Na początku myślałem, że to dowcip – na ircu SiaraX pokazał linijkę z opublikowanego przez Alana Coxa maila. Linijkę, która brzmi Security fixes - Details censored in accordance with the US DMCA. Chwila przeszukiwania archiwum kernel-list i jest… taki mail rzeczywiście się ukazał. Oczywiście, publikujemy go w całości. Na pytanie, dlaczego obywatel brytyjski nie chce opublikować pełnego Changeloga, Cox odpowiedział że nie może tego zrobić na liście czytanej przez obywateli Stanów Zjednoczonych. Czy każdy się boi nowej sprawy Sklyarova?

  From Mon Oct 22 15:53:36 2001  Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:21:49 +0100  From: Alan Cox   To:  Subject: Linux 2.2.20pre10    Things took a bit longer than intended with various security fixes needing to  be done. If this tree tests out ok it will be 2.2.20    2.2.20pre11  o       Security fixes          | Details censored in accordance with the US DMCA  o       Sparc updates                                   (Dave Miller)  o       Add escaped usb hot plug config item            (Ryan Maple)  o       Fix eepro10 driver problems                     (Aris)  o       Make request_module return match 2.4            (David Woodhouse)  o       Update SiS900 driver                            (Hui-Fen Hsu)  o       Update ver_linux to match 2.4                   (Steven Cole)  o       Final isdn fixups for 2.2                       (Kai Germaschewski)  o       scsi tape fixes from 2.4                        (Kai Mäkisara)  o       Update credits entry                            (Henrik Storner)  o       Fix scc driver hang case                        (Jeroen)  o       Update credits entry                            (Dave Jones)  o       Update FAT documentation                        (Hirokazu Nomoto)  o       Small net tweaks                                (Dave Miller)  o       Fix cs89xx abuse of skb->len                    (Kapr Johnik)    2.2.20pre10  o       Update the gdth driver                          (Achim Leubner)  o       Fix prelink elf loading in 2.2                  (Jakub Jelinek)  o       2.2 lockd fixes when talking to HP/UX           (Trond Myklebust)  o       3ware driver update                             (Adam Radford)  o       hysdn driver update                             (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Backport via rhine fixes                        (Dennis Bjorklund)  o       NFS client fixes                (Trond Myklebust, Ion Badulescu,                                           Jim Castleberry, Crag I Hagan.                                           Adrian Drzewiecki)  o       Blacklist TEAC PD-1 to single lun               (Wojtek Pilorz)  o       Fix null request_mode return                    (David Woodhouse)  o       Update credits entry                            (Fernando Fuganti)  o       Fix sparc build with newer binutils             (Andreas Jaeger)  o       Starfire update                                 (Ion Badulescu)  o       Remove dead USB files                           (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Fix isdn mppp crash case                        (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Fix eicon driver                                (Kai Germaschewski)  o       More pci idents                                 (Andreas Tobler)  o       Typo fix                                        (Eli Carter)  o       Remove ^M's from some data files                (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       64bit cleanups for isdn                         (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Update isdn certificates                        (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Mac update for sysrq                            (Ben Herrenschmidt)    2.2.20pre9  o       Document ip_always_defrag in proc.txt           (Brett Eldrige)  o       Update S/390 asm for newer gcc                  (Ulrich Weigand  o       Update S/390 documentation                       Carsten Otte  o       Update s390 dump too                              and co)  o       Update s/390 dasd to match 2.4  o       Backport s/390 tape driver from 2.4  o       FDDI bits for s/390  o       Updates for newer pmac laptops                  (Tom Rini)  o       AMD760MP support                                (Johannes Erdfelt)  o       Fix PPC oops on media change                    (Tom Rini)  o       Fix some weird but valid input combinations     (Tom Rini)          on PPC  o       Add additional checks to irc dcc masquerade     (Juanjo Ciarlante,                                                           Michal Zalewski)  o       Update 2.2 ISDN maintainer                      (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Fix 3c505 with > 16Mb of RAM                    (Paul)  o       Bring USB into sync with 2.4.7                  (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)    2.2.20pre8  o       Merge DRM fixes from 2.4.7 tree                 (me)  o       Merge sbpcd fixes from 2.4.7 tree  o       Merge moxa buffer length check  o       Merge bttv clip length check  o       Merge aha2920 shared irq from 2.4.7 tree  o       Merge MTWEOF fix from 2.4.6 tree  o       Merge serverworks AGP from 2.4.6 tree  o       Merge sbc60xxx watchdog fixes from 2.4.6  o       Merge lapbether fixes from 2.4.6  o       Merge bpqether fixes from 2.4.6  o       Merge scc fixes from 2.4.6  o       Merge lmc memory leak fixes from 2.4.6  o       Merge sm_wss fixes from 2.4.6  o       Resync AGP support with 2.4.6  o       Merge epca fixes from 2.4.5  o       Merge riscom8 fixes from 2.4.5  o       Merge softdog fixes from 2.4.5  o       Merge specialix fixes from 2.4.5  o       Merge wdt/wdt_pci fixes from 2.4.5  o       ISDN cisco hdlc fixes                           (Kai Germaschewski)  o       ISDN timer fixes                                (Kai Germaschewski)  o       isdn minor control change backport              (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Backport ELCR MP 1.1 config/PCI routing stuff   (John William)  o       Backport isdn ppp fixes from 2.4                (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Backport isdn_tty fixes from 2.4                (Kai Germaschewski)  o       eicon cleanups                                  (Armin Schindler)          | Armin can you double check the clashes were ok  o       Fix an ntfs oops                                (Anton Altaparmakov)  o       Fix arp null neighbour buglet                   (Dave Miller)  o       Update sparc version strings, pci fixups        (Dave Miller)  o       Define CONFIG_X86 in 2.2 as well as 2.4         (Herbert Xu)  o cleanups                         (Steven Cole)  o       Add MODE_SELECT_10 to qlogic fc table           (Jeff Andre)  o       Remove dead oldproc variable                    (Dave Miller)  o       Update starfire driver for 2.2                  (Ion Badulescu)  o       8139too driver update                           (Jens David)  o       Assorted race fixes for binfmt loaders          (Al Viro)  o       Update Alpha support for older boxes            (Jay Estabrook)  o       ISDN bsdcomp/ppp compression fixes              (Kai Germaschewski)    2.2.20pre7  o       Merge rose buffer management fixes              (Jean-Paul Roubelat)  o updates                          (Steven Cole)  o       Add Steven Cole to credits                      (Steven Cole)  o       Update kbuild list info                         (Michael Chastain)  o       Fix slab.c doc typo                             (Piotr Kasprzyk)  o       Lengthen parport probe timeout                  (Jean-Luc Coulon)  o       Fix vm86 cleanup                                (Stas Sergeev)  o       Fix 8139too build bug                           (Jürgen Zimmermann)  o       Fix slow 8139too performance                    (Oleg Makarenko)  o       Sparc64 exec fixes                              (Solar Designer)    2.2.20pre6  o       Merge all the pending ISDN updates              (Kai Germaschewski)          | These are sizable changes and want a good testing  o       Fix sg deadlock bug as per 2.4                  (Douglas Gilbert)  o       Count socket/pipe in quota inode use            (Paul Menage)  o       Fix some missing configuration help texts       (Steven Cole)  o       Fix Rik van Riel's credits entry                (Rik van Riel)  o       Mark xtime as volatile in extern definition     (various people)  o       Fix open error return checks                    (Andries Brouwer)    2.2.20pre5  o       Fix a patch generation error, replaces 2.2.20pre4 which is          wrong on ad1848    2.2.20pre4  o       Fix small corruption bug in 82596               (Andries Brouwer)  o       Fix usb printer probing                         (Pete Zaitcev)  o       Fix swapon/procfs race
               (Paul Menage)  o       Handle ide dma bug in the CS5530                (Mark Lord)  o       Backport 2.4 ipv6 neighbour discovery changes   (Dave Miller)  o       FIx sock_wmalloc error handling                 (Dave Miller)  o       Enter quickack mode for out of window TCP data  (Andi Kleen)  o       Fix Established v SYN-ACK TCP state error       (Alexey Kuznetsov)  o       Sparc updates, ptrace changes etc               (Dave Miller)  o       Fix wrong printk in vdolive masq                (Keitaro Yosimura)  o       Fix core dump handling bugs in 2.2              (Al Viro)  o       Update hdlc and synclink drivers                (Paul Fulghum)  o       Update netlink help texts                       (Magnus Damm)  o       Fix rtl8139 keeping files open                  (Andrew Morton)  o       Further sk98 driver updates. fix wrong license  (Mirko Lindner)          text in files  o       Jonathan Woithe has moved                       (Jonathan Woithe)  o       Update cpqarray driver                          (Charles White)  o       Update cciss driver                             (Charles White)  o       Don't delete directories on an fs that reports  (Ingo Oeser)          then 0 size when doing distclean  o       Add support for the 2.4 boot extensions to 2.2  (H Peter Anvin)  o       Fix nfs cache locking corruption on SMP         (Craig Hagan)  o       Add missing check to cdrom readaudio ioctl      (Jani Jaakkola)  o       Fix refclock build with newer gcc               (Jari Ruusu)  o       koi8-r fixes                                    (Andy Rysin)  o       Spelling fixes for documentation                (Andries Brouwer)    2.2.20pre3  o       FPU/ptrace corruption fixes                     (Victor Zandy)  o       Resync belkin usb serial with 2.4               (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Resync digiport usb serial with 2.4             (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Rsync empeg usb serial with 2.4                 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Resync ftdi_sio against 2.4                     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Bring keyscan usb back into line with 2.4       (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Resync keyspan_pda usb with 2.4                 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Resync omninet usb with 2.4.5                   (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Resync usb-serial driver with 2.4.5             (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Resync visor usb driver with 2.4.5              (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Rsync whiteheat driver with 2.4.5               (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Add edgeport USB serial                         (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Add mct_u232 USB serial                         (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Update usb storage device list          (Stas Bekman, Kaz Sasayma)  o       Bring usb acm driver into line with 2.4.5       (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Bring bluetooth driver into line with 2.4.5     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Bring dabusb driver into line with 2.4.5        (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Bring usb dc2xx driver into line with 2.4.5     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Bring mdc800 usb driver into line with 2.4.5    (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Bring rio driver into line with 2.4.5           (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Bring USB scanner drivers into line with 2.4.5  (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Update ov511 driver to match 2.4.5              (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Update PCIIOC ioctls (esp for sparc)            (Dave Miller)  o       General sparc bugfixes                          (Dave Miller)  o       Fix possible oops in fbmem ioctls               (Dave Miller)  o       Fix reboot/halt bug on "Alcor" Alpha boxes      (Tom Vier)  o       Update osst driver                              (Willem Riede)  o       Fix syncppp negotiation bug                     (Bob Dunlop)  o       SMBfs bug fixes from 2.4 series                 (Urban Widmark)  o       3ware IDE raid driver updates                   (Adam Radford)  o       Fix incorrect use of bitops on non long types   (Dave Miller)  o       Fix reboot/halt bug on 'Miata' Alpha boxes      (Tom Vier)  o       Update Tim Waugh's contact info                 (Tim Waugh)  o       Add TIOCGSERIAL to sun serial on PCI sparc32    (Lars Kellogg-Stedman)  o       ov511 check user data more carefully            (Marc McClelland)  o       Fix netif_wake_queue compatibility macro        (Andi Kleen)    2.2.20pre2  o       Fix ip_decrease_ttl as per 2.4                  (Dave Miller)  o       Fix tcp retransmit state bug                    (Alexey Kuznetsov)  o       Fix a few obscure sparc tree bugs               (Dave Miller)  o       Fix fb /proc bug and OF fb name size bug        (Segher Boessenkool)  o       Fix complie with CONFIG_INTEL_RNG=y             (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)  o       Fix rio driver when HZ!=100                     (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)  o       Stop 3c509 grabbing other EISA boards           (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)  o       Remove surplus defines for root= names          (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)  o       Revert pre1 APIC change    2.2.20pre1  o       Fix SMP deadlock in NFS                         (Trond Myklebust)  o       Fix missing printk in bluesmoke handler         (me)  o       Fix sparc64 nfs                                 (Dave Miller)  o       Update io_apic code to avoid breaking dual      (Johannes Erdfelt)          Athlon 760MP  o       Fix includes bugs in toshiba driver             (Justin Keene,                                                           Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Fix wanpipe cross compile                       (Phil Blundell)  o       AGPGART copy_from_user fix                      (Dawson Engler)  o       Fix alpha resource setup error                  (Allan Frank)  o       Eicon driver updates                            (Armind Schindler)  o       PC300 driver update                             (Daniela Squassoni)  o       Show lock owner on flocks                       (Jim Mintha)  o       Update cciss driver to 1.0.3                    (Charles White)  o       Backport cciss/cpqarray security fixes          (me)  o       Update i810 random number generator             (Jeff Garzik)  o       Update sk98 driver                              (Mirko Lindner)  o       Update sis900 ethernet driver                   (Hui-Fen Hsu)  o       Fix checklist glitch in make menuconfig         (Moritz Schulte)  o       Update synclink driver                          (Paul Fulghum)  o       Update advansys scsi driver                     (Bob Frey)  o       Ver_linux fixes for 2.2                         (Steven Cole)  o       Bring 2.2 back into line with the master ISDN   (Kai Germaschewski)  o       Whiteheat usb driver update                     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)  o       Fix via_rhine byte counters                     (Adam Lackorzynski)  o       Fix modem control on rio serial                 (Rogier Wolff)  o       Add more Iomega Zip to the usb storage list     (Wim Coekaerts)  o       Add ZF Micro watchdog                           (Fernando Fuganti)    -  To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in  the body of a message to  More majordomo info at  Please read the FAQ at    

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