Na liście dyskusyjnej pojawiła się informacja o poszukiwaniu nowej osoby chętnej do kontynuowania Ogg Traffic. Cały mail zamieszczamy poniżej.

From: Manuel Lora   To:   Subject: [vorbis] The Foundation Needs You!  Reply-To:    I am looking for someone to continue the Ogg Traffic tradition.    Ogg Traffic is a weekly update and status report about what's happening with  Ogg development as well as other related projects and interesting bits of  news (Xiph, Speex, Icecast, etc.).    Stan Seibert, who resurrected OT recently, is busy with Real Life activities  that prevent him from writing an OT ( more  frequently.    The applicant should be subscribed to the mailing lists and of course have a  clue as to what people are talking about. Also, it wouldn't hurt to check out  the irc channel as once in a while relevant things come up :)    Thank you,    Manuel Lora  Project Manager Foundation

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