Eazel, firma dość mocno wspierająca projekt GNOME, w najbliższych dniach zniknie z rynku i sieci. Na szczęście ich najpopularniejszy produkt, Nautilus (którego niedawno pojawiły się nowe wersje), jest rozprowadzany na licencji GNU GPL i prace nad nim nie zostaną wstrzymane, najwyżej nieco spowolnione. Szkoda, że taki los spotyka firmę zajmującą się OpenSource…

      * From: Bart Decrem       * To: gnome-hackers gnome org      * Subject: Eazel      * Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 16:33:34 -0700    Hi everyone,    For the last few days, there have been rumors floating around that Eazel  is going out of business.    I regret to inform you that Eazel is in fact shutting down.   Over the  past six months, our board members and executives worked tirelessly to  secure financing for the company.  Unfortunately, the high tech capital  markets have all but dried up and we have been unable to secure funding.    In the midst of these difficult times, our hackers have managed to hit  two major milestones for Nautilus: our 1.0 and 1.0.3 releases.  We would  like to express our gratitude to the Eazel hackers for keeping their eye  on the ball over the past 2 months.  Thanks also to all of our friends  who've been so supportive these last few months, in particular the more  than 100 members of the GNOME community who are hacking on Nautilus and  the folks who sent us money via Paypal (we  sent you tshirts and thank-you cards).    Here's what to expect over the coming days and weeks: over the next day  or so, the Eazel web site will be shut down, Eazel's online services  will be discontinued, and the Nautilus bootstrap installer will no  longer be able to fetch files from our software catalog.  We'll make  sure that the users of our online storage are able to retrieve their  files, and we are sending out mail to all our registered users.  Andy  Hertzfeld has generously offered to host what will remain of the Eazel  web site and all the Nautilus resources will continue to be available.  The source code, CVS repository and binaries have always been hosted on  gnome.org, and this will continue.  Our Bugzilla repository, the  Nautilus mailing lists and other Nautilus resources (such as the RSS  feed etc.) will be hosted by Andy.  E-mail to former employees'  eazel.com address will be forwarded at least for the next few weeks, and  resumes for some of our former employees will be posted on the remaining  web site. The company's assets will be sold to pay off our creditors, so  it's conceivable that the Eazel trademark or domain name will be  purchased by a company that has no relationship to the current Eazel.    Nautilus is licensed under the GPL, so the software will live on and, we  hope, continue to improve.  It is my understanding that Darin, Andy, and  several other key Nautilus contributors plan to continue to work on  Nautilus on a volunteer basis.  Expect to hear from Darin and Andy  shortly.  Miguel has indicated that he and others at Ximian will also  contribute to Nautilus to ensure that it continues on as the file  manager for GNOME and meets the users' needs.    If you haven't tried out Nautilus 1.0.3, please do so - there are  numerous new features and bug fixes and performance has improved since  the 1.0 release.  The source code for Nautilus 1.0.3 is available at  ftp://ftp.gnome.org/Public/GNOME/stable/latest/sources/nautilus-1.0.3.tar.gz.  Nautilus upgrades will also be distributed through Red Hat Network and  through Ximian's Red Carpet.  Now's a great time to check out Nautilus,  and an even better time to roll up your sleeves, get involved with  Nautilus, and prove to the world that free software can thrive even when  its corporate sponsors run out of steam.    Like many of the people who worked at Eazel, I fully plan to stay  involved with free software and GNOME.  On behalf of everyone from  Eazel, *thank you* for having welcomed us into the free software family,  and GO GNOME!    Bart  and The Eazel Team  

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