GTA3 lub Baldur’s Gate pod Linuksem? Czemu nie? Zwłaszcza, że właśnie pojawiła się trzecia wersja WineX – produkowanego przez TransGaming oprogramowania ułatwiającego życie linuksiarzom kochającym gry. Wymagania: kernel 2.4 lub nowszy, XFree86 4.0 lub nowsze, glibc 2.2 lub nowszy oraz karta graficzna z dopalaczem. Zapraszam do lektury changeloga…

  -----------  WineX 3.0   -----------      Release Notes, April 16, 2003.      Overview  ========    TransGaming is pleased to announce the release of WineX 3.0, dubbed "Milliway",  giving our users access to more Windows games in Linux, with greater ease.  TransGamers can now download WineX 3.0 3.0 3.0 in RPM, Debian and TGZ formats from the  downloads section of  As a brand new alternative,  the Point2Play graphical user interface is capable of downloading, and  installing, both new and old versions of WineX. RPM, Debian and TGZ packages for  Point2Play can also be found at the the downloads section of TransGaming's home  page.    WineX 3.0 is the culmination of substantial effort over the past months to bring  you many of the underlying technologies required for the next generation of exciting  new games, voted for by our subscribers. We are pleased to announce that our  users will be able to enjoy playing BF1942, SimCity 4, EverQuest and Medal of  Honor: Allied Assault among the new titles WineX 3.0 supports. Additionally,  this release heralds the arrival of WineX's new graphical interface,  Point2Play; an exciting new way to simplify your Linux game playing experience.    Under the hood the WineX 3.0 release sports enhanced graphics capabilities with  implementations of Vertex Shaders and Cube Maps, improved copy protection  support, significantly extended installer functionality and a number of game  speedups.    Enjoy!        New Features  ============       * Point2Play graphical frontend is now available to help TransGamers manage       multiple WineX versions, store configuration options and stop       using arcane command line options and syntax.     * Hardware accelerated Vertex Shaders have been implemented. These       are only supported on OpenGL drivers which implement the       NV_vertex_program extension.  The ARB extension will be supported       in future releases.     * Copy protection support for newer, and several older, SafeDisc versions.       Additionally SecuRom copy protection speed has been enhanced for some       hardware configurations.     * Many installer-related issues have been resolved; starting       installs with autorun.exe should now work in many cases, multi-disc       installs should now have fewer issues with disc changing, and       large installers are now supported. Additionally, significant effort        has gone into making InstallShield 6 graphics update correctly and       InstallShield 7 work.     * Render to Texture and Cube Mapping support implemented for cool       texturing effects.     * The core threading model has moved to pthreads to decouple WineX from       the continuing changes to certain core system libraries.     * Better handling of X11 Window Manager idiosyncrasies - WineX 3.0        does a much better job of going into 'full-screen' mode.     * Many texturing robustness fixes.     * A combination of optimizations should provide faster game play for       some games.     * A new ALSA sound driver backend has been provided although it       is untested at this point.     * Force feedback joysticks are now supported, but untested, on newer       versions of the Linux kernel (2.5 series at this time or get the        patch yourself at Thanks       to David Engle who kindly contributed this functionality. Unfortunately,       TransGaming has not had enough time to do extensive testing on this new        feature.      System Requirements  ===================    Operating System  ----------------  Core requirements are:   - Linux Kernel 2.4 or higher.     Stock Kernels recommended over RedHat 7.x/8.x kernels.  - XFree86 4.0 or higher (4.1 and above recommended)   - glibc 2.2 or higher   - Working hardware accelerated OpenGL video card    CPU Type and Speed  ------------------  Recommended minimum hardware is   - 500 MHz or faster Pentium or Athlon CPU   - 64MB of memory; 128 MB or higher recommended  - 1-2 GB free hard disk space for games   - Linux Supported 3D graphics card with 16MB of video RAM is required.      nVidia GeForce-class GPU recommended.        Running WineX 3.0  =================    With the offering of the new Point2Play graphical interface for WineX,  TransGaming now offers two seperate ways to use WineX. The WineX 3.0 release  continues to offer the command line option, but now provides a graphical  interface to free you from the command line for everything from installing and  playing a newly purchased game to managing all the special game tweaks and  WineX versions.    The WineX rpm and debian packages have changed name from "winex" to "winex3"  with the new release. This will allow you to have the 3.0 release without the  need to remove your previous winex package. The command to start WineX has also  been changed from "winex" to "winex3", for the same reason.      Point2Play  ----------    If you would prefer not to run from the command line, or are a first time user,  you may want to download the Point2Play_beginners_guide-1.01.txt from the  downloads section of and start PointPlay. This document  should explain everything from installing Point2Play to installing games  and WineX itself.      WineX 3 from the command line  -----------------------------    If you would prefer to run from the command line and are a first time user you  may want to download the winex_beginners_guide-3.01.txt from the downloads  section of . This document is updated to reflect the  changes in WineX since the 2.2 release.      New Command Options  -------------------    This release has added a few new options for the winex3 script and has also  retired a few. If you get the help from the winex3 script you'll see the  following options are available:    winex3 [-bigexe] [-use-pthreads ] [[-]-winver ]          [[-]-debugmsg ] [[-]-version] [[-]use-dos-cwd ]          [application parameters]    In most cases you'll only need to require only "winex3 "  but in the odd case some of the newer options will be required.    Some unzip installers make assumptions about the layout and availablilty of  memory in a process. Quite often this conflicts with the Linux memory layout.  To provide a better memory environment for these installers, the winex3 startup  script can be given a new command line option "-bigexe". In most cases, the use  of this option will not be required. This option is a good one to try if your  application doesn't start and just returns you to the command prompt  immediately.    The -use-dos-cwd is a option which closely resembles the retired -workdir  option. You use this parameter to set the current working directory where your  application should be launched from. For some installers, they require setting  the -use-dos-cwd option because the autorun program expects the working  directory to that of the cd drive. This option was introduced so that SimCity 4  would install.    Recent changes to glibc have been causing WineX problems for a number of  releases. Finally they've changed it in a way that we couldn't continue with  our historical implementation of threading. Thus we've decided to switch to  using POSIX Thread (or pthreads for short) library for our programs. It also  helps that the implementation of pthreads on Linux has gotten a major overhaul  and is now much more standard compliant (and less buggy). WineX 3.0 will  attempt to determine if your platform is suitable for using pthreads for  threading. Sometimes, however, the particular game may not work well with  pthreads or may exercise bugs in that pthread implementation. If this is the  case, you may find that using -use-pthreads no will make your application run.  However, please note that distributions such as Mandrake 9.1 and RedHat 9,  which use glibc version 2.3.1 + patches or later, MUST use pthreads for WineX  to even start.    New Configuration Options  -------------------------    This release introduces six new configuration options which can be used to  tune WineX's graphical, and internal settings, according to th
e  particular application. The new graphics tweaking options can be found in the  $HOME/.transgaming/config directory in the [d3dgl] section; and the others in  [Version] and [memory].    The new graphics options are: "AnisotropicTextureFiltering", "VertexShaders",  and "ClipSpaceFix". Generally you will not need to modify these from their  default values. However, here is a brief description of the purpose that they  serve.      * Anisotropic filtering is a technique which improves the look of textures       when viewed from an angle. While the visual improvement can be obvious in       some cases, the speed penalty paid for this is considerable.  If you can       handle up to a 50% reduction in frame rates, feel free to set this to "Y"      * The ClipSpaceFix option allows WineX to better emulate the differences in      the graphical depth component (z) between D3D and OpenGL. If you are running      in 16-bits per pixel mode, you should leave this option as "Y". In 24-bit      mode, or when using applications which make use of vertex shaders, you      should choose "N" instead. This flag will most likely be controlled      automatically in future releases.      * Vertex shaders are often used to add complex-to-compute graphical routines       that are often optional. While our implementation of vertex shaders is       hardware accelerated when the underlying OpenGL driver supports it, it may       be implemented in software emulation on some cards.  Unfortunately, it is      impossible for WineX to determine whether or not the underlying      implementation uses software or hardware.  When this flag is set to "Y",      WineX tells applications that hardware vertex shader support is available.      With the flag set to "N", some applications may rely on their own optimized      software fallbacks.    TransGamers have been telling us that they find using -winver on the command  line too clunky, so we've added the [Version] section, which is overriden by  any command line use of -winver. The new options in this section are "Windows"  and "DOS".      * The "Windows" option indicates what version of the Windows operating system      WineX should behave as. The default setting for all applications is "win98",      to behave the same as previous versions of WineX. There are, however, some      application specific overrides to this version included in the config file      that are required to successfully pass copyprotection. Should you not have      this option, the default behaviour is that of win95 barring specific command      line or config file overrides.      * The "DOS" option indicates what version of DOS WineX should seem to be. This      option is only useful for DOS applications for which there is limited      support. The default is 6.22 and you will probably never find a need to      change it.    Lastly, WineX 3.0 ships with the new [memory] section which was originally  designed to work around a specific bug in Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault which  was rarely triggered running on its original operating system. The problem has been  fed back to EA and should be included in the latest Spearhead expansion patch.  The only option in this section is "MemoryLayoutOverride". We do not recommend  using this option for any application other than those provided by default in  the config file as it is known to cause problems with at least Starcraft and  WarcraftIII. If you can't get through the day without an unhandled exception  crash or two, feel free to use this option for all your gaming needs .      Known Issues and Comments  =========================    Sound Cards which do not support mono output  --------------------------------------------    Many builtin i810 based sound cards are capable of only producing stereo sound.  So what you ask? Who'd be silly enough to use mono sound in a game? Well the  answer is many games will use it on the initial display screen. If you own one  of these cards, or a sound card which does not handle mono sound, there is an  occasional race condition that can happen during startup or shutdown where you  often have to click a "play" or "exit" button. In these situations the game  will hang. The only solution presently is to "killall -9 wine" and try again.  Alternatively, you could just get yourself a spiffy new sound card.    Speed Issues with RedHat  ------------------------    WineX may not perform to full capacity under some RedHat systems with standard  RedHat kernels.  TransGaming has narrowed down this problem to issues with the  scheduler in RedHat's Kernels.  We expect to find a solution soon, but in the  meantime recommend the use of stock kernels from for RedHat systems.  In some cases, Starcraft comes to mind, changing the priority of active wine  processes may provide significant performance benefit.  Please note this is not   possible with RedHat 9, since a stock kernel is currently not compatible with   WineX on that distribution.    A command similar to the following may be run as root to increase the priority  of WineX processes:  renice -10 -p `ps ax | grep wine | cut -d" " -f1`      Battlefield 1942  ----------------       * The game must be patched to at least version 1.3 in order to fix problems       that will prevent it from starting the game engine properly.     * The [d3dgl] 'ClipSpaceFix' option needs to be disabled to run the game.       This has been configured by default in the config file.     * For best performance, run the game in 'low detail' sound and graphics mode.       The problem is especially obvious during the first playing of the movies.       We recommend skipping the movies the first time using the application       parameter "+restart 1"  and setting 'low detail' and then restarting the       game to watch the movies.     * After quitting a multiplayer game BF1942 can sometimes indicate it is unable to       join another game with the message "Please insert either Battle Field       1942 CD". There is no workaround for this other than to restart.     * The movie does not play in the background of the main menu.     * High detail mode does not work.       Dungeon Siege  -------------       * The installer for the full game does not presently work, though       the demo works well.  If the full game is installed in Windows and       copied over to Linux, it will work as well.        * Do not hit the 'ESC' key during game play, as it will cause the       game to freeze.     * The water does not flow in the game.        * Multiplayer support is not yet available, due to the use of       DirectPlay 8 in the game.      Sim City 4  ----------       * To install the game, you must insert and mount the CD-ROM, and       use the following command line:        $ winex3 -use-dos-cwd f:/ -- f:/autorun.exe       If the installer asks you to install a new version of DCOM, say 'no'.     * The game has small graphical glitches when scrolling with the       hardware renderer. Use of the software renderer is recommended.      Black & White  -------------       * The mouse wheel is not working at this point in time.  Users can       zoom by holding both the left and right mouse button at the same       time and moving the mouse towards or away as needed. Zooming can       also be accomplished using the ctrl key and the up/down arrows.       Rebinding the control for the mouse wheel in game should restore       the functionality.     * When clicking the mouse button, the cursor may jump to a new       location momentarily.     * Playing in low texture mode will lead to crashing. You may not       be able to get back to the configuration screen to return to        normal detail.      Grand Theft Auto 3  ------------------          * The opening videos for Grand Theft Auto 3 work quite slowly under       WineX. The movies may be skipped by pressing the space bar twice.      EverQuest  ---------          * When connecting to a world in EverQuest, the load bar at the bottom       is supposed to fill with blue. It does not do this.      Baldur's Gate 2  ---------------       * The "Software Mirror BLT" option under the "2D 16 bit Color Depth"       should be enab
led if the character sprites appear garbled.      Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault  ------------------------------       * A defect in the game software, which should be fixed in the latest       Spearhead expansion patch, causes the game to crash under WineX. The       WineX team has provided a workaround described in the       "New Configuration Options" section above. Both Point2Play and the       winex3 start script are setup so that this game will work out of the       box.    

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