock_irq in routines that are only  	called in process context.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: spin_lock_irqsave -> spin_lock_irq in tasklets  	  	Replace spin_lock_irqsave/spin_unlock_irqrestore with  	spin_lock_irq/spin_unlock_irq in tasklet actions, since  	these are always called with local irqs enabled.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: remove useless NULL pointer checks  	  	The stats field is never NULL.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: receive path micro optimization  	  	Make the most discriminating comparison first.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: verbose debugging  	  	Add a vdbg macro for verbose debugging, and convert some  	noisy debugging statements to use it.      	[AGPGART] Remove duplicated fast writes test.      	[AGPGART] sanity check printk's.      	[IPV4]: Fix route copying during redirects.      	[NET]: Clean up the divert ifdef mess.      	[NET]: Use SET_MODULE_OWNER in ns83820 driver.      	[NET]: Use irqreturn_t in acenic driver.      	[NET]: Fix build warning in ns83820 driver.      	[TCP]: Handle NLM_F_ACK in tcp_diag.c      	[NET]: Use ARRAY_SIZE where appropriate.      	[PATCH] IrDA skb leak fixes  	  	ir259_skb_get-7.diff :  			  		o [CORRECT] Fix skb leaks in IrDA state machines  		o [CORRECT] Fix skb leaks in connect/request error paths  		o [FEATURE] Fix skb leaks in ASSERT  		o [FEATURE] Simplify & document skb handling throughout the stack  		o [FEATURE] other minor cleanups      	[PATCH] IrNET crasher  	  	ir257_irnet_bh.diff :  		o [CRITICA] Replace spin_lock_irqsave() with spin_lock_bh()  			to be compatible with ppp_generic locking  		o [CRITICA] Disable call to ppp_unregister_channel()      	[PATCH] IrLAP address fix  	  	ir257_caddr_mask.diff :  			  		o [CORRECT] ignore the C/R bit in the LAP connection address.      	[PATCH] owner in irtty-sir  	  	ir259_sir_kthread_Morton-2.diff :  		o [CORRECT] fix module ownership in irtty-sir  		o [FEATURE] important comment in sir_kthread      	[PATCH] Various IrDA drivers  	  	ir259_trans_start-4.diff :  		o [CORRECT] Properly initialise dev->trans_start in various drivers  		o [CRITICA] Unregister power management at unload in smc-ircc  		o [CORRECT] fix module ownership in smc-ircc      	[PATCH] irport fixes  	  	ir259_irport-6.diff :  		o [CORRECT] fix module ownership in irport  		o [CORRECT] Properly initialise dev->trans_start in irport  		o [CORRECT] Add delay to drain the Tx fifo to avoid corrupting  			last outgoing Tx byte when changing speed  		o [FEATURE] Safer locking around speed change in irport_hard_xmit()  		o [FEATURE] Enforce half duplex operation in interrupt handler  		o [FEATURE] Optimise interrupt handler for latency and I/O ops  		o [FEATURE] Optimise Tx path in irport_write()  		o [FEATURE] Add ZeroCopy Rx  		o [FEATURE] Better debugging in watchdog timeout  		o [FEATURE] Various other cleanups and comments      	[PATCH] smsc-ircc2 driver  	  	ir259_smsc-ircc2-6.diff :  			  		o [FEATURE] New driver smsc-ircc2, improved FIR support      	[NET]: sysfs support of network devices.      	[NET]: Add sysfs support to several net devices.      	[PATCH] kNFSd: TCP nfsd connection hangs when partial record header is received  	  	Below patch resolves a hang where a TCP nfsd connection will hang even  	though new data is received on the socket. We've seen this a few times in  	our lab, but it usually happened every few weeks.  	  	If a short record header is received, the SK_BUSY flag is never cleared,  	and even though new data arrives, it will not be handled. This in turn  	leads to hangs of particular clients (while others will continue to work  	without problem).  	  	I also changed the return code for that condition to be the same as for a  	(regular) short read.      	[PATCH] kNFSd: SVC sockets don't disable Nagle  	  	I noticed that the Nagle algorithm was disabled just recently on the  	client side, while it still seems to be enabled on the server side. The  	previous patch came from Chuck Lever.  	  	Below patch disables it on the server side as well. For latency reasons,  	this should be the desired behaviour NFS at both client and server.      	[PATCH] kNFSd: RPC server need to kn
ow that TCP and UDP have different wspace functions.  	  	From: Hirokazu Takahashi   	  	sock_wspace() is used to see how much can be written to a udp socket,  	but tcp_wspace must be used on a tcp socket.  	This patch informs sunrpc/svcsock.c of this subtlety.      	[PATCH] kNFSd: Set SOCK_NOSPACE when RPC server decides there is insufficient.  	  	SOCK_NOSPACE is set, so we must set it when we want to get  	a ->write_space callback.      	[PATCH] kNFSd: Make sure an RPC socket is closed immediately when a server write fails.  	  	The check for "write was incomplete" is not atomic with the actual write,  	so a second write could slip in after a partial write to a tcp socket  	and this will cause problems.  	  	So we move the locking out a bit, and test if the socket has  	been deleted (SK_DEAD) between getting the lock and trying  	to send.      	[PATCH] kNFSd: Fix #error message when bits are badly defined..      	[PATCH] kNFSd: Minor rearrangements in NFSv4 server code to prepare for mroe state management.  	  	From: "William A.(Andy) Adamson"   	  	this is the first of several patches against 2.5 concerning NFSv4 state for  	nfsd. it cleans up the names of state structures in preperation for future  	share, lease, byte-range, and delegation patches. specifically, it  	  	1) renames portions of the stateid_t and moves it along with the clientid_t  	from xdr.h into state.h  	  	2) uses xdr_netobj to gather related data and length fields in struct  	nfs4_open (in xdr4.h) (e.g. we have and op_fname.len  	instead of op_name and op_namelen).  	  	3) renames NFSD4_CLIENT_MAXNAME to NFS4_OPAQUE_LIMIT which will be used in  	other state fields (not just for name length)      	[PATCH] kNFSd: NFSv4 open share state patch  	  	From: "William A.(Andy) Adamson"   	  	  	this open share state patch creates all the structures and hash tables needed  	to create and destroy share state on OPEN.  	  	a struct nfs4_stateowner is introduced. this is currently only used for share  	state, but will also be used as an anchor for byte-range lock state. e.g. it  	will be either an (open)stateowner or a (lock)stateower.  	  	a struct nfs4_stateid is introduced with holds stateid info for openfiles per  	(open)stateowner. this struct will also hold byte-range lock info for  	(lock)stateowners.  	  	ownerstr_hashtbl[] holds nfs4_stateowners hashed by the nfs4_open owner and  	clientid, and is used to lookup nfs4_stateowners on OPEN.  	  	a struct nfs4_file is introduced which holds info on open files with state.  	  	file_hashtbl[] holds nfs4_files, and is used to find a file in order to search  	for conflicting share locks on OPEN. delegation info will hang off the  	nf4_file struct.  	  	i moved nfsd4_process_open1() into nfs4state.c, and added nfs4_process_open2()  	there as well  	  	i've left lease management, state reclaim, and the special replay management  	on sequenceid mutating operations like OPEN for subsequent patches.      	[PATCH] kNFSd: Allow request for nfsv4 pseudo root to perform an upcall.  	  	Most cache-lookups to find export information will cause  	an upcall, but currently the lookup to find the pseudo root  	for nfsv4 wont asthe  cache-handle isn't made available.  	This patch makes it available and makes sure that if the  	upcall is made, the request is dropped (for now).      	[NET]: Fix typo in ns83820 sysfs changes.      	[ATM]: Fix build after netdev sysfs changes.      	[PATCH] seq_path(), /proc/mounts and /proc/swaps  	  	This adds a new seq_...() helper:  	  	   seq_path(seq_file, mnt, dentry, escape)  	  	It spits the pathname into seq_file, does octal escapes for given set of  	characters, returns the number of characters it'd produced or -1 in case  	of error.  Long names are handled gracefully - you don't need anything  	to do, generic seq_file logics will do the right thing.  	  	/proc/mounts and /proc/swaps are converted to use of seq_path(), some  	junk removed.  	  	/proc/pid/maps will be converted next.      	[PATCH] seq_path() for /proc/pid/maps  	  	This converts /proc/pid/maps to use of seq_file, cleans the issues with  	d_path() overflows as a side effect.  	  	It's incremental to seq_path() patch.      	PPC32: Allow lowmem size to be set even if we don't have HIGHMEM.      	PPC32: Makefile cleanups, patch from Sam Ravnborg      	[PATCH] USB: Make Olympus cameras work with usb-storage  	  	According to Jan Derfinak, Olympus USB cameras mistakenly report an  	'USBU' signature instead of 'USBS', while using the normal USB Storage  	protocol.  	  	The attached patches (again by Jan) fix this problem in 2.4 and 2.5.      	[PATCH] O_DIRECT open() fix  	  	Trivial bugfix: opening a file that doesn't have ->direct_IO() with  	O_DIRECT passed in flags fails (as it should) but doesn't call  	->release() even though ->open() had been successful.  	  	IOW, we have a leak there - e.g.  open() of a tty with O_DIRECT will  	leak a reference to tty and tty_driver.  Besides, quite a few drivers  	are _not_ happy with struct file being freed without ->release() after  	->open() has returned 0.      	PPC32: Further makefile updates from Sam Ravnborg.      	PPC32: Minor whitespace and ifdef fixes.      	PPC32: Better allocation of DMA-consistent memory on incoherent machines.      	PPC32: Fix the declaration of openpic_ipi_action().      	PPC32: Use might_sleep() in kmap().      	PPC32: More fixes for PCI on non-cache-coherent platforms.      	PPC32: Define a suitable value for PAGE_KERNEL_NOCACHE      	[AGPGART] Rid AGP/DRM of more typedefs.      	[PATCH] Remove "Freeing alive device" warning  	  	* Bug fix: don't call any netif_carrier_* until netdev is registered.  	  [Andrew Morton (]      	[PATCH] move e100_asf_enable under CONFIG_PM to avoid warning  	  	* Bug fix: move e100_asf_enable under CONFIG_PM to avoid warning.  	  [Stephen Rothwell (]      	[PATCH] Add ethtool parameter support  	  	* Feature Add: ethtool parameter support: Tx/Rx ring size, Rx xsum  	  offloading, flow control.      	[PATCH] Add ethtool cable diag test  	  	* Feature Add: ethtool cable diag test.  	* Some cleanup of the ethtool diags.  	* Fixed bug in return code for ethtool diag results.      	[PATCH] Add MDI/MDI-X status to ethtool reg dump  	  	* Add MDI/MDI-X (crossover cable) status to ethtool reg dump.      	[PATCH] cleanup Tx resources before running ethtool diags.  	  	* Bug fix: clean up Tx resources before running ethtool diags.      	[PATCH] fixed stalled stats collection  	  	* Bug fix: In the rare event of a failed command to dump stats,  	  stat collection would stop, giving the illusion that traffic  	  had stopped.  Fixed by issuing stat dump in watchdog  	  regardless of status of previous attempt to dump stats.      	[PATCH] VLAN configuration was lost after ethtool diags run  	  	* Bug fix: ethtool diags would call e100_up/e100_down, which overwrite  	  current VLAN settings.  Move initialization of config regs out of  	  up/down.      	[PATCH] misc  	  	* Remove leftovers from removal of /proc support and IDIAG support  	* Cleaned up reporting of h/w init failure messages  	* Add 1/2 second delay after PHY reset to allow link partner to  	  see and respond to reset, per IEEE 802.3      	[PATCH] TSO fix  	  	* Premature write-back of descriptors during TSO causing  	  resources to be re
turned too early on ppc64.  Fix is to  	  wait until last descriptor of frame is written back,  	  then return resources back to OS.  	* 82544 hang caused by setting RS bit in context descriptor.  	  Exposes known hang in 82544.  Fix is same as above - set  	  RS bit only in last descriptor.      	[PATCH] Added ethtool test ioctl  	  	* Added routines for the Ethtool Test ioctl.  	* Added more statistics for the Ethtool statistics dump.  	* Added more registers for the register dump.      	[PATCH] Removed strong branded device ids  	  	* Removed strong branded device ids from the device id table  	  along with the associated branding strings.      	[PATCH] Added support for 82546 Quad-port adapter  	  	* Added support for 82546 Quad-port adapter      	[PATCH] Fixed LED coloring on 82541/82547 controllers  	  	* LED colors on 82541 and 82547 controllers were incorrect.  	  The LED mode register didn't have the proper configuration.      	[PATCH] Miscellaneous code cleanup  	  	* Added Change Log entries  	* Miscellaneous code cleanup      	[PATCH] Whitespace cleanup  	  	* Whitespace cleanup      	o wanrouter/wanmain: fix namespace, fixing the current problem with device_shutdown      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: trivial whitespace and name changes  	  	No real code changes.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: replace yield()  	  	Use set_current_state (TASK_RUNNING); schedule(); instead.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: add defensive memory barriers  	  	Defend against future maintainers.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: spin_lock_irqsave -> spin_lock_irq in process context  	  	Replace spin_lock_irqsave/spin_unlock_irqrestore with  	spin_lock_irq/spin_unlock_irq in routines that are only  	called in process context.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: spin_lock_irqsave -> spin_lock_irq in tasklets  	  	Replace spin_lock_irqsave/spin_unlock_irqrestore with  	spin_lock_irq/spin_unlock_irq in tasklet actions, since  	these are always called with local irqs enabled.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: verbose debugging  	  	Add a vdbg macro for verbose debugging, and convert some  	noisy debugging statements to use it.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: remove stale code  	  	Should have gone long ago.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: use optimally sized reconstruction buffers  	  	Calculate the maximum size needed for the SAR  	reconstruction buffer from the supplied qos parameters.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: send path micro optimizations      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: kfree_skb -> dev_kfree_skb  	  	Always use dev_kfree_skb.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: remove useless NULL pointer checks  	  	The stats field is never NULL.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: receive path micro optimization  	  	Make the most discriminating comparison first.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: receive code rewrite  	  	Main points:  	- receive buffers are decoupled from urbs, so an urb can be  	resubmitted with a new buffer before the old buffer is processed.  	- the packet reconstruction code is much simpler.  	- locking is simplified by the fact that only the tasklet launches  	receive urbs      	USB: speedtch merge fixups by hand.      	[AGPGART] Make alpha AGP work again.  	From Jeff Wiedemeier and Richard Henderson      	ACPI: Do not reinit ACPI irq entry in ioapic (thanks to Stian Jordet)      	[NETFILTER]: Non-linear iptables: core code.  	  	Adjusts the IPTables core to handle non-linear packets.  Extensions  	done separately in next patch.  Also, comments about when to set  	"me" field in struct ipt_match, ipt_table and ipt_target are  	corrected.      	[NETFILTER]: Linearize iptables matches.  	  	Adjusts the IPTables matches to handle non-linear packets.  	Untested: ipt_ah and ipt_esp.      	[NETFILTER]: Linearize iptables targets.  	  	Adjusts the IPTables targets to handle non-linear packets.  	ipt_ULOG untested.      	[NETFILTER]: Use proper printf format for size_t in ipt_owner.c      	[NETFILTER]: Update ipt_physdev.c for match arg changes.      	[IPV6]: DST entry leak found by stanford checker.      	[IPV6]: Memory leak found by stanford checker.      	[NET]: In dst_alloc, do not assume layout of atomic_t.      	[NET]: Make dv_init an initcall.      	[IPV6]: Remove obsolete declaration in transp_v6.h      	[NET]: Switch arcnet over to initcalls.      	[IPV4]: Use seq_release_private(), kill ip_seq_release() since no longer used.      	Use proper ANSI stype function declarations in definitions.      	PCI: add pci_get_dev() and pci_put_dev()  	  	Move the PCI core to start using these, enabling proper reference counting  	on struct pci_dev.      	[PATCH] PCI: remove pci_insert_device() as no one uses it anymore.      	[PATCH] shrink_all_memory() fix  	  	The calling task must have a valid reclaim_state when running page  	reclaim.  But I had forgotten about shrink_all_memory().      	[IPV6]: Dont store pointers to in6_addrs in struct flowi.      	[IPV4]: Fix fib_hash performance problems with huge route tables.      	[IPV4]: Dont erroneously print UDP6 sockets in /proc/net/udp.      	[AF_KEY]: Zero out sadb_prop_reserved.      	[IPV6]: procfs clean-up      	[NET]: Zap non-netdevice usage of SET_MODULE_OWNER.      	[TCP]: Move TCP_TWKILL_foo macro definitions into tcp_minisocks.c      	[NET]: Kill SMP_TIMER_* users.  	  	Before timers were run per-cpu as they are now, one used  	to use the SMP_TIMER_* macros to move globally synchronized  	timer work into tasklets.  	  	But with per-cpu timers this is useless work and in fact makes  	thing run more slowly.      	[TIMERS]: No more SMP_TIMER_* users, kill it.      	[SPARC64]: Offer isdn/irda/telephony config options.      	[IRDA]: Protect IDA dma stuff with CONFIG_ISA.      	[SPARC64]: Update defconfig.      	[NET]: Convert madgemc to initcalls.      	[NETFILTER]: Make nat helper modules use symbols to force conntrack modules.  	  	NAT helpers almost always require the matching conntrack helper to  	work at all: this should be forced at load time, rather than at  	runtime (which only works via kmod, and is icky).  Convenient macros  	allow this.      	[NET]: Invoke netdev_unregister_sysfs() outside of RTNL semaphore.      	[IPV4]: Use get_order instead of reimplementation.      	[PATCH] x86-64 merge  	  	Lots of changes that have accumulated over the last weeks.  	  	This makes it compile and boot again, Lots of bug fixes, including  	security fixes.  Several speedups.  	  	Only changes x86-64 specific files.  	  	 - Use private copy of siginfo.h (for si_band)  	 - Align 32bit vsyscall coredump (from Roland McGrath)  	 - First steps towards 64bit vsyscall coredump (not working yet)  	 - Use in kernel trampoline for signals  	 - Merge APIC pm update from Pavel/Mikael  	 - Security fix for ioperm (from i386)  	 - Reenable vsyscall dumping for 32bit coredumps  	 - Fix bugs in 32bit coredump that could lead to oopses.  	 - Fix 64bit vsyscalls  	 - Revert change in pci-gart.c: pci_alloc_consistent must use an  	   0xffffffff mask hardcoded.  	 - Fix bug in noexec= option handling  	 - Expo
rt fake_node  	 - Cleanups from Pavel  	 - Disable 32bit vsyscall coredump again.  Still has some problems.  	 - Implement new noexec= and noexec32= options to give a wide choice  	   of support for non executable mappings for 32bit and 64bit processes.  	   The default is now to honor PROT_EXEC, but mark stack and heap  	   PROT_EXEC.  	 - 32bit emulation changes from Pavel: use compat_* types.  	 - (2.4) Use physical address for GART register.  	 - Convert debugreg array to individual members and clean up ptrace  	   access.  This saves 16 byte per task.  	 - (2.4) Use new streamlined context switch code.  This avoids a  	   pipeline stall and pushes the register saving to C code.  	 - Save flags register in context switch  	 - Clean up SMP early bootup.  Remove some unnecessary code.  	 - (2.4) Process numa= option early  	 - (2.4) Merge 2.4 clear_page, copy_*_user, copy_page, memcpy, memset.  	   These are much faster.  clear/copy_page don't force the new page out  	   of memory now which should speed up user processes.  Also full  	   workaround for errata #91.  	 - Some cleanup in pageattr.c code.    	 - Fix warning in i387.h  	 - Fix wrong PAGE_KERNEL_LARGE define.  This fixes a security hole and  	   makes AGP work again.  	 - Fix wrong segment exception handler to not crash.  	 - Fix incorrect swapgs handling in bad iret exception handling  	 - Clean up some boot printks  	 - Micro optimize exception handling preamble.  	 - New reboot handling.  Supports warm reboot and BIOS reboot vector  	   reboot now.  	 - (2.4) Use MTRRs by default in vesafb  	 - Fix bug in put_dirty_page: use correct page permissions for the stack  	 - Fix type of si_band in asm-generic/siginfo.h to match POSIX/glibc  	   (needs checking with other architecture maintainers)  	 - (2.4) Define ARCH_HAS_NMI_WATCHDOG  	 - Minor cleanup in calling.h  	 - IOMMU tuning: only flush the GART TLB when the IOMMU aperture area  	   allocation wraps.  Also don't clear entries until needed.  This  	   should increase IO performance for IOMMU devices greatly.  Still a  	   bit experimental, handle with care.  	 - Unmap the IOMMU aperture from kernel mapping to prevent unwanted CPU  	   prefetches.  	 - Make IOMMU_LEAK_TRACE depend on IOMMU_DEBUG  	 - Fix minor bug in pci_alloc_consistent - always check against the dma  	   mask of the device, not 0xffffffff.  	 - Remove streamining mapping delayed flush in IOMMU: not needed anymore  	   and didn't work correctly in 2.5 anyways.  	 - Fix the bad pte warnings caused by the SMP/APIC bootup.  	 - Forward port 2.4 fix: ioperm was changing the wrong io ports in some  	   cases.  	 - Minor cleanups  	 - Some cleanups in pageattr.c (still buggy)  	 - Fix some bugs in the AGP driver.  	 - Forward port from 2.4: mask all reserved bits in debug register in  	   ptrace.  Previously gdb could crash the kernel by passing invalid  	   values.  	 - Security fix: make sure FPU is in a defined state after an  	   FXSAVE/FXRSTOR exception occurred.  	 - Eats keys on panic (works around a buggy KVM)  	 - Make user.h user includeable.  	 - Disable sign compare warnings for gcc 3.3-hammer  	 - Use DSO for 32bit vsyscalls and dump it in core dumps.  Add dwarf2  	   information for the vsyscalls.  	   Thanks to Richard Henderson for helping me with the nasty parts of  	   it.  I had to do some changes over his patch and it's currently only  	   lightly tested.  Handle with care.  This only affects 32bit programs  	   that use a glibc 3.2 with sysenter support.  	 - Security fixes for the 32bit ioctl handlers.  Also some simplications  	   and speedups.  	 - gcc 3.3-hammer compile fixes for inline assembly  	 - Remove acpi.c file corpse.  	 - Lots of warning fixes  	 - Disable some Dprintks to make the bootup quieter again  	 - Clean up ptrace a bit (together with warning fixes)  	 - Merge with i386 (handle ACPI dynamic irq entries properly)  	 - Disable change_page_attr in pci-gart for now.  Strictly that's  	   incorrect, need to do more testing for the root cause of the current  	   IOMMU problems.  	 - Update defconfig  	 - Disable first prefetch in copy_user that is likely to trigger Opteron  	   Errata #91  	 - More irqreturn_t fixes  	 - Add pte_user and fix the vsyscall ptrace hack in generic code.  	   It's still partly broken  	 - Port verbose MCE handler from 2.4      	[PATCH] USB: bugfix endpoint state  	  	This resolves some problems in the endpoint disable  	patch I sent recently:  	  	  - wasn't un-halting some endpoints  	  - was clobbering ep0 setup in some cases.      	[PATCH] USB speedtouch: set owner fields  	  	I think I'd better work on my plausible deniability...      	[PATCH] USB: uhci Interrupt Latency fix  	  	Paul:  	  	Okay, I think this patch ought to do the trick.  I modified the PM  	suspend/resume code so that on buggy motherboards like yours the suspend  	routine really does a reset, while on normal motherboards the resume  	routine really does a resume.  I haven't tried that part out because,  	truth to tell, I'm a little scared of doing an APM/ACPI suspend.  Not long  	ago I walked away from my computer for about a half-hour, leaving 2.5.69  	running.  When I got back the screen was blank and the machine was totally  	non-responsive.  	  	I changed the delays in reset_hc() to use schedule_timeout() rather than  	wait_ms(), which should make it more friendly.  	  	Finally, I put the USBCMD_FGR back into wakeup_hc().  The reason for it is  	now evident: a wakeup might be the result of a system-initiated event  	as opposed to something requested by a device.      	[PATCH] USB: Addition to previous patch needed for PM UHCI  	  	This is the addition needed to make my previous patch for the UHCI  	controller work properly with PM suspend/resume.      	[PATCH] USB: net2280, control requests can be deferred  	  	To handle control messaging in contexts other than the  	IRQ handler's setup() callback, a bit of automagic needed  	to be removed; and some minor bugs fixed.      	o icmp: cleanups, use C99 array init style, etc      	ACPI: update to 20030522  	  	Found and fixed a reported problem where an AE_NOT_FOUND error occurred occasionally  	during _BST evaluation.  This turned out to be an Owner ID allocation issue where a  	called method did not get a new ID assigned to it.  Eventually, (after 64k calls), the  	Owner ID UINT16 would wraparound so that the ID would be the same as the caller's and the  	called method would delete the caller's namespace.  	  	Implemented extended error reporting for control methods that are aborted due to a  	run-time exception.  Output includes the exact AML instruction that caused the method  	abort, a dump of the method locals and arguments at the time of the abort, and a trace of  	all nested control method calls.  	  	Modified the interpreter to allow the creation of buffers of zero length from the AML  	code. Implemented new code to ensure that no attempt is made to actually allocate a  	memory buffer (of length zero), only a buffer object with a NULL buffer pointer and  	length zero.  A warning is no longer issued when the AML attempts to create a zero-length  	buffer.  	  	Implemented a workaround for the "leading asterisk problem" in _HIDs, _UIDs, and _CIDs.  	One leading asterisk is automatically removed if present in all HID, UID, and CID  	strings.  	  	Implemented full support for _CID methods that return a package of multiple CIDs.  The  	AcpiGetObjectInfo interface now returns a device _HID, _UID, and _CID list if present.  	This required a change to the external interface to pass an ACPI_BUFFER object as a  	parameter, since the _CID list is of variable length.  	  	Fixed a problem with the new AE_SAME_HANDLER exception where handler initialization code  	did not know about this exception.      	ACPI: Allow multiple compatible IDs for PnP purposes      	[PATCH] Fix incorrect enablebits for all AMD and nVidia IDE chipsets.  	  	Fix incorrect enableb
its for all AMD and nVidia IDE chipsets.  	Author: Vojtech Pavlik      	[PATCH] Add IDE support for VIA vt8237 southbridge.  	  	Add IDE support for VIA vt8237 southbridge.  	Author: Vojtech Pavlik      	[PATCH] Intel ICH5 basic SATA support  	  	Add Intel ICH5 basic SATA support (from 2.4 by Andre Hedrick)  	and as a bonus kill duplicate entry in piix_pci_info[].      	[PATCH] misc AMD IDE driver fixes  	  	Fix incorrect UDMA100 cable test (by Dave Jones).  	Fix compilation warning.      	[PATCH] add hwif->hold flag  	  	Add hwif->hold flag for hotswap interfaces.  	Initialize founded hwif in ide_register_hw().  	  	Original patch by Benjamin Herrenschmidt.      	[PATCH] SiS IDE driver fixes  	  	SiS IDE driver fixes by Lionel Bouton:  	- support for SiS655  	- support for SiS630S/ET UDMA5 mode  	- corrected /proc/ide/sis output for ATA133 chipsets  	  (drives' positions were swapped)  	- use of pci_read_config_byte() instead of direct PCI poking  	  for SiS962+ detection      	[PATCH] ServerWorks IDE driver update  	  	ServerWorks CSB5 IDE fixes (from 2.4 patches by Duncan Laurie)  	  	- blacklist drives overrunning their FIFOs in UDMA5/6 modes  	- add PCI quirk (CSB5 IDE doesn't fully support native mode)  	  	plus sync driver with 2.4 version.      	[PATCH] add hwif->rw_disk callout  	  	Add hwif->rw_disk callout (forward port of 2.4 Alan's work).  	  	"This allows us to remove the PDC4030 special case  	 and also allows for the 372N clock switch stuff."      	[PATCH] _IDE_C cleanup  	  	Since ide_get_best_pio_mode() and ide_pio_timings[]  	are now properly exported in ide-lib.c, we can remove  	dirty include hacks from some legacy drivers.      	Fix preempt on PPC32 - have to set PREEMPT_ACTIVE when preempting kernel stuff.      	PPC32: Export a couple of symbols needed by direct rendering modules.      	[PATCH] kconfig check fixes  	  	- fix a problem with a unset menuconfig, during the config check it's possible  	  conf selects the wrong parent menu and the result is an endless loop.  	- only changable config symbols are relevant during config check,  	  otherwise we get another endless loop.      	[PATCH] IPMI update  	  	 - small cleanups to make the spacing consistent  	 - modifications to the watchdog so it starts the first time  	   you hit it, not the second.  	 - Fix for returning the proper value when starting the  	   sequence number timer.  	 - Fix a parameter name in the watchdog.      	[PATCH] Make ACPI compile again on 64bit/gcc 3.3  	  	Fix prototypes to match function definitions      	[PATCH] elevator core update  	  	The noop io scheduler has a data corrupting bug, because q->last_merge  	doesn't get cleared properly.  So do that in io scheduler core, and  	remove the same code from deadline.  	  	Also kill bio_rq_in_between(), it's not used by anyone anymore. rbtrees  	are the hot thing these days.  	  	And finally, remove a direct test for REQ_CMD in rq flags, use  	blk_fs_request() instead.      	[PATCH] make vt_ioctl ix86isms explicit  	  	sys_ioperm is only implemented on x86 (i386/x86_64).  Make the  	ifdefs in vt_ioctl.c more explicit so the other architectures can  	get rid of their stubs in favour of just using sys_ni_syscall in  	the syscall table.  	  	Maybe we should remove it altogether, it looks like remnants from  	some very early X386 times (ie the Thomas Roell timeframe).      	Merge gamma driver from DRI CVS, and fix it up for 2.5.x changes.  	  	Whether it works or not is unknown. I don't have the hardware.      	DRI CVS update  	 - Pass in the "device" to remapping functions  	 - add radeon CP resume ioctl  	 - remove warnings and stale DMA debug code      	More files to ignore: mtools.conf      	Make KOBJ_NAME_LEN bigger, since at least the ieee1394 code  	has bus ID's that are longer than 16 bytes.  	  	Noted by Ben Collins, who also signed up to fix up some broken  	strncpy() users. Sucker!      	Add 'strlcpy()' implementation      	Make driver model use 'strlcpy()' to make sure that all  	names are NUL-terminated  	  	Noted by Ben Collins.      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [1/20]  	  	M68k core: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [1/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [2/20]  	  	M68k Amiga: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [2/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [3/20]  	  	M68k Apollo: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [3/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [4/20]  	  	M68k Atari: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [4/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [5/20]  	  	M68k BVME6000: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [5/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [6/20]  	  	M68k HP9000/300: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [6/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [7/20]  	  	M68k Macintosh: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [7/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [8/20]  	  	M68k MVME147: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [8/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [9/20]  	  	M68k MVME16x: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [9/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [10/20]  	  	M68k Q40: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [10/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [11/20]  	  	M68k Sun-3: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [11/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [12/20]  	  	M68k Sun-3x: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [12/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [13/20]  	  	M68k block drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [13/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [14/20]  	  	M68k char drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [14/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [15/20]  	  	M68k input drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [15/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [16/20]  	  	M68k mac drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [16/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [17/20]  	  	M68k net drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [17/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [18/20]  	  	M68k parport drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [18/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [19/20]  	  	M68k SCSI drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [19/20]      	[PATCH] M68k IRQ API updates [20/20]  	  	M68k fbdev drivers: Update to the new irq API (from Roman Zippel and me) [20/20]      	[PATCH] Ataflop fix  	  	Ataflop: fix breakage after recent cleanups      	[PATCH] Atari Atyfb fixes  	  	Atyfb fixes for Atari (got reversed in 2.5.69):  	  - Add missing allocation of default_par  	  - Kill warnings in assignments      	[PATCH] times must be unsigned long  	  	AFS and RXRPC: times must be unsigned long      	[PATCH] M68k kill ide_ioreg_t  	  	M68k IDE: kill ide_ioreg_t and q40ide_ioreg_t      	[PATCH] M68k pte_file  	  	M68k: Add pte_file() for Motorola MMUs (from Roman Zippel):  	  - Add support for file file offsets
 in pte's (recycle unused _PAGE_COW bit)  	  - Move swap macros into the mmu specific header  	  - Fix swap macros (lowest two bits must be cleared)      	[PATCH] hosts.c missing config.h  	  	SCSI: hosts.c uses CONFIG_*, hence it needs to include       	[PATCH] M68k sys_ipc ENOSYS  	  	M68k: Fix sys_ipc() to return ENOSYS instead of EINVAL as appropriate.      	[PATCH] m68k ptrace  	  	M68k: Use ptrace_check_attach instead of doing the checks ourselves (from  	Andreas Schwab).      	[PATCH] dmasound resurrection  	  	Resurrect dmasound:  	  - Re-add dmasound to the build process  	  - Update dmasound.h, which got missed in the dmasound update in 2.5.15  	  - Compile fixes for core, Atari, Amiga Paula, and Q40:  	      o Update for s/MINOR/minor/g changes  	      o Add missing   	      o Fix spinlock typo      	[PATCH] M68k IDE  	  	M68k IDE:  	  - Update for new-style low-level IDE operations. Since so far no single  	    m68k platform uses ISA/PCI I/O space for IDE, we always use the `raw' MMIO  	    versions.  	  - ATA_ARCH_LOCK was renamed to IDE_ARCH_LOCK  	  - Define ide_ack_intr() and set IDE_ARCH_ACK_INTR      	[PATCH] IDE iops clean ups  	  	IDE I/O operations clean ups:  	  - Kill warning about void return type not being ignored  	  - Fix comment: Q40/Q60 also has a byte-swapped IDE interface      	[PATCH] Amifb updates  	  	Amifb: Updates for fbdev changes in 2.5.66 and 2.5.68:  	  - Last parameter of fb_{fillrect,copyarea,imageblit}() became const      	[PATCH] M68k raw I/O updates  	  	M68k raw I/O updates:  	  - Convert raw I/O access macros to inline functions:  	      o raw_{in,out}s[bw]()  	      o raw_{in,out}sw_swapw()  	  - Add raw_{in,out}sl() (needed for IDE)  	  - Update isa_[im]t_[bw]() for stricter type checking of inline functions      	[PATCH] Q40/Q60 IDE  	  	Q40/Q60 IDE: Use the standard IDE operations, which are always MMIO on m68k,  	but make sure IDE shows up in /proc/ioports (from Richard Zidlicky).      	[PATCH] HAVE_ARCH_GET_SIGNAL_TO_DELIVER warning  	  	Kill warning about unused static functions if HAVE_ARCH_GET_SIGNAL_TO_DELIVER  	is defined.      	[PATCH] M68k wd33c93_{abort,host_reset}()  	  	Use new wd33c93_{abort,host_reset}() routines introduced in 2.5.67 in the m68k  	wd33c93-based SCSI host adapter drivers:  	  - Amiga A2091 SCSI  	  - Amiga A3000 SCSI  	  - Amiga GVP Series II SCSI  	  - MVME147 SCSI  	  	These drivers still have to implement their own adapter-specific bus_reset()  	routines!      	[PATCH] Atafb bug in #if 0 code  	  	Atafb bug in #if 0 code (from 2.4.x)      	[PATCH] Obsolete include/asm-ppc/linux_logo.h  	  	Forgot to remove include/asm-ppc/linux_logo.h when integrating the new logo  	code.      	[PATCH] TIOCCONS fix  	  	This fixes the TIOCCONS race; it's the same as the 2.4 patch except for  	a fix for a brown-paperbag bug in it.      	[PATCH] cpqarray fixes  	  	This restores the special-case behaviour of open() on the minor 0;  	cpqarray allows to open that guy for ioctls even if nothing is  	configured.  That got broken when gendisk patches went in.  Patch  	restores the old behaviour by keeping gendisk for the first disk on  	controller always registered; instead of unregistering it we set size to  	0.      	[PATCH] pg.c macroectomy  	  	This removes cpp abuses - same as had been done for pd/pf/pcd.      	[PATCH] pg.c Lindent  	  	pg.c fed through Lindent      	[PATCH] pg.c macroectomy - part 2  	  	Remove the rest of cpp abuse in pg.c      	[PATCH] pt.c macroectomy  	  	Remove cpp abuses - same as had been done for pd/pf/pcd.      	[PATCH] pt.c Lindent  	  	pt.c fed through Lindent      	[PATCH] switch blk_register_area() to kobject  	  	preparation to cdev-cidr - the lookup mechanism for gendisks is switched  	to dealing with disk->kobj instead of disk.      	[PATCH] register_chrdev_region() cleanup  	  	register_chrdev_region() sanitized, code in tty_io.c that dealt with it  	cleaned up.      	[PATCH] kobj_map  	  	code responsible for gendisk lookups taken out in drivers/base and  	generalized - now it allows to have a range-based mapping from numbers  	to kobjects for given struct subsystem.      	[PATCH] cdev-cidr, part 1  	  	New object: struct cdev.  It contains a kobject, a pointer to  	file_operations and a pointer to owner module.  These guys have a search  	structure of the same sort as gendisks and chrdev_open() picks  	file_operations from them.  	  	Intended use: embed such animal in driver-owned structure (e.g.  	tty_driver) and register it as associated with given range of device  	numbers.  Generic code will do lookup for such object and use it for the  	rest.  	  	The behaviour of register_chrdev() is _not_ changed - it allocates  	struct cdev and registers it; any old driver will work as if nothing had  	changed.  	  	On that stage we only use it during chrdev_open() to find  	file_operations.  Later it will be cached in inode->i_cdev (and index in  	range - in inode->i_cindex) so that ->open() could get whatever objects  	it wants directly without any special-cased lookups, etc.      	[PATCH] i_cdev/i_cindex  	  	new fields in struct inode - i_cdev and i_cindex.  When we do open() on  	a character device we cache result of cdev lookup in inode and put the  	inode on a cyclic list anchored in cdev.  If we already have that done,  	we don't bother with any lookups.  When inode disappears it's removed  	from the list.  When cdev gets unregistered we remove all cached  	references to it (and remove such inodes from the list).  cdev is held  	until final fput() now.      	[PATCH] support "requeueing" futexes  	  	This addresses a futex related SMP scalability problem of  	glibc. A number of regressions have been reported to the NTPL mailing list  	when going to many CPUs, for applications that use condition variables and  	the pthread_cond_broadcast() API call. Using this functionality, testcode  	shows a slowdown from 0.12 seconds runtime to over 237 seconds (!)  	runtime, on 4-CPU systems.  	  	pthread condition variables use two futex-backed mutex-alike locks: an  	internal one for the glibc CV state itself, and a user-supplied mutex  	which the API guarantees to take in certain codepaths. (Unfortunately the  	user-supplied mutex cannot be used to protect the CV state, so we've got  	to deal with two locks.)  	  	The cause of the slowdown is a 'swarm effect': if lots of threads are  	blocked on a condition variable, and pthread_cond_broadcast() is done,  	then glibc first does a FUTEX_WAKE on the cv-internal mutex, then down a  	mutex_down() on the user-supplied mutex. Ie. a swarm of threads is created  	which all race to serialize on the user-supplied mutex. The more threads  	are used, the more likely it becomes that the scheduler will balance them  	over to other CPUs - where they just schedule, try to lock the mutex, and  	go to sleep. This 'swarm effect' is purely technical, a side-effect of  	glibc's use of futexes, and the imperfect coupling of the two locks.  	  	the solution to this problem is to not wake up the swarm of threads, but  	'requeue' them from the CV-internal mutex to the user-supplied mutex. The  	attached patch adds the FUTEX_REQUEUE feature FUTEX_REQUEUE requeues N  	threads from futex address A to futex address B.  	  	This way glibc can wake up a single thread (which will take the  	user-mutex), and can requeue the rest, with a single system-call.  	  	Ulrich Drepper has implemented FUTEX_REQUEUE support in glibc, and a  	number of people have tested it over the past couple of weeks. Here are  	the measurements done by Sa
urabh Desai:  	  	System: 4xPIII 700MHz  	  	 ./cond-perf -r 100 -n 200:        1p       2p         4p  	 Default NPTL:                 0.120s   0.211s   237.407s  	 requeue NPTL:                 0.124s   0.156s     0.040s  	  	 ./cond-perf -r 1000 -n 100:  	 Default NPTL:                 0.276s   0.412s     0.530s  	 requeue NPTL:                 0.349s   0.503s     0.550s  	  	 ./pp -v -n 128 -i 1000 -S 32768:  	 Default NPTL: 128 games in    1.111s   1.270s    16.894s  	 requeue NPTL: 128 games in    1.111s   1.959s     2.426s  	  	 ./pp -v -n 1024 -i 10 -S 32768:  	 Default NPTL: 1024 games in   0.181s   0.394s     incompleted 2m+  	 requeue NPTL: 1024 games in   0.166s   0.254s     0.341s  	  	the speedup with increasing number of threads is quite significant, in the  	128 threads, case it's more than 8 times. In the cond-perf test, on 4 CPUs  	it's almost infinitely faster than the 'swarm of threads' catastrophy  	triggered by the old code.      	Fix compile warning from Al's chardev cleanups.      	Make cdev infrastructure initialize early  	  	Very early initialization (core_initcall) needs to have the cdev  	initialization done.  So make it part of the pre-initcall sequence, the  	same way the bdev caches were done.      	[PATCH] ppc64: 32/64bit emulation for aio  	  	From: Anton Blanchard   	  	PPC64 32/64-bit emulation for AIO.      	[PATCH] ppc64: Fix some PPC64 compile warnings  	  	Fix some warnings in the ppc64 build.  	  	Also declare a couple of AIO functions in aio.h rather than aio.c They are  	needed for 32-bit emulation support.      	[PATCH] ppc64: PPC64 irq return fix  	  	PPC64 irq return fix      	[PATCH] ppc64: Squash warning in ppc64 addnote tool  	  	From: David Gibson   	  	addnote in arch/ppc64/boot (a userspace tool, not kernel code) uses exit()  	without including stdlib.h.      	[PATCH] ppc64: Squash implicit declaration warning in ppc64  	  	From: David Gibson   	  	Squash implicit declaration warning in ppc64 align.c      	[PATCH] ppc64: do_signal32 warning fix  	  	do_signal32() is used before it is defined, this prototype squashes the  	warning.      	[PATCH] ppc64: Squash warning in ppc64 xics.c  	  	From: David Gibson   	  	xics.c uses ppc64_boot_msg() without prototype, this fixes it by inclding  	.      	[PATCH] ppc64: Unused variables in ppc64 prom.c  	  	From: David Gibson   	  	This removes a bunch of unused variables in prom_init(), squashing the  	associated warnings.      	[PATCH] ppc64: build fix  	  	It needs sched.h for `current'.      	[PATCH] ppc64: ioctl32 warning fix  	  	warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast      	[PATCH] ppc64: nail warnings in arch/ppc64/kernel/setup.c  	  	two printk warnings      	[PATCH] ppc64: arch/ppc64/kernel/traps.c warning fixes  	  	Fix a printk warning      	[PATCH] ppc64: more warning fixes  	  	arch/ppc64/kernel/htab.c:105: warning: implicit declaration of function `pSeries_lpar_hpte_insert'  	arch/ppc64/kernel/htab.c:109: warning: implicit declaration of function `pSeries_hpte_insert'      	[PATCH] tty_io warning fix  	  	Don't assume the size of dev_t: on ppc64 it is unsignedlong and this  	generates a printk warning.      	[PATCH] siocdevprivate_ioctl warning fix  	  	fs/compat.c: In function `compat_sys_ioctl':  	fs/compat.c:324: warning: implicit declaration of function `siocdevprivate_ioctl'      	[PATCH] arch/i386/kernel/mpparse.c warning fixes  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	mpc_apicid is a u8, and MAX_APICS can be 256.      	[PATCH] Fix dcache_lock/tasklist_lock ranking bug  	  	__unhash_process acquires the dcache_lock while holding the  	tasklist_lock for writing. This can deadlock. Additionally,  	fs/proc/base.c incorrectly assumed that p->pid would be set to 0 during  	release_task.  	  	The patch fixes that by adding a new spinlock to the task structure and  	fixing all references to (!p->pid).  	  	The alternative to the new spinlock would be to hold dcache_lock around  	__unhash_process.  	  	- fs/proc/base.c assumed that p->pid is reset to 0 during exit.  This is  	  not the case anymore.  I now look at the count of the pid structure for  	  PIDTYPE_PID.  	  	- de_thread now tested - as broken as it was before: open handles to  	  /proc/ are either stale or invalid after an exec of a nptl process,  	  if the exec was call from a secondary thread.  	  	- a few lock_kernels removed - that part of /proc doesn't need it.  	  	- additional instances of 'if(current->pid)' replaced with pid_alive.      	[PATCH] APM does unsafe conditional set_cpus_allowed  	  	From: Zwane Mwaikambo   	  	kapmd does a conditional check in order to decide whether to set the task's  	cpu affinity mask.  This can change during runtime, therefore we  	unconditionally set it.  There is an early exit in set_cpus_allowed if the  	current processor is in the allowed mask anyway.      	[PATCH] reiserfs: inode attributes support.  	  	From: Oleg Drokin   	  	This is a forward port of 2.4's inode attributes support for reiserfs.  	Original implementation for 2.4 was performed by Nikita Danilov.  	  	In order to enable this support, one must use "attrs" mount options, eg:  	  		mount /dev/hda1 /mount/pont -t reiserfs -o attrs  	  	Also either the filesystem must have been created with a recent mkreiserfs  	or must have been modified by a recent version of reiserfsck with its  	"--clean-attributes" option.  	  	If that is not done, attributes support will not be enabled and a kernel  	message will be printed.  This is necessary because old kernels left random  	garbage in the place where these attributes now live.  	  	These attributes are totally compatible with ext2's ones.  You can  	manipulate them with chattr/lsattr etc.  	  	Additionally the chattr 'd' option may be used to disable tail packing on a  	specific file or a directory tree.  (The 'd' option normally means "don't  	dump".  reiserfs has overloaded it).      	[PATCH] xirc2ps_cs irq return fix  	  	From zwane  	  	We shutdown the MAC part of the card and have interrupts disabled, interrupt  	gets queued, we reenable interrupts after shutting down device, service the  	interrupt, check status and get 0xff from powered down device.  	  	No idea what he's talking about here, but apparently the irq return handling  	isn't working out.  Just return IRQ_HANDLED all the time.      	[PATCH] Fix readdir error return value  	  	From: OGAWA Hirofumi   	  	There are a couple of places in the readdir code where it forgets to set  	the returned error code to -EFAULT, leaving it at the default -EINVAL.  	  	Fix that up, and rename getdents_callback64.count to "result", which makes  	more sense.      	[PATCH] Don't remove inode from hash until filesystem has  	  	From: Neil Brown   	  	When an NFS request arrives, it contains a filehandle which needs to be  	converted to a dentry.  Many filesystems use find_exported_dentry in  	fs/exportfs/expfs.c.  A key part of this on filesystem where a 32bit inode  	number uniquely locates a file is export_iget which calls iget(sb, inum).  	  	iget will either:  	  	   1/ find the inode in the inode cache and return it  	  	 or  	  	   2/ create a new inode and call ->read_inode to load it from the  	      storage device.  	  	export_iget then verifies the inode is really a good inode (->read_inode  	didn't detect any problems) and the right inode (base on generation number  	from the file handle).  	  	For this to work reliably, it is important that whenever an inode is *not* in  	the cache, t
he on-device version is up-to-date.  Otherwise, when read_inode  	loads the inode it will get bad data.  	  	For a file that has not been deleted, this condition always holds: a dirty  	inode is always flushed to disc before the inode is unhashed.  	  	However for a file that is being deleted this condition doesn't (didn't)  	hold.  When iput -> iput_final -> generic_drop_inode -> generic_delete_inode  	is called we would unhash the inode before calling into the filesytem through  	->delete_inode.  	  	So there is a small window between when generic_delete_inode unhashes the  	inode, and when ->delete_inode writes something to disc, where a call to  	->read_inode (for export_iget) might discover what it thinks is a valid  	inode, but is really one that is in the process of being destroyed.  	  	It is this window that I want to close by moving the unhashing to the end of  	generic_delete_inode.      	[PATCH] slab: account for reclaimable caches  	  	We have a problem at present in vm_enough_memory(): it uses smoke-n-mirrors  	to try to work out how much memory can be reclaimed from dcache and icache.  	it sometimes gets it quite wrong, especially if the slab has internal  	fragmentation.  And it often does.  	  	So here we take a new approach.  Rather than trying to work out how many  	pages are reclaimable by counting up the number of inodes and dentries, we  	change the slab allocator to keep count of how many pages are currently used  	by slabs which can be shrunk by the VM.  	  	The creator of the slab marks the slab as being reclaimable at  	kmem_cache_create()-time.  Slab keeps a global counter of pages which are  	currently in use by thus-tagged slabs.  	  	Of course, we now slightly overestimate the amount of reclaimable memory,  	because not _all_ of the icache, dcache, mbcache and quota caches are  	reclaimable.  	  	But I think it's better to be a bit permissive rather than bogusly failing  	brk() calls as we do at present.      	[PATCH] mark shrinkable slabs as being reclaimable  	  	All slabs which can be reclaimed via VM presure are marked as being  	shrinkable, so the core slab code will keep count of their pages.  	  	Except for the one in XFS.  It has strange wrapper stuff.      	[PATCH] Process Attribute API for Security Modules  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This updated patch against 2.5.69 merges the readdir and lookup routines  	for proc_base and proc_attr, fixes the copy_to_user call in proc_attr_read  	and proc_info_read, moves the new data and code within CONFIG_SECURITY, and  	uses ARRAY_SIZE, per the comments from Al Viro and Andrew Morton.  As  	before, this patch implements a process attribute API for security modules  	via a set of nodes in a /proc/pid/attr directory.  Credit for the idea of  	implementing this API via /proc/pid/attr nodes goes to Al Viro.  Jan Harkes  	provided a nice cleanup of the implementation to reduce the code bloat.      	[PATCH] Process Attribute API for Security Modules (fixlet)  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This patch, relative to the /proc/pid/attr patch against 2.5.69, fixes the  	mode values of the /proc/pid/attr nodes to avoid interference by the normal  	Linux access checks for these nodes (and also fixes the /proc/pid/attr/prev  	mode to reflect its read-only nature).  	  	Otherwise, when the dumpable flag is cleared by a set[ug]id or unreadable  	executable, a process will lose the ability to set its own attributes via  	writes to /proc/pid/attr due to a DAC failure (/proc/pid inodes are  	assigned the root uid/gid if the task is not dumpable, and the original  	mode only permitted the owner to write).  	  	The security module should implement appropriate permission checking in its  	[gs]etprocattr hook functions.  In the case of SELinux, the setprocattr  	hook function only allows a process to write to its own /proc/pid/attr  	nodes as well as imposing other policy-based restrictions, and the  	getprocattr hook function performs a permission check between the security  	labels of the current process and target process to determine whether the  	operation is permitted.      	[PATCH] /proc/pid inode security labels  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This patch against 2.5.69-bk adds a hook to proc_pid_make_inode to allow  	security modules to set the security attributes on /proc/pid inodes based on  	the security attributes of the associated task.  This is required by SELinux  	in order to control access to the process state accessible via /proc/pid  	inodes in accordance with the task's security label.  	  	An alternative approach that was considered was to implement an xattr handler  	for /proc/pid inodes.  That approach would still require a hook call from the  	xattr handler to the security module to obtain an xattr value based on the  	task security attributes, so it would add a further level of  	indirection/translation.  The only benefit of implementing an xattr handler  	for the /proc/pid inodes would be that the /proc/pid inode security labels  	could then be exported to userspace.  However, the /proc/pid inode security  	labels are only used internally by the security module for access control  	purposes, and userspace access to the full range of process attributes is  	already provided via the /proc/pid/attr interface.  Consequently, a simple  	hook in proc_pid_make_inode seemed preferable.      	[PATCH] CONFIG_FUTEX  	  	From: Christopher Hoover   	  	Not everyone needs futex support, so it should be optional.  This is needed  	for small platforms.      	[PATCH] CONFIG_EPOLL  	  	From: Christopher Hoover   	  	Here's a patch to drop some more text/data/bss out of 2.5.  This time  	the ``victim'' is eventpollfs (epoll).      	[PATCH] devpts xattr handler for security labels  	  	From: Stephen Smalley   	  	This patch against 2.5.69-bk adds an xattr handler for security labels  	to devpts and corresponding hooks to the LSM API to support conversion  	between xattr values and the security labels stored in the inode  	security field by the security module.  	  	This allows userspace to get and set the security labels on devpts  	nodes, e.g.  so that sshd can set the security label for the pty using  	setxattr, just as sshd already sets the ownership using chown.  	  	SELinux uses this support to protect the pty in accordance with the user  	process' security label.  The changes to the LSM API are general and  	should be re-useable by xattr handlers in other pseudo filesystems to  	support similar security labeling.  The xattr handler for devpts  	includes the same generic framework as in ext[23], so handlers for other  	kinds of attributes can be added easily in the future.      	[PATCH] overcommit root margin  	  	From: Dave Hansen   	  	This patch makes vm_enough_memory(), more likely return failure when  	overcommit_memory==0 and !CAP_SYS_ADMIN.  I'm not sure it's worth having  	another tunable just for this.  	  	I also reworked the documentation a bit.  It should be a lot clearer to  	read now.      	[PATCH] net/sunrpc/sunrpc_syms.c typo fix  	  	From: Frank Cusack   	  	net/sunrpc/sunrpc_syms.c typo fix      	[PATCH] add notify_count for de_thread  	  	From: Manfred Spraul   	  	de_thread is called by exec to kill all threads in the thread group except  	the threads required for exec.  	  	The waiting is implemented by waiting for a wakeup from __exit_signal: If  	the reference count is less or equal to 2, then the waiter is woken up.  If  	exec is called by a non-leader thread, then two threads are required for  	exec.  	  	But if a thread group leader calls exec, then only one thread is required  	for exec.  Thus the hardcoded "2" leads to a superfluous wakeup.  The patch  	fixes that by adding a "notify_count" field to the signal structure.      	[PATCH] extend-check_valid_hugepage_r
ange.patch  	  	From: David Gibson   	  	  	Renames check_valid_hugepage_range() to is_hugepage_only_range(), which makes  	more sense.      	[PATCH] misc fixes  	  	- Add an explanation for clearing the focus bit on P4 (zwane)  	  	- __d_path kerneldoc fix (John Levon)  	  	- generic-hdlc documentation fix (Krzysztof Halasa )  	  	- cmdline_read_proc cleanup (Oleg Drokin)  	  	- remove a couple of unused vars from drivers/ide/pci/hpt366.c  	  	- sound/core/sgbuf.c needs mm.h at least on alpha, for mem_map and other  	  page stuff.  (Ivan Kokshaysky )  	  	- Don't use "u32 long" in cs46xx.c (Kevin Puetz )  	  	- fs/nfs/nfs4xdr.c warning fix: all the `goto out;' statements are  	  commented away, so comment away the label too.  	  	- net/ipv6/af_inet6.c: remove unused var  	  	- drivers/media/video/bttv-cards.c: jiffies are unsigned long  	  	- drivers/media/video/saa7134/saa7134-cards.c: unused var  	  	- Fix Documentation/Changes comment wrt sparc compiler version  	  	- drivers/pnp/quirks.c needs slab.h for kfree().  (Daniele Bellucci  	  )      	[PATCH] Documentation for disk iostats  	  	From: Rick Lindsley   	  	Here is a file to add to the Documentation/ directory which describes the  	disk statistics fields.      	[PATCH] Remove floating point use in cpia.c  	  	From: Duncan Haldane   	  	Gerd Knorr noticed a small use of floating point math in the cpia driver  	updates for 2.5.x I sent you a while ago, and this is not allowed in the  	kernel.  	  	This was in some code taken essentially verbatim from the Windows cpia  	driver released under the GPL by STM inc.  that had been incorporated in  	the later versions of the cpia drivera sourceforge.  	  	It turns out that the use of floating point was quite inessential, and I've  	reimplemented the couple of lines of code involved in integer arithmetic.      	[PATCH] rd.c: separate queue per disk  	  	From: Maneesh Soni   	  	Provides a separate request queue for each ramdisk instance.  Without this,  	the kernel oopses when the block later tries to unregister the same set of  	kobject things multiple times.  This makes rd.c consistent with all other  	"disk" devices.      	[PATCH] Better fix for ia32 subarch circular dependencies  	  	From: john stultz   	  	This is a rework of John's recent change which resolved a circular include  	dependency: a function in mach_apic.h requires hard_smp_processor_id() and  	hard_smp_processor_id() requires macros from mach_apic.h  	  	So this patch (against bk-current) reverts the previous, and fixes the same  	circular dependency in a much cleaner way, by moving a piece of the circular  	chain into its own .h file, rather then removing hard_smp_processor_id() and  	accessing the apic by hand.      	[PATCH] fix drivers/net/ewrk.c memory leak  	  	From: Hollis Blanchard   	  	Hi, this was caught by the Stanford memory leak checker a while ago  	(2.5.48). If the tmp_stats allocation fails, tmp is not being freed.      	[PATCH] fix init/do_mounts_rd.c memory leak  	  	From: Hollis Blanchard   	  	Another potential memory leak the Stanford checker caught at 2.5.48: while  	closing and opening floppy disks, buf could be allocated and never freed.      	[PATCH] two PNP memory leaks  	  	From: Hollis Blanchard   	  	Fix two pnp error-path memory leaks, caught by Stanford memory leak checker  	circa 2.5.48.      	[PATCH] Change mmu_gathers into per-cpu data  	  	From: Martin Hicks   	  	Here is a patch that changes mmu_gathers into a per-cpu resource.  It  	includes the changes for all arches except ia64.  I've sent a separate patch  	to David Mosberger for ia64.      	[PATCH] arch/i386/kernel/srat.c cast warning fix  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	Fix "cast to pointer from integer of a different size".      	[PATCH] ACPI constant overflow fixes  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	64-bit ACPI fixes      	[PATCH] tulip warning fix  	  	From: William Lee Irwin III   	  	Silence a printk warning.      	[PATCH] use update_mmu_cache() in install_page  	  	Tell the arch that install_page() has just added a page into the pagetables.      	[PATCH] namespace.c fix  	  	Yet another one in the namespace.c series.  	  	The code in graft_tree() used to be correct, but the code  	  	        err = -ENOENT;  	        down(&nd->dentry->d_inode->i_sem);  	        if (IS_DEADDIR(nd->dentry->d_inode))  	                goto out_unlock;  	  	        spin_lock(&dcache_lock);  	        if (IS_ROOT(nd->dentry) || !d_unhashed(nd->dentry)) {  			...  		}  		spin_unlock(&dcache_lock);  	 out_unlock:  	  	was made incorrect in 2.5.29 when  	  	        err = security_sb_check_sb(mnt, nd);  	        if (err)  	                goto out_unlock;  	  	was inserted.  It has happened more often that people overlooked  	a preexisting setting of err.      	[PATCH] kbuild: Get more focus on warnings  	  	Make the default kernel build less verbose, to make warnings show up  	more clearly.      	[PATCH] credits update      	Do a strlcat() to go with the strlcpy().      	[PATCH] A few more strlcpy's for drivers/base/      	[PATCH] sound/* strncpy conversion  	  	This does a lot of cleanup for strncpy->strlcpy, replaces some  	sprintf/snprintf's aswell.  There were only two places where things  	weren't straight forward.  All-in-all a good cleanup though.      	[PATCH] fs/* conversions for strlcpy  	  	I only converted the cases where it was obvious that the intent was to  	truncate on overflow. Lots of places for maxpath/readlink type stuff I  	left alone.      	[PATCH] do_mounts.c strlcpy  	  	Use strlcpy in root_dev_setup()      	[PATCH] return valid vma from get_user_pages for non-MMU systems  	  	A couple of updates for the non-MMU memory managment code:  	  	 - declare the overcommit variables  	 - return a real vma pointer from get_user_pages (it is used by some code)  	 - correct args to vmap()      	[PATCH] Fix snd_seq_queue_find_name()  	  	While going through sound/ for strncpy replacing, I came across this  	routine:  	  	/* return the (first) queue matching with the specified name */  	queue_t *snd_seq_queue_find_name(char *name)  	{  	        int i;  	        queue_t *q;  	  	        for (i = 0; i < SNDRV_SEQ_MAX_QUEUES; i++) {  	                if ((q = queueptr(i)) != NULL) {  	                        if (strncpy(q->name, name, sizeof(q->name)) == 0)  	                                return q;  	                        queuefree(q);  	                }  	        }  	        return NULL;  	}  	  	  	I'm _really_ sure that they meant to use strncmp() here instead.  	  	Like this.      	[PATCH] Fix mac adbhid driver      	[PATCH] drivers/ide/ppc/pmac.c compile fix  	  	This patch fixes the build of drivers/ide/ppc/pmac.c.      	[irda] module refcounts in irlan      	[PATCH] full stop/start on ethtool set speed/duplex/autoneg  	  	* Cleanup ethtool/mii_ioctl sets of speed/duplex/autoneg by  	  stop/set/start driver to ensure sets stick.  Must hold  	  xmit_lock around stop/start.      	[PATCH] module owner for ppp_synctty.c  	  	This patch fixes ppp_synctty.c (used for doing PPP over some synchronous  	serial HDLC links) so that it sets the owner field of the tty line  	discipline it exports, rather than using MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT.  This  	is more or less from Stephen Hemminger.  	  	Please
 apply.  	  	Thanks,  	Paul.      	[PATCH] module refcounts for airport driver  	  	This patch takes out the MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT in the airport (Apple  	wireless ethernet) driver.  The driver already does SET_MODULE_OWNER  	on the netdevice, so the MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT are unnecessary and  	just cause warnings.      	[PATCH] fix cache settings for m68knommu 5407 CLEOPATRA target  	  	Correct the wrong cache setup used on the CLEOPATRA 5407 based board.  	Specifically it enables precise exception mode and write buffering.  	  	Original patch from Alessendra Rubini.      	[PATCH] fix cache settings for m68knommu 5407 MOTOROLA target  	  	Correct the wrong cache setup used on the MOTOROLA 5407 based board.  	Specifically it enables precise exception mode and write buffering.  	  	Original patch from Alessendra Rubini.      	[PATCH] fix ColdFire 5407 cache flushing  	  	This fixes some ColdFire 5407 cache bogosity.  Previous code was pushing  	all cache lines and the invalidating all of the cache.  The push should  	be enough, and now with underlying fixes the the cache setup registers  	it is.  Removed the whole invalidate cycle.  	  	Original patch cam from Allessandro Rubini.      	[PATCH] change get_sb prototype  	  	(i) The prototypes for free_vfsmnt(), alloc_vfsmnt(), do_kern_mount()  	    so far occurred in several individual c files.  Now they are in  	    .  	  	(ii) do_kern_mount() has a third argument name that is typically a  	     constant.  It is called with "rootfs", "nfsd", type->name,  	     "capifs", "usbdevfs", "binfmt_misc" etc.  So, it should have a  	     prototype that expresses this:  	  		do_kern_mount(const char *fstype, int flags, const char *name, void *data);  	  	This makes the ugly cast  	  	-       return do_kern_mount(type->name, 0, (char *)type->name, NULL);  	+       return do_kern_mount(type->name, 0, type->name, NULL);  	  	go away. Now do_kern_mount() calls type->get_sb(), so also get_sb()  	must have a const third argument. That is what the patch below does.  	  	If I am not mistaken, precisely two filesystems do not treat this  	argument as a constant, namely afs and cifs. A separate patch  	gives some cleanup there.      	[PATCH] kernel/* strlcpy conversion      	[PATCH] add dummy VMALLOC_ defines to m68knommu  	  	Add dummy VMALLOC_START and VMALLOC_END defines to m68knommu architectures.  	Some code in the proc filesystem breaks without them now.      	[PATCH] update m68knommu link script with 5282 support  	  	This patch does a couple of things to the m68knommu common linker  	script:  	 - adds support for the 5282 ColdFire CPU  	 - fixes broken setup for the Dragon Engine board      	[PATCH] update m68knommu defconfig  	  	This patch updates the defconfig for the m68knommu architecture.      	[PATCH] lock xtime struct in m68knommu/ColdFire timers  	  	This patch adds appropriate locking around updates of the xtime  	structure for the m68knommu ColdFire architecture timers.      	[PATCH] calculate microsecond offsets for m68knommu/ColdFire timers  	  	This adds offset calculcation to the m68knommu/ColdFire timers.  Allows  	microsecond accuracy for gettimeofday and friends.      	[PATCH] m68knommu/5307 check timer irq pending  	  	Add a function to allow checking if the timer interrupt is pending for  	the m68knommu/5307 CPU.  This is used by the architecture timer code for  	microsecond accurate time calculations.      	[PATCH] m68knommu/5272 check timer irq pending  	  	Add a function to allow checking if the timer interrupt is pending for  	the m68knommu/5272 CPU.  This is used by the architecture timer code for  	microsecond accurate time calculations.      	[PATCH] m68knommu/5407 check timer irq pending  	  	Add a function to allow checking if the timer interrupt is pending for  	the m68knommu/5407 CPU.  This is used by the architecture timer code for  	microsecond accurate time calculations.      	[NET]: post-sysfs netdev cleanup.      	[PATCH] bio splitting  	  	So here it is, easy split support for md and dm. Neil, the changes over  	your version are merely:  	  	- Make a global bio split pool instead of requring device setup of one.  	  Will waste 8 * sizeof(struct bio_pair) of RAM, but... For 2.6 at least  	  it has to be a core functionality.  	  	- Various style changes to follow the kernel guide lines.      	[NETLINK]: Use module_init() in netlink_dev.c      	[NET]: strncpy -> strlcpy conversions.      	[IPV4/6]: Common UDP procfs infrastructure.      	[IPV6]: Convert /proc/net/udp6 to seq_file.      	[IPV4/6]: Common TCP procfs infrastructure.      	[IPV6]: Convert /proc/net/tcp6 to seq_file.      	[XFRM_USER]: Wrong use of RTM_BASE.      	[XFRM_USER]: Add XFRM_MSG_UPDPOLICY, analogue of SADB_X_SPDUPDATE.      	[BRIDGE]: Deal with non-linear SKBs in ebtables.      	[netdvr tulip] nuke stale defines  	  	Noticed (indirectly) by davej      	[PATCH] Nuke stale comment from bmac  	  	Leftovers from before we used memset to clear the struct.      	[PATCH] Age old cs89x0 register define 'fixes' ?  	  	Remember these? There never was an outcome as to whether or  	not their doing the right thing.  Any complaints from this being  	in 2.4 for nearly a year ?      	[PATCH] fix tlan 64bit check      	[PATCH] xircom init cleanups      	[PATCH] 3c505 printk levels.      	[PATCH] hamachi PCI DMA fix from 2.4  	  	Maintainer fix that went into 2.4 last August with the comments  	"Get hamachi net driver RX working again.  	 Apparently the PCI DMA conversion still has a bug or two left in it..."      	[PATCH] au1000 init cleanups.  	  	Not sure if I incorporated all your feedback on this one last time.  	Bug me if not...      	[PATCH] wireless pcmcia updates  	  	the same patch stil applies..      	[FUTEX]: Fix kernel/compat.c after requeueing futex changes.      	[FUTEX]: Fix kernel/futex.c warning on 64-bit.      	[PATCH] arch/* strlcpy conversion  	  	Obvious strlcpy conversions in arch/*. In fact, mips and mips64 had an  	actual bug in sys_sysmips(). Confirmed with Keith Wesolowski.      	[PATCH] m68knommu/5206e check timer irq pending  	  	Add a function to allow checking if the timer interrupt is pending for  	the m68knommu/5206e CPU.  This is used by the architecture timer code  	for microsecond accurate time calculations.      	[PATCH] m68knommu/5249 check timer irq pending  	  	Add a function to allow checking if the timer interrupt is pending for  	the m68knommu/5249 CPU.  This is used by the architecture timer code for  	microsecond accurate time calculations.      	[PATCH] m68knommu/5206 check timer irq pending  	  	Add a function to allow checking if the timer interrupt is pending for  	the m68knommu/5206 CPU.  This is used by the architecture timer code for  	microsecond accurate time calculations.      	[PATCH] m68knommu: add configuration options for ColdFire 5282 support      	[PATCH] m68knommu: ColdFire 5282 support Makefile changes      	[PATCH] m68knommu: add ColdFire 5282 support setup      	[PATCH] moew ColdFire 5282 support  	  	Add ColdFire 5282 support to common ColdFire header file.      	[PATCH] add m68knommu/5282 specific Makefile      	[PATCH] add m68knommu/5282 config init code  	  	This creates specific
ColdFire/5282 configuration initialization.      	[PATCH] add m68knommu/5282 start up code  	  	Start up code for the M5282C3 Motorola ColdFire 5282 evaluation board.  	  	New architecture and board for the m68knommu architecture branch, though  	it is not very different to most existing ColdFire eval boards.      	[PATCH] create SIM header definitions for ColdFire 5282  	  	Create header definitions file to support the ColdFire 5282 CPU.  	Unfortunately its register layout and setup is quite different  	to previous ColdFire CPU family members.      	[PATCH] include SIM header for ColdFire 5282  	  	Modify the common SIM header for all ColdFire CPU's to incldue the  	new 5282 ColdFire defines.      	[PATCH] add support for the DMA of the ColdFire 5282  	  	Add DMA base addresses for the ColdFire 5282 CPU.      	[PATCH] create header support for the ColdFire 5282 PIT timer  	  	Create a header file to support the PIT timer of the ColdFire 5282 CPU.  	This timer is completely different to all previous ColdFire timers.      	[PATCH] add pit timer for m68knommu/5282 CPU support  	  	This code supports the PIT timer of the 5282 ColdFire.  	  	This new timer device is completely different to the previous ColdFire  	timer device.      	[netdrvr bonding] add 802.3ad support  	  	Contributed by Intel, with updates by  	Jay Vosburgh @ IBM (bonding maintainer)      	[PATCH] OProfile: flush work queue on shutdown  	  	My previous fix was incomplete, we could get the same thing happening  	on the init-failure path. Fix that.      	[PATCH] OProfile: minimize sample error  	  	The code that attempts to reset last_task and in_kernel has a race  	against samples appearing during the handling of the buffers, that  	causes a small number of mis-attribution of samples. Closing the  	window is non-obvious, and not worth it, so we just make it smaller.  	Even without the patch, there seem to be few such "bad" samples  	because its effects are mitigated on a switch into userspace or  	a task switch.      	[PATCH] OProfile: timer usage override  	  	A patch mostly by Will Cohen, adding a parameter to OProfile to  	over-ride use of the perfctr hardware. Useful for testing and  	a host of other things.      	[PATCH] OProfile: fix stale comment      	[PATCH] OProfile: fix d_path() usage  	  	d_path() can return -ENAMETOOLONG these days. Pass it upstream.      	[netdrvr bonding] minor merge/kbuild fixes      	[netdrvr tulip] fix bogus merges      	[PATCH] rework timer code used for different m68knommu/ColdFire CPU's  	  	Rework the m68knommu/ColdFire/5307 Makefile to build the correct  	timer code for each of the different ColdFire CPU types.      	[PATCH] add support for 5282 ColdFire to the ColdFire serial header  	  	Add support for the 5282 ColdFire to the common ColdFire serial  	driver header. Also added the additional registers of the 5272,  	they are used to setup a more accurate baud rate timers      	[PATCH] ColdFire serial driver support for 5282 ColdFire  	  	This adds support for the ColdFire 5282 to the ColdFire serial driver.  	  	Only a few small changes, notably the interrupt setup is a little  	different.  Also removed some dead code.      	[PATCH] allow FEC driver config to be used with ColdFire 5282  	  	The ColdFire 5282 CPU also uses the Motorla FEC ethernet core, allow if  	to be selected for that config.      	[PATCH] FEC driver updates to support the ColdFire 5282 CPU (header)  	  	For reasons only Motorola will ever know they decided to use a  	substantially different register layout for the FEC ethernet device on  	the 5282 ColdFire silicon.  This defines an appropriate access structure  	for it.      	[PATCH] remove crt0_fixed.S from m68knommu DragonEngine2 target  	  	Remove crt0_fixed.S from m68knommu DragonEngine2 setup.  	No longer required.      	[PATCH] fix m68knommu DragonEngine2 target setup code  	  	Numerous fixes for the m68knommu DragonEngine2 setup code.  	  	It was out of date relative to more recent kernels.  Original patches  	from Georges Menie.      	[PATCH] remove crt0_himem.S from m68knommu DragonEngine2 target  	  	Remove crt0_himem.S from m68knommu DragenEngine2 config.  	  	It is no longer required.      	[PATCH] single start file for m68knommu DragonEngine2 target  	  	Start code for m68knommu DragonEngine2 target is now all in crt0_ram.S.  	  	This patch moves all the code into this one file.      	[PATCH] remove crt0_rom.S from m68knommu DragonEngine2 target  	  	Remove crt0_rom.S from m68knommu DragonEngine2 target config.  	  	It is no longer required.      	[PATCH] drivers/* strlcpy conversions  	  	Well, this is it for me and strlcpy. I'll leave the rest of the  	non-obvious usages of strncpy to the kernel janitors. Seems like quite a  	few uses really wanted memcpy instead, but I don't have time to  	investigate them all. It does appear that nearly all strncpy's will be  	removable. Obsoleting strncpy will probably atleast make the remaining  	few think about how they are using it.  	  	This is the patch for my trip through drivers/*.      	[PATCH] signal latency improvement  	  	This further optimizes the 'kick wakeup' scheduler feature:  	  	 - do not kick any CPU on UP  	  	 - no need to mark the target task for reschedule - it's enough to send an  	   interrupt to that CPU, that will initiate a signal processing pass.      	[PATCH] IDE: fix "biostimings" and legacy chipsets' boot parameters interaction  	  	"biostimings" cannot be hardcoded to -19, make it -8.  	Code in ide_setup() assumes that everything <= -11 is a legacy  	chipset name, so fe. "ide0=ali14xx ide0=biostimings" will fail  	while "ide0=biostimings ide0=ali14xx" will be okay.      	[PATCH] Probe legacy IDE chipsets in ide_init() instead of in ide_setup()  	  	Legacy here means pdc4030, ali14xx, umc8672, dtc2278, ht6560b and qd65xx.  	They cannot be probed and initialized at a boot parameters' parsing time,  	because probing code depends on not yet ready kernel subsystems.  	  	This change also fixes boot parameters' ordering issue, fe. you could  	pass "ide0=dtc2278 ide0=noautotune" and "noautotune" was catched too late.      	We need  for PKMAP_BASE      	[PATCH] s390: arch fixes.  	  	Base s390 bug fixes:  	 - arch: Do create_proc_entry for debug feature outside spin locked code.  	 - arch: Fix system call tracing for 64 bit kernels.  	 - arch: Export empty_zero_page for use in binfmt_elf32 module.  	 - arch: Fix call trace output and remove dead remote-debug code.  	 - arch: Correct OUTPUT_ARCH for 64 bit compiles.  	 - arch: Fix in_atomic.  	 - arch: Fix broken _PAGE_INVALID_xxx definitions.  	 - arch: Add __kernel_old_dev_t for 64 bit.  	 - arch: adapt to new do_fork interface.  	 - arch: set CR5 to get program checks for space switching instructions.  	 - cio: Fix /proc output of blacklist ranges.  	 - cio: Restructure chsc to avoid GFP_KERNEL allocation while holding a lock.  	 - cio: Fix wait_cons_dev.  	 - qdio: use GFP_ATOMIC for memory allocations in interrupt.      	[PATCH] s390: inline assemblies.  	  	Optimize s390 inline assemblies.      	[PATCH] s390: module alias support.  	  	Add module alias support for ccw devices.      	[PATCH] s390: steal lock support.  	  	cio: Add code to break a reservation of a device (steal lock).      	[PATCH] s390: module count.  	  	Remove unnecessary MOD_INC_USE_COUNT/MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT pairs.      	[PATCH] s390: 31 bit comp
at.  	  	s390 32 bit compatability fixes:  	 - Fix compat entries in the system call table.  	 - Update to new compat_ioctl mechanism.  	 - Define compat_alloc_user_space.      	[PATCH] s390: block device drivers.  	  	s390 block device driver fixes:  	 - dasd: Don't continue on error in dasd_increase_state. Use hex_ascii view  	         for the dasd debug area. Fix typo.  	 - xpram: Fix setup of devfs_name.      	[PATCH] s390: console device drivers.  	  	s390 console driver fixes:  	 - Register console ttys via module_init. Remove sclp_tty_init and  	   tty3215_init from tty_io.c  	 - con3215: use set_current_state.  	 - sclp: Fix race condition in sclp interrupt handler. Fix deadlock on  	   sclp_conbuf_lock for certain error conditions.      	[PATCH] s390: tape device driver.  	  	Bug fixes for the s390 tape device driver:  	 - Remove tapechar_init() from mem.c. It is called via module_init anyway.  	 - Remove unnecessary #include   	 - Make tape_block compile. Add fixme.  	 - Export symbols needed by tape discipline drivers.      	[PATCH] s390: network device drivers.  	  	s390 network device driver fixes:  	 - Make use of SET_MODULE_OWNER.  	 - Fix ctc interrupt handler.      	[PATCH] kill lvm from parisc  	  	CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LVM is gone, but there is still some associated code.  	This is the parisc part.      	[PATCH] kill lvm from x86_64  	  	CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LVM is gone, but there is still some associated code.  	This is the x86_64 part.      	[PATCH] some typos      	[PATCH] kill ide-geometry  	  	I consider myself the maintainer of this code, created the file,  	want to destroy it again. It is unused and incorrect today.      	[PATCH] kill lvm from compat_ioctl.h  	  	CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LVM is gone, but there is still some associated code.  	This is the include/linux/compat_ioctl.h part.      	[PATCH] configure boot params for m68knommu  	  	Add a config entry for defining static boot parameters  	for m68knommu architecture.      	[PATCH] make common m68knommu/68328 specific ints.c  	  	Modify the m68knommu/68328 specific ints.c to be the general ints  	handler when building for this sub-architecture. It is just simpler to  	have one for each sub-architecture (which means we currently need 3  	for the 3 prominant m68knommu families). Each can handle the hardware  	setup differences, and there is a few at this level. This doesn't  	really add much code overall, since 2 of the 3 m68knommu architectures  	already had significant specific int handling code.      	[PATCH] don't call 68328 specific int setup  	  	No longer need to call the hardware specific int setup.  	  	This is now done in the common int handler for 68328  	sub-architecture.      	[PATCH] don't call 68328 specific int setup (in 68VZ328)  	  	No longer need to call the 68328 specific int setup. Now all  	done by the common 68328 int handler code.      	[PATCH] const char* to char* update in console.h  	  	From:  Amit Shah   	  	  The read function for consoles in include/linux/console.h contains const  	  char* for a pointer that it will actually modify. Although no one seems  	  to be using this as of now, it should be corrected.      	[PATCH] reorganize for unreachable code  	  	From:  Scott Russell   	  	  - moved return to eliminate unreachable code reported by      	[PATCH] better debug macro safety  	  	From:  Rusty Russell   	  	  I don't think it's misused anywhere, but it's better to be safe.  	  	  Pointed out by Joern Engel.      	[PATCH] DMA-API typo  	  	From:  Jonathan Corbet   	  	  This fix has been acked by James Bottomley, but has not risen above Linus's  	  threshold.      	[PATCH] update the short description for BLK_DEV_HPT366  	  	From:  Adrian Bunk   	  	  The following trivial patch updates the short description for  	  BLK_DEV_HPT366 (the HPT372 and the HPT374 are supported, too):      	[PATCH] unreachable code in fs_intermezzo_methods.c  	  	From:  Scott Russell   	  	  - Rearranged unreachable code reported at      	[PATCH] add help texts for sound_oss_Kconfig  	  	From:  Steven Cole   	  	  This is a slightly improved version of the additional help texts for  	  sound/oss/Kconfig.  The originals were obtained from 2.4.21-pre4.      	[PATCH] remove unneeded #define LinuxVersionCode from eata.c  	  	From:  Adrian Bunk   	  	  the patch below removes the unneeded #define LinuxVersionCode from  	  eata.c. It's not used and if it was needed KERNEL_VERSION in  	  include/linux/version.h does the same.      	[PATCH] MAINTAINERS update for SN support  	  	From:  Jesse Barnes   	  	  Quick add to the maintainers file for SN (aka Altix 3000) support in  	  the kernel.      	[PATCH] Remove unused GFP_DMA from include_sound_trident.h  	  	From:  Matthew Wilcox   	  	  These defines are simply not used any more.      	[PATCH] unreachable code in drivers_media_video_cpia_pp.c  	  	From:  Scott Russell   	  	  - Rearranged unreachable code reported via      	[PATCH] NAPI_HOWTO.txt typo + interrupt fix  	  	From:  Jonathan Corbet   	  	  This fixes a couple of little mistakes in Documentation/NAPI_HOWTO.txt;  	  I also updated the interrupt handler stuff while I was at it.  Jamal Hadi  	  Salim has seen and acked it.      	[PATCH] Self-promotion and minor docs updates  	  	From:  Pavel Machek   	  	  This fixes url in ioctls, fixes some kernel parameters, kills comment  	  in tty that is 10+ years old and wrong, and adds me a little  	  credits.      	[PATCH] missing release_region in drivers_cdrom_cm206.c  	  	From:  Scott Russell   	  	  - missing release_region (reported by  	  - removed extraneous return (Randy Dunlap)      	[PATCH] Better docs for boot-up code  	  	From:  Pavel Machek   	  	  This adds some more commentary to the boot-up code.      	[PATCH] proper APIC suspension  	  	From:  Pavel Machek       	[PATCH] Allow for architectures to override  	  	From:  Stephen Rothwell   	  	  This allows some architecture to override the generic implementations  	  on {get,put}_compat_flock64 as some of them (ia64 and maybe x86_64)  	  will take alignment faults when accessing the loff_t members of struct  	  compat_flock64.  	  	  Requested by David Mosberger, modified by Dave Miller.      	[PATCH] kernel_suspend.c compile warning  	  	From:  Pavel Machek   	  	  This kills a compile warning in swsusp      	[PATCH] Make videodev_proc_destory() __exit  	  	From:  Tom Rini   	  	  The following marks videodev_proc_destory as __exit.  	  	  This is safe as its only caller is marked as __exit as well.      	[PATCH] Cleanup in fs_devpts_inode.c  	  	From: René Scharfe   	  	  This un-complicates a small piece of code of the dev/pts filesystem  	  and decreases the size of the object code by 8 bytes for my build.  	  	  Yay! :)      	[PATCH] fs_autofs4_root.c unused variable  	  	From:  Rusty Russell   	  	  Trivial unused var...      	[PATCH] Typo in isofs_inode.c  	  	From: René Scharfe   	  	  this fixes a trivial error in iso
fs/inode.c, and reformats  	  the surrounding code a bit to (hopefully) enhance clarity.  	  	  i_mtime.tv_nsec was initialized twice, and i_ctime.tv_nsec never      	[PATCH] sx tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC_DEC_USE_COUNT  	  	From:  Hanna Linder       	Linux v2.5.70    

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