Jeśli chcecie wiedzieć, nad czym przez ostatnie miesiące pracowali developerzy SAMBy, możecie skopiować już wersję alpha wersji 3.0 tego pakietu do łączenia komputerów uniksowych z windowsowymi. Nowa wersja, choć niezalecana do używania w miejscach, gdzie ważna jest stabilność, ma sobie radzić lepiej przy używaniu drukarek podłączonych do Windows 2000, ma też przepisaną sporą część kodu odpowiadającego za autoryzację, obsługę błędów itp. Pojawiło się również nowe polecenie – net – które ma wkrótce zastąpić inne polecenia z pakietu samby.

Zapraszamy do testowania i zgłaszania bugreportów. Tylko one pomogą stworzyć naprawdę stabilną Sambę…

                WHATS NEW IN Samba 3.0 alpha0                =============================    This is a pre-release of Samba 3.0 alpha0. This is NOT a stable  release. Use at your own risk.    The purpose of this alpha release is to get wider testing of the major  new pieces of code in the current Samba 3.0 development tree. We are  planning on ceasing development on the 2.2.x release of Samba very  shortly and after that we will be concentrating on Samba 3.0. To  reduce the time before the final Samba 3.0 release we need as many  poeple as possible to start testing these alpha releases, and  hopefully giving us some high quality feedback on what needs fixing.    Note that Samba 3.0 is not anywhere near feature complete yet. There  is a lot more coding we have planned, but unless we get what we have  done already more widely tested we will have a hard time doing a  stable release in a reasonable time frame.    This release is also missing major pieces of documentation, and there  are many parts of the docs that have not been updated to reflect the  new options and features in 3.0.    Major new features:  -------------------    - Active Directory support. This release is able to join a ADS realm    as a member server and authenticate users using    LDAP/kerberos. Please read ADS-HOWTO.txt in the release for a very    rough guide on how to set this up.    - Unicode support. Samba will now negotiate unicode on the wire and    interally there is now a much better infrastructure for multi-byte    and unicode character sets. You may need the "dos charset", "unix    charset" and "display charset" options. The unicode support is not    yet documented.     - New authentication system. The internal authentication system has    been almost completely rewritten. Most of the changes are internal,    but the new auth system is also very configurable. Not documented    yet.    - new filename mangling system. The filename mangling system has been    completely rewritten. An internal database now stores mangling maps    persistantly. This needs lots of testing.    - new "net" command. A new "net" command has been added. It is    somewhat similar to the "net" command in windows. Eventually we plan    to replace a bunch of other utilities (such as smbpasswd) with    subcommands in "net", at the moment only a few things are    implemented.    - Samba now negotiates NT-style status32 codes on the wire. This    improves error handling a lot.    - better w2k printing support. The support for printing from win2000    clients has improved greatly.     Plus lots of other changes!    Note that many new features are not documented. Don't let this stop  you from using Samba 3.0. It is particularly important that the basic  file/print serving abilities of Samba 3.0 are widely tested to ensure  that we have not broken any of the basic functionality. As we do more  alpha releases we will start to document the new features.      Reporting bugs & Development Discussion  ---------------------------------------    Please discuss this release on the samba-technical mailing list or by  joining the #samba-technical IRC channel on    If you do report problems then please try to send high quality  feedback. If you don't provide vital information to help us track down  the problem then you will probably be ignored.      

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