Linus ogłosił właśnie wydanie nowej wersji kernela deweloperskiego. I nie było by w tym nic nadzwyczajnego, gdyby nie fakt, iż kernel 2.5.x zmierza ku stabilności. W związku z tym uprasza się wszystkich o ściąganie i testowanie. No i oczywiście o zgłaszanie błędow.

List Torvaldsa na lkml:

    From: 	Linus Torvalds   To: 	Kernel Mailing List   Subject: Linux 2.5.67  Date: 	Mon, 7 Apr 2003 10:53:43 -0700 (PDT)	    All over the place as usual - there's definitely a lot of small things   going on. PCMCIA and i2c updates may be the most noticeable ones.                    Linus    ---    Summary of changes from v2.5.66 to v2.5.67  ============================================    :    o fix for drivers/video/logo/Makefile    Adam Belay:    o PnP Card Service Cleanups    o PnPBIOS Update    o ALS100 Memory Leak Fix    o [PATCH 2.5] PnP changes to allow MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE()    o ALSA SB16 PnP Update    o Silently Ignore if the device is already active/disabled    o Increment Version Number    o AZT2320 PnP Updates    o ALSA DT019X PnP Updates    o [PATCH 2.5] ALS100: kmalloc params fix    o [PATCH 2.5] ES968: kmalloc params fix    Adrian Bunk:    o fix .text.exit error in drivers/net/r8169.c    o [ATM]: Fix IPHASE driver build    Alan Cox:    o Avoid unknown IDE commands    o Add a comment that the irq_nosync stuff needs revisiting    o Ensure hdparm errors to the user when the request isnt allowed    o Remove obsolete IDE timing hack    o fix radio_cadet driver locking    o Fix up 3w-xxxx driver    o Merge the serial config entries for PC9800    o Make cramfs compile again    o fs/exec.c does not need __NO_VERSION__    o Quota should not reference user addresses directly    o PC9800 uses different IDE i/o bases for legacy mode devices    o Wrong kind of NUL fix for asm headers    o S/390 typo fixes    Alexey Kuznetsov:    o [IPV4]: Make sure rtcache flush happens after sysctl updates    Andi Kleen:    o aio compat patches    o ACPI NUMA option fix for x86-64    o x86-64 updates    o x86-64 merge    Andrew Morton:    o ppc64: support for Ingo's "fileoffset in pte" patch    o ppc64: add PTE_FILE_MAX_BITS    o initcall debug code    o POSIX timers interface long/int cleanup    o slab: fix off-by-one in size calculation    o add flush_cache_page() to install_page()    o posix timers: fix double-reporting of timer expiration    o remove SWAP_ERROR    o permit page unmapping if !CONFIG_SWAP    o make add_to_swap_cache() static    o tmpfs truncation fix    o handle oom in tmpfs    o remove vm_enough_memory double counting    o ext3: fix max file size    o wait_on_buffer refcounting checks    o x86 clock override boot option    o fix to support discontigmem for 16way x440    o tty_io cleanup    o speed up ext3_sync_file()    o add a might_sleep() check to kmap()    o ext3: remove dead code and variables    o use page_to_pfn() in __blk_queue_bounce()    o init_inode_once() wants sizeof(struct hlist_head)    o honour VM_DONTEXPAND in vma merging    o Fix 64bit warnings in mm/page_alloc.c    o make cdevname() callable from interrupts    o register_chrdev_region() leak and race fix    o slab: cache sizes cleanup    o sync blockdevs on the final close only    o Remove unused variable in nfs_readpage_result()    o tmpfs blk_congestion_wait fix    o handle bad inodes in put_inode    o monotonic clock source for hangcheck timer    o Fix some compile warnings    o bio kmapping changes    o file limit checking simplification    o tmpfs 1/6 use generic_write_checks    o tmpfs 2/6 remove shmem_readpage    o tmpfs 3/6: use generic_file_llseek    o tmpfs 4/6: use mark_page_accessed    o tmpfs 5/6: use cond_resched    o tmpfs 6/6: percentile sizing of tmpfs    o struct stat - support larger dev_t    o misc fixes    o aic7xxx timer deletion fix    o Additional 3c980 device support    o sync dirty pages in fadvise(FADV_DONTNEED)    o add vt console scrollback ioctl    o Fix devfs' partition handling    o umsdos fixes    o exp_parent locking fixes    o real_lookup race fix    o remove dparent_lock    o Add less-severe assert-failure form for ext3    o Fix jbd assert failure on IO error    o ext3_mark_inode_dirty() speedup    o ext3_commit_write speedup    o ext3: create a slab cache for transaction handles    o ext3 journal commit I/O error fix    o acpi compile fix    Andrey Panin:    o visws framebuffer driver needs mm.h    o missing FB_VISUAL_PSEUDOCOLOR in fb_prepare_logo()    o allow penguin with SGI logo for visws    o cleanup mach-visws/mpparse.c    Andries E. Brouwer:    o readlink in /proc w/ overlong path    o kill TIOCTTYGSTRUCT    Andy Grover:    o ACPI: Re-enable build w/o CONFIG_PCI (Pavel Machek)    o ACPI: Fix GPE 1 handling (Takayoshi Kochi)    o ACPI: Fix off by 1 error in C2/3 detection (Ducrot Bruno)    o ACPI: Interpreter update to 20030321    o ACPI: Disable NUMA support on x86-64 (Andi Kleen)    o ACPI: Fix compile issue (reported by Brendan Burns and Christian      Neumair)    o ACPI: Interpreter update to 20030328    Anton Blanchard:    o ppc64: Rework pci probe to be like alpha    o ppc64: fix pci probe on large bus systems    o ppc64: Disable 32bit SLB invalidation optimisation for the moment    o ppc64: Fix problem with casting out the segment for our kernel      stack    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:    o af_ipx: code reformatting    o linux/net.h: CodingStyle changes and kerneldoc style structs      documentation    o linux/net.h: bye bye struct net_proto    o net: CodyngStyle reformatting, no code changes    Ben Collins:    o [SPARC64]: Allow cpufreq drivers to be built statically    o [SPARC64]: Fix boot target deps    Benjamin Herrenschmidt:    o PPC32: Factor out common code for reading/setting various SPRs    o PPC32: Add support for CPU frequency scaling on some PowerMacs    o PPC32: Add function for choosing which PLL to use on 750FX cpus    o PPC32: Forward-port support for new powermacs from 2.4 tree    o PPC32: Unmap the VIA (versatile interface adaptor) chip after we      are done with it    o PPC32: Get Open Firmware to initialize all the displays, not just      one    Brad Hards:    o USB: CDC Ethernet zero packet fix    o USB: CDC Ethernet maintainer transfer    Brian J. Murrell:    o [NETFILTER]: Add amanda conntrack + NAT support    Burton N. Windle:    o [tulip] remove unnecessary linux/version.h includes    Chas Williams:    o [ATM]: Fix total_len calculation in IPHASE driver    o [ATM]: Fix IPHASE build with debugging enabled    Chris Wright:    o USB: potential dereference of user pointer errors in kobil_sct.c    Christoph Hellwig:    o [NET]: Kill dev_init_buffers, was scheduled to die in 2.5.x    o fix rescan warning    o aha152x tidbits    o [XFS] Separate the quota source into its own subdirectory ala dmapi    o [XFS] remove fs/xfs/xfs_dqblk.h    o update qlogic and fdomain drivers to use pcmcia_register_driver    o some more entries for the largelun list    o aha152x pcmcia updates    o [IPV6]: Fix warning with modular ipv6    o remove kdevname() before someone starts using it again    o [PCMCIA] drivers/pcmcia/Makefile tidyups    o [SERIAL] switch over 8250_cs to pcmcia_register_driver    Corey Minyard:    o fix ipmi_devintf.c compilation    o IPMI driver version 19 release    Daniel Ritz:    o [IPV4]: Fix /proc/net/route missing the default route    Dave Blaschke:    o Code cleanup suggested by static analysis tool    Dave Jones:    o [tulip dmfe] add pci id    o finish init_etherdev conversion for gt96100eth    o Add new cache descriptors, as found on P4-M (Centrino)    o fix up newer x86 cpuinfo flags    o [CPUFREQ] missing include in acpi driver    o [CPUFREQ] Fix memleak in longhaul.c found by smatch    o [CPUFREQ] propagate longhaul_get_ranges() failure up if something      went wrong    o undefined reference to ip_amanda_lock    Dave Kleikamp:    o JFS: Avoid deadlock when all tblocks are allocated    David Brownell:    o usb_connect() kerneldoc    o usb hub diagnostics    o usbtest catch -ENOMEM    o add missing usb_put_urb() after error    o USB: usb-skeleton, usbtest use "real" device ids    David S. Miller:    o [TCP]: Forward port of 2.4.x bugfix, noticed as missing by    o [DRM]: Fix warnings and build errors introduced by previous changes      to drm_drv.h    o [IPSEC]: Kill skb_ah_walk, not needed    o [NET]: Make SKB layout/initialization/copy more cache f
riendly    o [SPARC64]: Uninline rwsem assembler    o [SPARC64]: cpufreq cleanup, move notifier into common area    o [SPARC64]: Initial cut at Ultra-IIe cpufreq driver    o [SPARC64]: Make boot targets get cleaned up properly    o [IPSEC]: Remove unused field 'owner' from selector    o [IPSEC]: linux/xfrm.h u32 --> __u32    o [USB]: In ohci-pci.c, use size_t printf format    o [SPARC64]: Fix pcibios_resource_to_bus and the build for this      platform    o [SPARC64]: Implement dump stack and handle dumping currents stack      properly    o [SPARC64]: Use GFP_ATOMIC in request_irq    o [SPARC64]: Fix interrupt enabling on trap return    o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig    o [SPARC64]: Implement pcibios_bus_to_resource    o [NET]: Nuke CONFIG_FILTER    o [SPARC64]: Get ALI trident sound working again    o [NET]: Use might_sleep in alloc_skb    o Check for disabled local interrupts in "might_sleep()"    o [SPARC64]: Use tick_ops for get_cycles, export it    o [SOFTIRQ]: Move softirq implementation to common area, add debug      check    o [SOFTIRQ]: interrupt.h needs preempt.h    o [SOFTIRQ]: Define local_softirq_pending, use it in softirq.c    o [CRYPTO]: deflate.c needs slab.h    o [IPSEC]: In TCP/v6 input, check policy before socket filter    o [IPSEC]: xfrm_{state,user}.c need asm/uaccess.h    o [IPSEC]: Revert xfrm_state use_time patch, it was wrong    o [IPSEC]: Store xfrm_encap_tmpl directly in xfrm_state    o [IPSEC]: Add encap support for xfrm_user    o [SHAPER]: Fix time_before_eq args    o [IPSEC]: Clean up decap state, minimize its size    o [SPARC64]: Dont transition in us2e drivers if divisor does not      change    o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig    o [SPARC64]: Support OLO10 relocations for modules    o [SPARC64]: Missing break; statement in module reloc code    o [SPARC64]: Fix trap stack allocations so gcc-3.x builds work    o [MODULE]: On sparc, ignore undefined symbols of type STT_REGISTER    Dean Roehrich:    o [XFS] fix initialization of dmapi code    Derek Atkins:    o [IPSEC]: Implement UDP Encapsulation framework    Dominik Brodowski:    o [PCMCIA] "driver services" socket add/remove abstraction    o [PCMCIA] remove "init_status" from struct pcmcia_driver    o convert ds.c's socekt_info_t to struct pcmcia_bus_socket    o [PCMCIA] remove unused include/pcmcia/driver_ops.h    o [PCMCIA] fix pcmcia_bind_driver    o [PCMCIA] fix compilation with PCMCIA_DEBUG on    o [PCMCIA] generic suspend/resume capability    o [PCMCIA] don't inform "driver services" of cardbus-related events    o [PCMCIA] Fix "Removing wireless card triggers might_sleep      warnings."    Douglas Gilbert:    o minor scsi_lib.c cleanup for 2.5.64    o scsi_ioctl.c for SEND_DIAGNOSTIC    o block scsi_ioctl.c lk 2.5.66    o scsi_debug version 1.69 for lk 2.5.66    Duncan Sands:    o USB speedtouch: code reorganization    o USB speedtouch: trivial cleanups    o USB speedtouch: per vcc data cleanups    o USB speedtouch: eliminate ATM open/close races    Eric Sandeen:    o [XFS] Use mod_timer in place of del/modify/add (can race) Also use      del_timer_sync when we're done.    Geoffrey Lee:    o [TRIVIAL]: Add missing module license for ipfwadm_core.c    Greg Kroah-Hartman:    o i2c: remove i2c_adapter->name and use dev->name instead    o i2c: remove *data from i2c_adapter, as dev->data should be used      instead    o i2c: add struct device to i2c_client structure    o i2c: remove the data field from struct i2c_client    o i2c: Removed the name variable from i2c_client as the dev one      should be used instead    o i2c: actually register the i2c client device with the driver core    o i2c: fix up the chip driver names to play nice with sysfs    o i2c: ugh, clean up lindent mess in i2c-proc.c::i2c_detect()    o i2c: fix up drivers/media/video/* due to previous i2c changes    o i2c: fix up drivers/acorn/char/i2c.c due to previous i2c changes    o i2c: fix up drivers/ieee1394/pcilynx.c due to previous i2c changes    o i2c: fix up drivers/video/matrox/i2c-matroxfb.c due to previous i2c      changes    o i2c: fix typo that newer versions of gcc catch    o i2c: set up a "generic" i2c driver to prevent oopses when devices      are registering    o USB: fix Makefile to allow usb midi driver to be built if it's the      only class driver selected    o USB: fix compiler warning in usb-storage    o USB: remove unneeded #include     o i2c: fix memleak caused by my last patch fo the adv7175.c driver    o i2c: change the way i2c creates the bus ids to actually be unique      now    o i2c: convert lm75 chip driver to use sysfs files    o i2c: convert adm1021 chip driver to use sysfs files    o i2c: remove sysctl and proc functions from via686a.c driver    o i2c: remove proc and sysctl code from i2c-proc as it is no longer      used    o i2c: remove unused paramater in found_proc callback function    o i2c: move i2c-proc to i2c-sensor and clean up all usages of it    o i2c: remove all proc code from the i2c core, as it's no longer      needed    o i2c: clean up previous w83781d patch due to changes I made to i2c      core and build    o i2c: fix up broken drivers/i2c/busses build due to I2C_PROC now      being gone    o i2c: remove old proc documentation and add sysfs file documentation    Hanna Linder:    o [SPARC]: sbus_char_aurora tty_driver add .owner field remove      MOD_INC_DEC_USE_COUNT    Harald Welte:    o [NETFILTER]: iptables iptable_mangle LOCAL_IN bugfix    o [NETFILTER]: ipt_REJECT bugfix for TCP RST packets + asymm. routing    Hideaki Yoshifuji:    o [IPSEC]: Make get_acqseq() xfrm_state.c:xfrm_get_acqseq()    o [IPSEC]: Move xfrm_*.c into net/xfrm/    o [IPSEC]: Remove duplicate / obsolete entry in include/linux/dst.h    o [IPV6]: Don't allow multiple instances of the same IPv6 address on      an interface    o [IPSEC]: Use of "sizeof" for header sizes, part II    Ingo Molnar:    o revert scheduler back-boosting    Ivan Kokshaysky:    o alpha: err_titan.c compile fix    o alpha: file offset in pte    o alpha: handle unaligned REFQUADs produced by BUG() macro    o alpha: pci update    o alpha: nautilus_init_pci() cleanup    o alpha: fix jiffies compile warning in smp.c    o USB: missing include    o [NET]: Fix pointer arith in ICMP stats    James Bottomley:    o fix scsi/qlogicfc.c stack problems    James Morris:    o [NET]: Warn only once about SO_BSDCOMPAT    o [CRYPTO]: Add Deflate algorithm to crypto API    o [IPSEC]: Fix xfrm_state refcounts    o [CRYPTO]: deflate module: workaround zlib bug    Jan Dittmer:    o i2c: fix compile bugs in tvmixer.c    o i2c: add i2c-via686a driver    Jan Kara:    o Quota module licences    Jay Vosburgh:    o [bonding] bug fixes, and a few minor feature additions    Jean Tourrilhes:    o Discovery locking fixes    o IrLAP dynamic window code fix    o irda-usb Rx path cleanup + no clear_halt    o irtty-sir ZeroCopy Rx    o IrDA timer fix    o IrNET module fix    Jean-Francois Dive:    o [IPSEC]: Missing xfrm_state use_time updates    Jeff Garzik:    o [hw_random] add AMD pci id    Jens Axboe:    o scsi queueing weirdness    o kill blk_queue_empty()    Joe Perches:    o USB: usb_skeleton.c trivial fix    John Levon:    o module load notification    o Convert APIC to driver model    o bk - fix oprofile for pm driver register    o oprofile doesn't compile with CONFIG_MODULES=n    Jon Grimm:    o [SCTP]  Bundle SACK with outgoing DATA    o [SCTP] Add icmpv6 handler to SCTP    o [SCTP] Add SEND_FAILED support.  (Ardelle Fan)    o [IPV6]: Export some icmpv6 symbols for SCTP    o [SCTP] Add LINKLOCAL/sin6_scope_id support    o [SCTP] Fix SACK bundling bug    o [SCTP] Fix warning and unused (    Kai Germaschewski:    o USB: Add missing #include     o modules: Fix exporting symbols from modules    o kbuild: Fix dependencies for generated .mod.o files    Krzysztof Halasa:    o generic HDLC update    Linus Torvalds:    o Update direct-rendering to current DRI CVS tree    o Did you know that C integer constant promotions are different      depending on whether the constant is a hexadecimal one as    o Fix SMP/preemption race condition in vm86 entry mode    o Fix another non-preemp
t-safe CPU# access in vm86.c    o Add missing  header includes    o Fix naming confusion: number of symbol kallsyms is "num_kallsyms",      while number of symbols is "num_syms". It used to be "num_syms" and      "num_ksyms" respectively (ie the "k" was the wrong way around).    o The irq vector offset should spread the irq's out evenly, which      implies that it should vary between 0-7, not any further (the      higher bits are done by updating current_vector by 8).    Magnus Boden:    o [NETFILTER]: Add tftp conntrack + NAT support    Martin J. Bligh:    o remove warning for 3c509.c    Martin Schlemmer:    o i2c: w83781d i2c driver updated for 2.5.66-bk4 (with sysfs support,      empty tree)    Matthew Dharm:    o usb-storage: LUN and isd200    o usb-storage: initialize urb status    o usb-storage: cleanup    Matthew Wilcox:    o C3000 support in sym53c8xx    Nathan Scott:    o [XFS] Next step in bhv code cleanup - this is a start on moving      quota and dmapi into behavior layers, purging several points where      these sit slap bang in the middle of XFS code (esp. read_super).       Also removes numerous #ifdef's and a bunch of unused #define's from      all over the place.  More to come.    o [XFS] In showargs, report the usrquota/grpquota option variant,      which is common    o [XFS] whitespace and code formatting changes    o [XFS] Cleanup/remove a bunch of macros, comments and code    o [XFS] Header shuffling to try and keep several source trees aligned      - move the realtime inode detection macro somewhere more      appropriate.    o [XFS] Cut and paste stuff up on my part in the DMAPI headers      o [XFS] Cut and paste stuff up on my part in the DMAPI headers    o [XFS] Add back the pagebuf flag for scheduling on the data daemon.       Moving this into just a pagebuf_iodone parameter was broken as we      don't have sufficient state in all the places we need it to make      the decision.    Neil Brown:    o kNFSd: READ_BUF macro update    o kNFSd: fix WRITE decoding    o kNFSd:fix read encoding    o kNFSd: Be more careful with readlock in exp_parent    o md: md/linear oops fix    o md: Cleanup #define TEXT text ... printk(TEXT)    o md: Convert md personalities to new module interface    o kNFSd: Verify exportability when updating export cache    o md: Fix stupid oops in recent md.c module changes    o md: Cleanups for md to move device size calculations into      personalities    o md: Add some new lines to diagnostic printks    Oliver Neukum:    o USB: Another memory allocation in block IO error handling path    o USB: storage device reset cleanup    o USB: storage: add logging to reset    Oliver Spang:    o USB: Compiler error in cdc-acm when DEBUG defined    Osamu Tomita:    o Complete support for PC-9800 sub-arch (9/9) SCSI    Patrick Mochel:    o driver model: don't define DEBUG in base.h    o driver model: Make sure we initialize drivers' class_list    o driver model:  Fix error handling in sysfs registration    o driver model: increase BUS_ID_SIZE to 20    o driver model: fix warning in cpu init    o sysfs: Fix file removal    Paul Mackerras:    o ppc64: make sys_clone handle the CLONE_SETTLS flag    o PPC32: Add the definitions needed for nonlinear file mappings      (pte_file etc.)    o ppc64: Add missing RELOCs    o PPC32: Fix compilation of powermac cpufreq stuff    o MACE ethernet driver update    o update adb driver    o update apm emulation for mac    o add some more Apple PCI ids    Paul Mielke:    o [NETFILTER]: ip_conntrack bugfix for LOCAL_NAT and PPTP    Pete Zaitcev:    o [SPARC]: Handle make w/o arg sanely, by Sam Ravnborg    o [SPARC64]: Kill ELF_FLAGS_INIT    Petr Vandrovec:    o Fix kobject_get oopses triggered by i2c in 2.5.65-bk    Randolph Chung:    o [COMPAT]: Fix sock_fprog handling    o [COMPAT]: Fix MSG_CMSG_COMPAT flag passing, kill      cmsg_compat_recvmsg_fixup    Randy Dunlap:    o USB: usb/misc/emi26.c stack reduction    o [NET]: typo and comment fixes    o reduce stack usage in cdrom/optcd.c    o [IPV6]: Convert /proc/net/{sockstat6,snmp6} to seq_file    o [IPV6]: Make /proc/net/snmp6 use %lu instead of %ld    Rob Radez:    o [SPARC]: sys_remap_file_pages returns long    Roland McGrath:    o linux-2.5.66-signal-cleanup.patch    Roman Zippel:    o gconf update    o update diffserv URL    Russell King:    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-2: Remove get_io_map and get_mem_map socket methods    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-3: Remove bus_ops abstractions    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-4: introduce SOCKET_CARDBUS_CONFIG    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-5: Add locking to resource manager    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-6: s/CONFIG_ISA/CONFIG_PCMCIA_PROBE/    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-7: Remove cb_enable() and cb_disable()    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-8/9: Clean up CIS setup    o [PCMCIA] pcmcia-10: Make cardbus use the new PCI functionality    o [ARM] Add pte_file() and friends to pgtable.h    o [ARM] Fix ARM do_div() implementation    o [ARM] Remove EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS    o [ARM] Update mach-types    o [ARM] Pass prev task_struct through __switch_to    o [ARM] console init functions return type int    o [ARM] Update Cyber2000fb driver for new fbcon API    o [ARM] Support write combining on framebuffers    o [ARM] Fix potential oops in epxa10db-flash.c    o [ARM] Quieten dc21285 host bridge driver during bus probing    o [ARM] Kill compiler warning about uninitialised ppcr in      cpu-sa1110.c    o [ARM] Ensure transmit lines are held in mark state    o [PCMCIA] Reorganise SA11xx PCMCIA support    Rusty Russell:    o remove outdated fs/ChangeLog    o include/asm-i386/dma.h: wrong lowest DMA channel    o fix linewrap in Documentation/filesystems/befs.txt    o [PATCH 2.5.63] pty tty_driver add .owner field remove      MOD_INC_DEC_USE_COUNT    o rio_linux.c misc_register patch    o fix wrong module documentation    o Fix use of const with __initdata in znet.c    o Kill unnecessary bootup messages    o Fix use of const with __initdata in vfb.c    o fix linewrap in Documentation_swsusp.txt    o remove KERNEL_VER from ftape.h    o fix linewrap in Documentation/filesystems/sysv-fs.txt    o fix linewrap in Documentation/pci.txt    o fix linewrap in Documentation/ia64/efirtc.txt    o fix linewrap in Documentation/filesystems/cifs.txt    o tty_driver add .owner field remove MOD_INC_DEC_USE_COUNT    o fix linewrap in Documentation/power/pci.txt    o Explanation of sleep levels for swsusp    o Change "char *version" to "char version[]"    o [PATCH 2.5.59] Change __initdata to __initdata_or_module    o remove unreachable code (and comments) in fs/befs/linuxvfs.c    o vt tty_driver add .owner field    o eisa_eeprom.c misc_register patch    o tty_io tty_driver add .owner field    o Trivial documentation fix    o drivers_media_video_saa7111.c cleanup    o net_pcnet32.c remove check_region    o fix the static compilation of mxser.c    o 2.5.60 i386_mm_init.c comment cleanup    o Remove compile warning from fs/ncpfs/inode.c    o Fix use of const with __initdata    o module_text_address returns the module pointer    o Symbol list removal    o Extable list removal    o Subdivide PCI class for aliases    o Fix floppy.h    o [SPARC]: Implement STT_REGISTER sparc support more cleanly    Sam Ravnborg:    o ppc64: makefile updates    Sridhar Samudrala:    o [SCTP] listen() backlog support for TCP-style sockets    Stelian Pop:    o fix ec_read using wrong #define's in sonypi driver    Stephen Hemminger:    o [NET]: Add synchronize_net    o [NET]: More synchronize_net call sites    o [IPV6]: ipv6 can use synchronize_net    o [IPV6]: C99 initializers for IPV6 sockglue (and spelling fix)    o [NETFILTER]: Get rid of unused include in ip_nat_core.c    o [IPV4]: C99 initializers for ip_output.c    Stephen Lord:    o [XFS] optimize timestamp updates, use new hires timestamps more      directly, also fix a bug where the mtime field was not correctly      updated.    Stephen Rothwell:    o compat_sys_fcntl{,64} 9/9 Aalpha part    o [SCTP]: Fix IRQ flags warnings    o stop even more macros for comverting compat pointers    o more compat types    Tom Lendacky:    o [IPSEC]: Fix IPV6 UDP policy checking    o [IPSEC]: Missing ipv6 policy checks    o [IPSEC]: IPV6 AH/ESP fixes    o [IPSEC]
: Use "sizeof" for header sizes    Tom Rini:    o PPC32: Update the banner printed for the Spruce board    Trond Myklebust:    o Fix xprt.c so that it resends RPC requests immediately after a      timeout    o Micro-optimization: rename rpc_lookup_path() as rpc_lookup_parent()      and drop the 'flags' argument (it was always set too      LOOKUP_PARENT).    o Fix the RPC debugging code so that it doesn't Oops if a task has a      null 'p_proc' procedure pointer.    o Fix misleading EIO on NFS client    o Fix a typo in auth_gss.c. Clean out an unused variable    o Fix a memory corruption bug in NFSv4 client    o Fix clnt.c to skip re-encoding an RPC call in the case when we're      writing over TCP and have done a partial send.    Ulrich Drepper:    o Signal invalid ipc operation with ENOSYS    Zwane Mwaikambo:    o smp_call_function needs mb()    o Grab SET_MODULE_OWNER from the clutches of the deprecated    o rng_vendor_ops is referenced after being freed    o Disable irqbalance for single cpu SMP configurations    

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