(od honeja: dopiero dziś udało mi się dostać do zaległych postów w moim inboksie. Stąd też informacja sprzed kilku dni…)
Od kilku dni można już skopiować pierwszą (1.0) stabilną wersję Anjuty. Oczywiście – z www.anjuta.org. Oficjalna lista zmian – poniżej.

oficjalna lista zmian:

  New: CVS support for Projects and individual files,  file revisions are displayed in Files pane  New: Gnome Print support (including syntax colouring)  New: Patch plugin to apply diffs  New: Application Wizard support for wxWindows, Xlib,  GNOME2, Gtk2 and libglade2 Projects, plus option for  dynamic or static libraries as targets in generic Projects  New: user identity preferences enabling new editor functions  New: better GNOME integration, now uses configured GNOME URL  handlers  New: MIME handling  New: Anjuta kickstart tutorial  New: automatic expression tips during debugging (hover-and-show)  New: compilation warning/error navigation from terminal  New: better find functionality  New: enhanced file selection widget  New: enhanced Evolution-style about dialog  New: Automatic Variable display when mouse hovered on the  variable name (in dubugger mode).  New: Raw memory veiw for debugger (somewhat resembling ghex).    Updated: synced to Scintilla 1.46  Updated: many usability improvements to the GUI and menus  Updated: Documentation.   

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