Znane są już pierwsze wyniki głosowania nad składem Board of Directors fundacji GNOME. Wśród osób, które dostały się do składu, jest oczywiście znany wszystkim Miguel de Icaza, wśród wielkich przegranych – Richard Stallman. Choć nie są to jeszcze wyniki ostateczne, nie powinny one raczej ulec zmianie. Pełna lista wybranych – poniżej.

  From: rms39@columbia.edu (Russell Steinthal)  Subject: Preliminary results of 2001 GNOME Foundation Board Elections  Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 23:32:13 -0500    All:    On behalf of the GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee, I  am pleased to announce the following preliminary results from the  election for the Board of Directors.  Any challenges to these results  must be received by the committee by e-mail to elections@gnome.org by  23:59 UTC (18:59 EST), Tuesday, December 4, 2001, and the results   should not be considered final until any such challenges have been  resolved.    After several malformatted ballots were corrected, 251 of 420   eligible voters were determined to have cast valid ballots.  In   addition, two ballots were invalidated for over-voting (12 candidates   each) and two ballots were rejected due to incorrect or missing voter   authentication information.      Candidates in order of votes received, with affiliations:    1. Havoc Pennington (215 votes) (Red Hat)  2. Miguel de Icaza (191) (Ximian)  3. Daniel Veillard (189) (Red Hat)  4. Jim Gettys (182) (Compaq)  5. Jody Goldberg (153) (Ximian)  6. Nat Friedman (146) (Ximian)  7. Jonathan Blandford (142) (Red Hat)  8. Telsa Gwynne (139) (none)     Federico Mena-Quintero (139) (Ximian)  10. Michael Meeks (130) (Ximian) [*]  11. James Henstridge (125 votes) (none)[**]      George Lebl (125 votes) (none)    (the following candidates were not elected)  13. Glynn Foster (116) (Sun Microsystems)  14. Tim Ney (112) (GNOME Foundation)  15. Bill Haneman (103) (Sun Microsystems)  16. Chema Celorio (102) (Ximian)  17. Jeff Waugh (75) (none)  18. Richard Stallman (50) (Free Software Foundation)  19. Ariel Rios (43) (none)  20. Ian McKellar (40) (none)  21. Andy Tai (24) (none)  22. Chris Lyttle (18) (none)  23. Bastien Nocera (12) (none)  24. Chris Phelps (9) (none)  25. Rhett Creighton (1) (none)    Notes:    [*] Per the Foundation's charter, no more than four directors may   share a corporate affiliation.  Michael is the fifth-leading   vote-getter from Ximian, and is thus ineligible to be elected.    [**] This tie would have required a run-off, but since Michael Meeks   is unable to serve, both James and George are elected.    Full results, including the record of votes recorded from each   ballot, are available at:    http://foundation.gnome.org/elections/2001-prelim-results.txt    The complete ballot archive is available at:    http://mail.gnome.org/archives/vote/2001-November.txt.gz    The diff file representing the Election Committee's changes to fix   malformatted ballots is available at:    http://foundation.gnome.org/elections/2001-vote-archive.diff    Instructions for running the vote counting script to verify the   results for yourself are available at:    http://foundation.gnome.org/elections/verify.html    I'd also like to thank all of the members of the Membership &    Elections Committee for their help both prior to and during the  election, and offer particular thanks to Mike Newman for his help in   verifying these results.    If you have any questions regarding these results, please contact the   Membership & Elections Committee at elections@gnome.org.    Thank you to all who took the time to vote!    -Russell   for the GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee    --   Russell Steinthal               Columbia Law School, Class of 2002  rms39@columbia.edu              Columbia College, Class of 1999  steintr@nj.org                  UNIX System Administrator, nj.org    

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