Przed paroma chwilami otrzymaliśmy informację, że Ximian wypuścił nową wersję Evolution – aplikacji mającej funkcjonalnością odpowiadać znanemu z wiodącego na rynku systemu Outlookowi. Diabła Tasmańskiego, bo taką nosi nazwę kodową Evolution 0.10, można skopiować z serwera W nowej wersji wprowadzono dużo zmian i udogodnień, dla mnie najważniejszą jest wsparcie dla poczty po SSL. Pełen changelog zamieszczam jak zwykle w dalszej części tekstu…

  * Changes since version 0.9        Shell:          - Fixed some usability bugs in the folder selection and creation          dialogs.  (Ettore)          - Added a --debug option.  (Dan)          - Added support for drag and drop operations.  (Ettore)        Mail:           - SSL (S/IMAP, S/POP, and S/SMTP).  (Jeff)          - Virtual Trash folders in each mail storage and "Empty Trash" menu          item to expunge all folders in a store.  (Jeff)          - Email addresses in mail headers are now right-clickable to add          them to the Addressbook (Jon, Radek)          - Hide deleted messages is now a mode rather than a one-time          operation. (Michael)          - When sending plain text mail, use the new plain text mode of the          GtkHTML editor (Larry)          - Cancellable operations, cancellable/async dns lookup, slightly          improved progress reporting.  (Michael)          - Allow per-identity Draft and Sent folders.  (Dan)          - Replies quoted with "> " in messages are now displayed dimmed to          make it easier to find the new bits of text. (Radek)          - Saved searches.  Searches now configurable via XML with supporting          C code.  (Michael)          - UNMATCHED vFolder (shows all messages that are in no other          vFolder). (Michael)          - SASL Authentication (Kerberos4, DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, PLAIN,          LOGIN, ANONYMOUS) for IMAP and SMTP (haven't done POP yet)          (Jeff, Dan)          - Filter/vFolder on Mailing List.  (Michael)          - Resend sent items.  (Jeff)          - Allow users to turn on/off headers in the composer and added          Reply-To header entry in the composer.  (Miguel, Jeff)          - Numerous OpenPGP (PGP/MIME) fixes.  (Jeff)          - Replying to a message chooses account based on message          addressee's.  (Jeff)          - Redid Forward Inline and Forward Quoted.  (Jeff)          - IMAP fixes: greater configurability for faster startup/mail check          (Dan), folders should now notice new messages when you switch to          them (Dan), copying/moving many messages at once should be much          faster (Jeff), better support for old IMAP servers (Dan)          - IMAP message bodies are now cached to local disk to speed up          re-access (Dan)          - New config dialogs (last time!) (Anna, Dan)          - Sorting by a text field in the message list no longer generates a          random order. (Michael)          - Fixed "crash when getting new mail from 2 POP servers" bug. (Dan)          - Numerous bugfixes, cleanups and optimisations. (Everyone)        Addressbook:          - Added support for non editable sources.  (Toshok)          - Added address completion for use in contact entries using the          select names system.  (Jon Trowbridge)          - Fixed some major crashes in the addressbook backend.  (Clahey)          - Updated Ximian's contact information.  (Jason Leach)          - Finished LDAP support.  (Toshok)        Calendar:          - Event creation fixes.  (Miguel)          - Calendar loading fixes and removal of old code.  (Federico)          - Made the iTIP control have better spacings.  (Anna)          - i18n fixes.  (Kjartan)        Tasks:          - Created a popup list item for ETable to select the Status,          Classification, Priority, Percent & Transparencey fields.  (Damon)          - Created a popup date editor item for ETable to set all the dates in the          tasks.  (Damon)        Importers:           - Created Intelligent Importers that look for certain files on your disk          and works out what type of data it is. Currently Intelligent Importers          exist for Pine, Elm and Netscape. (Iain)        General:          - Rewrote ETree in gal.  Changed evolution to support the changes in          API.  (Clahey)          - Lots of Etable/ETree bug fixes.  (Clahey)          - Lots of i18n/l10n fixes.  (Kjartan Maraas, Gedeminas Paulauskas,          and the Evolution gang)      

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