15 czerwca został wybrany na dzień, który zapewnie długo pozostanie w pamięci developerów korzystających z GCC. Wtedy właśnie pojawi się wersja 3.0 tego popularnego kompilatora. Jeśli się to nie stanie, Mark Mitchell, który ogłosił tę datę, odejdzie do przeszłości. Tak w każdym razie zapowiada…

Tu pojawia się prośba do wszystkich developerów o pobranie najnowszego snapshota obecnej wersji i dokładne jego przetestowanie.

GCC 3.0 Status Report        * To: gcc at gcc dot gnu dot org      * Subject: GCC 3.0 Status Report      * From: Mark Mitchell       * Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 14:28:15 -0700      * Organization: CodeSourcery, LLC    GCC 3.0 Status Report  =====================    Overall  -------      The last major piece of functionality for the release (the    new ABI-compliant exception-handling model) has been installed.    Accompanying this are improvements to the C++ standard library    to work with the new model.  Thanks to Richard Henderson     and Benjamin Kosnik for implementing these changes.      We are getting close to zero unexpected FAILs in the testsuites    on many major platforms.  We will achieve this goal soon.  I have    fixed many, many bugs in the last week or so, and disabled some    tests that do not represent regressions.        If you are a platform maintainer/tester, and you know of a bug that    you believe is essential for the release -- in other words, that is    is a regresssion from GCC 2.95.x -- please make sure it is in GNATS    and marked "high" priority.  Remember that the criteria here is a    *regression*.  At this point, if it is broken with GCC 2.95.x and    not already fixed, it is going to stay broken.  It would take an    earth-shatterring bug of doom to make me think otherwise.      Please do not send me your list of bugs directly.  Put them in     GNATS; that is what it is for.  If you send them to me, I will    likely delete them.  Then, I will deny every having received    them. :-)    Schedule  --------      I will be on vacation May 25th through June 2nd.  I was hoping    to make the release before May 25th.  Now, I hope to make a test    release before I go.      At this point, I am finally willing to set a schedule.      Previously, I believed that we should wait until certain functional    criteria were met.  We are now very close to those requirements.    And, time *does* matter; there really is value in getting this beast    out the door.        Therefore, we're now going to pretend that the company has told us    that we must ship by a certain date, or the copmany will be unable    to raise additional financing, that we will be summarily fired    without severance, and that all of our stock options will be    worthless.  If you've worked at a dot-bomb recently, this should    sound familiar.      The release will be made on or before 11:59PM GMT -8 (Pacific    Daylight Time) June 15th, 2001 A.D.  Because otherwise I will    commit suicide at 12:00 AM on June 16th, and you will all feel    very, very bad.    Requests for Help  -----------------      Is there anyone willing to work on the release script?  This    script builds a tarball from what's in CVS, but also needs to     add generated files not in CVS (e.g., `parse.y').  We need to     test that the generated tarball actually works.  This is a    classic release engineering task.  It would be very helpful to    me if someone who is skilled in this area would step forward,    thereby freeing me up to continue fixing bugs.              Please track down GNATS bugs that apply to your targets,    front-ends, etc.  Fix 'em, post 'em, check 'em in.      Please try to test GCC on as much software as you can.  Build    X windows.  Build the Linux kernel.  Run 'em.  File bugs in GNATS.        Repeat.    Volunteer of The Week  ---------------------      This weeks winner is tireless in his efforts to clean up     crufty old bits of GCC.  Always willing to look for away to    avoid the "expedient hack", he has often gone where angels, and     even fools, fear to tread.  Recently, he's tackled issues    involving crufty old headers installed by GCC, ancient Makefile     ugliness, and ancient configury ugliness.  Someday, I fully     expect that he will the README.ALTOS and README.ACORN from the    GCC directory itself.      All of this effort will make the GCC 3.1, and every release     thereafter, easier -- so our Volunteer of the Week is ...      ... Zack Weinberg!      Congratulations.      

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